Hipsters, Scenesters, Twerkers, Lend Me Your Bunny Ears

hipster weddingsScenester TV has done an episode featuring Burning Man 2013. It’s big on the blinky lights, but not so much on the in-depth analysis or factual accuracy. It’s all in good fun though, there are some nice shots of art cars and stages and you get an inside look at a luxury camp.The reporter seems rather obsessed with Miley Cyrus.

All’s well that ends well! You can see more of Burner Bowtoxic aka Erica Moore at her Facebook page.

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  2. Since images involving video at BM has to be approved by the LLC, it would seem to get their next batch of newbies to buy tickets as they shot for the 100,000 and more mark, they have taken to making the ‘culture’ a ‘scene’. Instead of bringing my art next year, I’ll just go and spectate!!! BM, home of that fine hollywood hip that will change the world!!!! Yippie for the partaaaaaa

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