Luminescent Grand Launched at Cargo Cult 2013

Coda from Interstellar Transmissions, aka Burner William Jerome, debuted this blinky light powered piano at this year’s Burning Man. He performed the song “Galaxy”, accompanied by drummer Nathan Wilson on custom made bike drums.

The Luminescent Grand is the world’s first all acrylic, midi reactive, interactive LED grand piano. 

“We compose this music with only one intention in mind: to exalt, illuminate, uplift, and empower. If you are moved by it, it is not us but your own magnificent reflection that you are experiencing. It is the sound of us saluting all of the amazing and inspiring beings that we have been blessed and honored to know.”

Using Arduino and Cool Neon “Total Control Lights” this all acrylic grand piano responds to midi commands when played to give a mesmerizing light show to accompany any pianist who plays it!

-Interstellar Transmissions

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Footage credits to Raymond Daigle (

bicycle drumkit by Nathan Wilson

bicycle drumkit by Nathan Wilson


Here’s a promo video for Interstellar Transmissions from 2010. The piano will definitely add a whole new dimension to their act. They might want to consider putting some blinky lights on the belly dancer too.

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