3 comments on “Burning Man on TMZ and PNN

  1. Gah. I’d second that emotion. It’s … um … not private property. This is ill-informed, inaccurate, lala-bubble hippie bullshit. If he repeats “invading the property” one more time I’ll fucking scream. “We’ll build the cops a Donut Camp!”

  2. DPW is well compensated for their labor. They are paid with cool points and edgy points that they can cash-in to climb the social spiritual ladder. Near the top of the ladder one achieves a form of spiritual enlightenment, and becomes a high priest of Burning Man, which leads to many special favors and free sex. This is the currency of Burning Man and everyone who volunteers knows this. To ask for cash compensation is unenlightened and often leads to being ostracized from the community which can lead to suicide (it happens, folks).

  3. ugh…. special white people want special spaces where they can be more white privileged and rich and completely safe from being prosecuted while white…. seriously PNN is gross…signed a long time burner.

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