New Permit Allows For More Tickets To Be Released


It looks like BMOrg gains an extra $420,000 in ticket sales, instead of having to pay that much extra in to the BLM in the increase to the Infrastructure part of their budget.

A huge thanks to A Balanced Perspective for this guest post.



I penned a few notes in regards towards the Burning Man 2015 Special Recreation Permit Stipulations signed on Friday night 7 August.

Burning Man Event Gates Open

“7. Gates are permitted to open at 10:00 AM on Sunday, August 30,” and no fun is permitted prior to 6:00 PM participants are required to focus their activities on camp location setup prior to 6:00 PM on Sunday, August 30. The fun event shall end at 6:00 PM on Monday, September 7, and for the purposes of participant egress the main gate will be opened until 12:00 PM on Tuesday, September 8.

Population and Tickets

“1. The maximum authorized population (also referred to as the “population cap”) at any point in time during the 2015 event is 70,000 paid participants. The population cap does not include volunteers, government personnel, emergency service providers, vendors, and contractors.” This is of the meaning of the BMOrg is permitted to sell over 1,000 tickets more than the priorly stated 69,000 tickets, of which, the tickets sold for $30.5 million.

The BMorg social media crew, in a most unofficial manner, states a manner to obtain tickets is to construct an art project, or labour upon an art project. Thusly, might a Burner be doing so, converse with your art project lead, and with the Artery, purposed to buy a ticket. In the same manner, might a contributing theme camp, or a mutant vehicle crew, or a donor of cash towards the Burning Man Project, be of the need of a small number of tickets, converse with the BMOrg, purposed to buy the needed tickets.

Missing from the 2015 Permit

Missing from the 2015 permit is requirements upon the medical of that BRC LLC, dba Burning Man, must pay for ambulances to transport Burners to hospitals in Reno. My belief is this is a most important item purposed for the safety of Burners.

In addendum, missing from the 2015 permit, is any mention in regards of what the BRC LLC is required to provide towards the BLM, and towards the BLM police, in regards of constructing their huge police compound, of providing their cafeteria, their housing, and of their other luxuries. In addendum, missing from the 2015 permit is any mention in regards of the BLM is required to provide towards the BRC LLC of a statement of costs for the Cost Recovery Fee, or of the amount of cash to be paid in due of the cost recovery fee. Their is no rationale of the BLM, and of their police, desire a cafeteria separate from the BMOrg staff cafeteria, other of the BLM, and their police, do not desire to associate with the enemy unwashed Burners.

The Police State

In regards of the police state, my belief is the BLM, and their police, desire control of BRC, and of ‘compliant participants’, and desire of the ability of cancellation or of temporary suspension of the event. Their rubbish rationales of this might be a forecast of rain, wind, or the most important concern of the prior Pershing County Sheriff, whom desired to bring 12 riot control horses to the playa, social unrest.

“27. BRC and BLM, and other agencies as shall be mutually deemed appropriate, shall cooperate in the development of a Unified Command (UC) structure … for the management of available safety, security and infrastructure resources in the event of an emergency incident … as well as in the event of an emergency threshold event as defined in the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). … All UC operations will be managed from the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) located at the BLM Headquarters…”

“31. BRC shall develop and cooperate in the implementation of contingency plans for operations of critical health and safety services under adverse conditions, including those that could cause cancellation or temporary suspension of the event. Such causes may include adverse weather, natural or human caused disaster, or social unrest.” In addendum of “ii. BRC and the BLM will monitor forecast weather conditions. If weather forecasts suggest a high probability of adverse weather conditions that may result in disruptions to the event, … In the event of natural disaster or civil unrest appropriate strategies and actions will be initiated immediately after any disaster or unrest occurs”

In addendum in regards of the police state, the Closure Order for the playa, states Disorderly Conduct is illegal, and it is a crime with levies and, perchance, jail time. I was of the belief the purpose of Burning Man being in the most horrible desert was Disorderly Conduct.

Other Stipulations

In regards of other stipulations, “44. No more than 1,000 vehicles per hour shall be released from Black Rock City during the exodus “. A new item, it was desired, by the BLM, within their rubbish 20 points, “23. … Participants who are stopped by BRC Rangers for violating established burn perimeters shall be promptly turned over to BLM Law Enforcement“. “54. Event speed limits shall be posted on both Gate Road and the 12-Mile/Point 1 Road. … Will-call area shall have an organized layout including signage.” “56. Environmental Compliance Team”, the BLM desires to send wankers valued employees, and VIPs, to the playa to have a paid vacation and stare at tits monitor environmental compliance.

