Michelle’s Mane Man is a Bang Busting Burner

johhny wright hairbrushIt’s a slow day for news in the Burning Man world. Or maybe it’s just that I’m on island time over here in the tropical paradise of Kauai. The Daily Mail steps once more into the breach to entertain us, bringing us news that Michelle Obama’s personal hairstylist splits his time between Air Force One and Burning Man. Yes, the guy who came up with the “Bangs heard around the world” is  a Burner.

johnnywrightfeathers johnny wright temple johnny wright af1Yes, we know that Burning Man is in Nevada, not Texas. But we won’t hold it against the Daily Mail and their staff of thousands and profit of billions.

I chat to my hairdresser about Burning Man – a lot, when you add it up over the years – and so do many of her other clients. So, let’s hope Michelle got all the dirt on the desert debacles dished from Johnny, and she’ll be gracing us with a visit once Bazza’s final term is up in 2016. Maybe Supreme Allied Commander General Wesley Clark was scoping it out for the security detail.

Wright started cutting hair when he was 12. He’s come a long way from Wicker Park to the Wicker Man :

Johnny Wright first hit it off with Michelle Obama in 2007, and the Chicago-native has been her exclusive stylist ever since.

Traveling with the First Lady to state dinners and on trips abroad, the 34-year-old has unprecedented access to the First Lady, the White House and even Air Force One.

And for the extroverted Mr Wright, his Instagram account seems to be the perfect place to document his First Hairdresser shenanigans

Sharing everything from snaps at the White House (including behind-the-scenes of a Vogue cover shoot), to his adventures outside the First Family (partying at Burning Man in Texas), it seems Mr Wright is having the time of his life.

In 2007, the hairstylist, then popular in Chicago’s Wicker Park area, was called in for an Essence magazine photo shoot with Michelle and Barack Obama. Mr Wright and Mrs Obama quickly hit it off.

…Mr Wright…has other celebrity clientele…Actresses Lauren London and Vivica A. Fox, Victoria’s Secret model Selita Ebanks, WNBA star Candace Parker and Sex and the City writer Candace Bushnell 

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2509610/Johnny-Wright-Michelle-Obamas-personal-hairstylist-shares-adventures-Instagram.html#ixzz2l459D8W6 

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