Return of the Yak

returnoftheyakI might not be at Burning Man next year. Yes yes, I know, the gnashing of teeth, the weeping of women, the wailing of virgins, et al. I’m sworn to secrecy on the details (for reasons nothing to do with this blog) and my party master host is eclipsing over in Uganda right now…with before and after Instagrams and social media location updates to prove it. If things pan out, you might be in for some interesting adventures right here  in 2014. There’s more to life than BM, kiddies.

“I’m tired of your antics. For god’s sake, we need some real men!”



One comment on “Return of the Yak

  1. Great! Next year I can start a blog about how newbies like you started coming to the rally and ruined it and reminisce about the days when we first started doing this.

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