TED Talk about Burning Man

bear kat guitarBurning Man’s “Social Alchemist” Bear Kittay delivers a talk at TEDx Oaxaca, Mexico entitled “Burning Man, a Global Movement”. He talks about being in the desert without the Man, which taught him self-reliance. His first trip to Burning Man, he was reminded of how he found himself. He relates Burning Man to the layout of Cheyenne, Wyoming, a city of a similar size. He says there are more than 50 Burning Man events around the world, and the companies involved, even if they are non-profits, are tied back into the central Burning Man mothership entity via their by-laws. He outlines Burning Man’s plan to save the world, by creating networks of for-profit companies and civic action groups, and re-inventing the culture that governs technology.

It’s not the first time there has been a TEDx talk about Burning Man (as opposed to the TEDx Black Rock City event, that is held annually on the Playa). Michaela Rygrova gave a talk at TEDx Brattislava earlier this year. Sadly, no subtitles.



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  2. @ fernando – not the least bit surprised by your experience. This “bear” guy is pure opportunistic sycophant. Though I don’t think your race was relevant – he would treat anybody who didn’t have something he wanted like dirt.
    The only thing he’s qualified to give a talk on is “how to win favors and get ahead by kissing ass & sucking up”.

    If anybody has a picture of this shitheads ultra private, mega exclusive, VIP art car, please forward it to me so I can avoid it.

    Also – burnersxx – “bear” is a POS and you’ll gain nothing by kissing his ass. You want to be sucking up to the people at the top.

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  4. I do not want to burst Bears bubble but i rode on that art that the “blue bear hat” picture was taken. I was invited on, but once we reached the top we were not welcome. Ironically I am Mexican and my friend was Puerto Rican. That specific group of friends on that car reminded me of a stereo- typical Hollywood movie “high school clique”. The one that doesn’t interact with anyone outside of their circle. It was sad. That ride was the only negative on that years trip. I got off the art and preferred to walk instead of continuing with them.

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