In addendum, the BLM is requiring of rubbish new costs, upon the BRC LLC, of “35. BRC shall station a specialized emergency firefighting vehicle at the airport during all times that the airport is open. BRC shall provide modern industry-standard technical rescue, extrication and high-angle rescue capabilities and equipment throughout pre-during-and post-event”

Burners, what might be your opinions in regards of the 2015 Burning Man Permit Stipulations?

40 comments on “New Permit Allows For More Tickets To Be Released

  1. It is customary to understand the language of your target audience before you attempt to communicate a point.

    I honestly have no idea what point(s) ABP is trying to make. Can we try this whole thing again in something resembling simple English?

    • Much obliged for your BORG approved comment.

      In regards of the post, my belief is it is most important for the BMOrg to be truthful in regards of the medical and ambulances to Reno. Within 2014, it was commented in regards of near to 30 Burners were transported to Reno hospitals utilizing ambulances, and near to 5 Burners were transported to Reno hospitals utilizing helicopters. At present, within 2015, the BMOrg states it is near to $30,000 to be transported to Reno hospitals, utilizing airplanes. What occurred in regards to the ambulances for 2015?

      My belief is the BMOrg must pay for ambulances to transport Burners to Reno, the BLM must insist upon this. Black Burner Lives Matter. Might theme camps must have a plan, in place, purposed to transport their injured mates from Rampart, to hospitals in Reno, to save their mates from a $30,000 airplane ride? My belief is this is a most important query, upon which, the BMOrg must be truthful towards Burners.

      • If you contract with me for a $30K flight, there is some of my “overhead” that might find its way back your way.

        I would look at the cost for transporting injured burners 10 years ago, and see if the per capita cost, with inflation, makes sense, accounting for the patient outcome, for 2014 and 2015. As I have mentioned dozens of times, expanding 20,000 to 70,000 tkts has resulted in hard costs going up by only a few million, seems like $7 million to $10 million; at the same time, the overhead and soft costs have ballooned from less than $1 million to over $20 million. As the guy in the garage said, “Follow the money.”

        • Sorry – 10 years ago the tkt sales were not 20,000 but 35,567. Other numbers are about right. So, twice the tkts at twice the price = four times the revenues when the hard costs less than doubled while the soft costs/overhead/profit went up by a factor of about twenty.

  2. Ha! What will the BMORG oligarchy do with the extra tickets?? First off the staff will be given a dog and pony show about this “big decision” to allow for general emoting and providing the perception that BMORG cares about their feedback.

    Then the oligarchy will go to a five star restaurant, and in about two seconds affirm that they plan to continue doing what they wanted to anyway. Namely, monetizing every last dime out of the situation with a teaspoon of hope to artists and camps, and most other tickets going to coddle billionaires, P2Ps/cash “lenders” like Tannenbaum, and other cash cows.

    So why is it that Burners in all their endless need to complain about BMORG, can’t bring themselves to implement the one thing that would end BMORG’s control? Have they never heard the term democracy? Right now a burner’s “representation” consists of handsome selections of “no influence,” heavy taxation, backroom politics, kangaroo court processes, and financial hypocrisy that’s off the charts (yeah they gave you some pretty docs to look at, and isn’t that cute – lol). Enforce democracy, give every ticket holder a vote, and allow them to vote for fellow burners as representatives by “fair” elections (in other words, not governed by BMORG or its affiliates) and you’ll level the playing field and very likely save Burning Man from the glut of what essentially translates to supporting royals and celebs.

    Imagine, a BRC city council elected by YOU! A Treasurer elected by YOU! An Art commissioner elected by YOU! Imagine a BMORG leadership is elected by YOU!

    • Awesome comment, AWD.

      The difficulties are in regards of in despite of the transition from a private LLC corporation, to a public benefit 501(c)3 corporation, they remain ministering the 501(c)3 in the manner of a private corporation, with their for profit Black Rock City LLC, dba Burning Man, the Burning Man event, a subsidiary corporation of the 501(c)3, with the profits of the BRC LLC going to their 501(c)3 in the manner of a model L fiscal sponsorship, in the manner the BMOrg states.

