Earlier today, we brought you news of another contributor to the online discussions of Burning Man, Their posts, while seeming credible, are actually satire. Which is amusing to us here at Burners.Me, who are always dealing with trolls and shills saying “your site is all rumors”, “your site has no credibility”, etc. One wonders if this is not the latest information warfare tactic from the BMOrg, creating false sites that seem kind of credible but are really 100% bullshit, so that they can then say “there are a lot of fake blogs about Burning Man on the Internet, they’re full of lies and rumors”. Mind War 1.01.

moopnplayWe think that most of our audience are smart enough to understand that when we say it’s a rumor, that doesn’t mean it’s not true, it just means it’s from a trusted source but we don’t have a second source of verification…yet. At least we’re telling you that. These wannabe sites lie to you outright, and expect you to deduce that it’s satire. Then, if we don’t promote them, they get butt-hurt. It almost seems like a lame-ass effort from BMOrg to discredit us. Maybe I’m  a paranoid conspiracy theorist, but we definitely get more than our fair share of info-war trolls coming to this blog, hating on anything we post that shows the true nature of BMOrg, and parroting party lines without providing arguments based on logic and reason to support their positions. So, I wouldn’t put it past them to create a couple of bullshit sites so they could then attempt to discredit “online sites blogging about Burning Man” as “rumor mills”.

Anyway, here’s another one for you, MOOP-n-play. They claim that Steve Jobs was at Burning Man this year, and that Burning Man is moving to Dubai. 

1683901-burning-man-gets-its-own-iphone-app-updated-rotatorAs a back-up plan, Sheikh Zayed is reportedly in a position to make an offer to BMorg to buy all 60K+ tickets for the 2014 event and distribute them through his own S.T.E.H.P. program (that’s Sheikh’s Tickets for Exotic Hotties Program).   A spokesman noted, “if we cannot come to some agreement to move the event to Dubai, we’re willing to meet BMorg half way. Obviously, the ticket redistribution may lock out some less attractive and/or male burners, but those dozen girls you see in all the pictures hanging off the Robot Heart bus should not be affected.  The Sheikh says that they are always welcome to see the inside of his tent.”

This is what we’re up against, Burners. These are the type of people who try to discredit us with fake sites laden with bullshit rumors. Aren’t monopolies lovely? They really care about us.


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  1. wait… so would you describe the problem?
    This kind of culture-jamming seems awesome. Fake hilarious news is MUCH more in the spirit of the cacophonic burning man than large stages… wouldn’t this return-to-spirit be welcome?

  2. Jesus son, it ain’t all a conspiracy. Did you start burning yesterday? Parody stories and websites about Burning Man are about as old a burner tradition as igniting an effigy. The annual April Fools prank “Press Releases” about burning g man are almost as old as the web itself

    • I think they’re great. We encourage them, there should be more. Burning Man is a party, a rave, it’s one big joke, it’s awesome. We should make fun of it AND each other. What’s not great is the social media crews accusing us of lies, that we deal with almost weekly.It seems like we need to point out what’s going on, because there are people out there who can’t think for themselves.

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  4. MoopNPlay is not a false-flag site! But isn’t that exactly what a false-flag site would say? Oh, it makes our heads hurt. We just wanted a plug seeing as our posts are funnier than (this is a factually correct statement….. or is it? Again with the confusion!) Turns out regularly updating a blog is harder than it looks, so kudos to you! We haven’t updated since September! (maybe Larry’s cheque didn’t clear, or maybe we’re just lazy) But re-energized by the plug we’ll be back soon with more posts! Just as soon as Larry’s cheque clears….

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