      This is in due of the rubbish Burning Man Project bylaws, penned, by appearance, and by a prior SFBG newspaper article by Scribe, by lawyers for Larry and Marian, purposed for them to keep near to total control over Burning Man, as much as they might. Might you desire lols, view the bylaws within the Burning Man Project site. The proper manner to change this is, within the bylaws, the 6 founding members of the 501(c)3 are to re-write the bylaws each two years, to be voted upon by the 17 member Project board. This is to occur at the Project board meeting at the Artuminal, near to the U.S. Thanksgiving of 2015.

      My belief is the other 4 founding members might hire a lawyer, in addendum of the Project board, within their most proper responsibilities of oversight of the Burning Man Project, might hire a lawyer to negotiate the new bylaws, purposed for the benefit of the Project. I am not of the ability to know the proper changes towards the Project bylaws, but, the new bylaws must give proper voice to the Project board, and must give proper voice to the awesome Burner community, in addendum of showing true Gratitude towards the artists, and towards other awesome Burners whom throw the bottoms up crowd sourced events, and must be purposed to build the Community, in the place of replacing the Community.

      Might the Project board discuss the proper manner of changing the Project bylaws, on the playa, in a brace of weeks, purposed for the benefit of the Burning Man Project? In addendum, of while they are on the playa, might the Project board vote to send the 2014 990 form to the U.S. government and publish the 2014 990 form, including of details of conflicts of interests?

      • Since the BMP BoD was literally hand-picked by the Larry LLCabal, why should they take any such actions? Why rock the boat? They have lots to lose and nothing to gain – except respectability among a lot of burners whom they need to discount to minimize the cognitive dissonance of their own disrespectful actions to them. Since the IRS is short-handed these days, unless the CA AG wants to protect the respectability of CA 501(c)3 corps, the BOrg will continue as they have been, regardless of what may be thrown at them…

        We burners just don’t have a Batman.

  3. burnersxxx, thank you for permitting me to post this, and thank you for being an independent U.S. first amendment news source, upon the government of Black Rock City, for the awesome Burner community.

    In regards of the comments by burnkitty and Andrew, on Friday the BMOrg had the paid population cap raised from the prior burn number of 68,000, of which, 65,992 was the most paid population on the playa at a time, to a permitted 70,000 for 2015. After the BMOrg sold near to 1,400 donation tickets to the commodification camps within 2014, the BMOrg responded in a most awesome manner within 2015, stating to us the number of tickets sold within each category of tickets. The spreadsheet, of this, is in the link, in blue, within the post. In addendum. Andrew is correct in regards of the Green Tortoise was permitted to sell near to 200 tickets, the BMOrg stated this to us. 4,000 half price $190 tickets were sold, the BMOrg stated this to us, my belief is some of the 4,000 half price $190 tickets, were sold towards the fire conclave performers, and other volunteers, whom obtained half price $190 tickets.

    My belief is it might be awesome might the BMOrg sell, or gift, extra tickets towards awesome contributors to the burn, whom are in need of tickets, in the place a selling extra tickets towards random people.

    • Will be interesting to see what the BOrg does with this tkt windfall, and if they tell us, and if it is the truth, now that they will need to account for the tix by category. The most burner thing to do would be to gift these tix as you suggest, but how could that be done without their exercising their caprice to gain NPD supplies?

    • I expected comments in regards of the police state statements within the post. Their desired ability to close Burning Man in due of wind or rain, and their Unified Command being in control, might permit horrible decisions, by them. Might you imagine the police ordering the sound camps to halt their music, mutant vehicles to go to their camps, and all Burners to prepare to leave the playa, and no more fun is permitted, in due of a forecast of it might, perchance, rain, of what they term an ’emergency threshold event’?

      burnersxxx, might you re-post Prepare for the Playa Police, by Burner Mark, and 24 Tips from Burners on Gate Safety? Or, perchance, re-post these posts solely on Facebook?

      Near to 30,000 newbies are venturing to the playa, most of whom do not know the difference between the awesome Black Rock City Rangers, whom are participants purposed solely to help Burners, and the BLM Rangers, and the other police agencies, whom are purposed solely to bust hippies for marijuana, and bust ravers for E, in a most aggressive manner. Most Burners are white, and of the middle class, and solely have heard the rubbish BMOrg Cool Aid in regards of the police, the newbies are not prepared in this manner.

  4. Considering that many of the volunteers just get access to buy their tickets during the DGS and lower cost tickets, I doubt this will actually result in more tickets being sold. The population is probably already technically at 70,000 and I doubt hounding the Org for a few more tickets right now will result in them releasing any.

    • Of course releasing another 1,000 tix will make no difference now except to those who might get them – hardly based on their participating in a theme camp or art car. They would be supernumeraries.

      The issue is that the BOrg plays games with the tix, primarily putting them in the hands of people who will meet the BOrg’s NPD supplies because they got them “at the last minute.” Just like last year, they fell several hundred short of the BLM cap, arguably due to the tix held in reserve for this purpose.

      Finding out you are going at this late date, neither would contribute to the substance of the NV burn experience – they would be spectators. That’s why using these tix for other purposes is so disgusting.

      What would be cool is to give them away to people who had applied the earliest. But it would not have the same benefit as adding them to the original $399 public sale pool – those are people that would have had enough time to contribute to the burn.

      Yeah, I know – blame can be given to the BLM, but that’s just a cop-out. The BOrg should have planned the tix sales so that the last-minute discretionary non-contributing tix fell short, instead of depriving contributing burners a tkt.

    • Paid participants missing from the 69,000 ticket count: Green Tortoise pasengers and Fire Conclave performers.

      Conclave performers get half priced tickets, not free volunteer tickets, so should be counted as paid participants.

      I don’t think there are 1000 people in these two groups, but there are certainly several hundred. It’s easier to just round up to 70k than asking Green Tortoise exactly how many passengers they have.

      There’s no evidence of a secret release of 1000 extra tickets, just (as frequently happens on posts about ticket count/attendance cap) somebody forgetting some of the more obscure channels through which tickets are available.

      • There’s no evidence that Green Tortoise is not considered a vendor, or that volunteers who get discounted tickets aren’t considered volunteers.

        There are all kinds of hidden channels for tickets that are not listed in , I agree with you there.

        • Green Tortoise employees are probably counted as vendors. I don’t think their customers would be though.

          There’s another obscure ticket channel I forgot about earlier. The people who bailed out the event in 1997 have tickets for life. I don’t see how else they’d be accounted for in the population cap other than a mysterious category of extra people. They’re not volunteers, and they didn’t purchase a ticket this year (or for the last 18 years).

        • Though ABP reports that this year the BOrg will have to give an accounting of tix by category, that would not show tix over time, and what they did here at the end. Only an approximation can be made from their reported sales. Will be interesting in October of ABP takes a shot at figuring how the tickets were distributed by category over time, using the BOrg propaganda. However, since ticketing is their universal power to wield, I suspect they will make that information as obscure and misleading as possible.

  5. I just can’t get my head around all the hoops and rules. I think I’d rather redo my taxes from that year I made a lot of suspicious income than attempt to do bring my body out to the playa again. It seems the hoops and rules are all it’s about anymore. So you finally jump through all the hoops, get out there and then you have to be constantly thinking about all the rules you might be breaking by just doing anything.

    • Good analogy. Like tax law, the NV burn ticketing and rules are convoluted and intentionally byzantine to the benefit of people who want to stay under the radar. Or, it’s like an abrupt 15 MPH speed limit with selective enforcement, so LE can ticket anyone they don’t recognize, or just don’t like. If you know the right people, and don’t post challenging comments on social media, the rules are flexible and you get a pass.

      • Yep. This is more about the laws of physics and normal safe driving practice than any BLM stipulations. I was taught to have a 3 second following distance (although I see some places go with 2 seconds, I think most folks will increasing following distance when the highway is packed; it’s one thing to be following a single car slowly, it’s another thing when dozens of cars are following closely).

        At 10 MPH, you travel 14.6 feet per second which is just about the average length of a car.

        1 second for a 14 foot vehicle to pass through space that can’t be physically occupied by another vehicle, 2-3 seconds as a safe following distance, plus all the longer than average vehicles vehicles (RVs, etc) at Burning Man. There’s no need to proactively slow exodus. 1000 cars/hour is only achievable if traffic is flowing perfectly, never mind getting over 1000/hour.

        • If you want to piss off the nay-sayers, you could post links and quotes of each, highlighting the difference.

          For me, since there is never an accounting of these contracted categories, it’s just more ticketing games most likely to enable them secure NPD supplies. Maybe someone could file a FIA request to the BLM to see how this is officially reported. That would be of more interest, particularly if it turns out the BLM is NOT securing such an accounting. Another opportunity for games at the expense of the burners.

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