Wanted: Someone to Run Burning Man

More change at the top of the BMOrg pyramid. As part of the Founders’ transition out of the business into the non-profit Burning Man Project, they are creating a new “uber-boss” position to be the liaison between them and everyone else paid or volunteering to be a part of BMOrg.

The Burning Man Founders are excited to announce a new open position at BRC: Event Operations Director. This person will oversee the event-related logistics and operations of Black Rock City and all event-related departments (ESD, Community Services, Playa Safety Council [Rangers, Gate/Perimeter/Exodus, DMV], DPW, Café and Ice, and Art) as well as all physical manifestations of the event.

This position will be taking on the Founders’ event-related responsibilities, which will allow them to transition to the Burning Man Project as their main focus.

We are taking applicants both internally and externally, so please send this to people who you think may be great for this role. The best candidates come from other Burners!

via Burning Blog » Blog Archive » Job Opening: BRC Event Operations Director.

Existing employees are invited to apply, but they have to meet the quite detailed set of experience requirements. You’ll need a 4-year college degree, because you have decision making authority. You’ll have to know what to say to whom, and you’ll have to be comfortable operating in “grey areas”:

* Excellent judgment in high-level decision-making.  This includes understanding the “grey areas” and the ability to know when to act and when to seek advice and buy-in.… 

*Proven ability to determine subtle nuances about what information should be shared and with whom.  Demonstrated ability to keep confidential information secure.

Hopefully this means that BMOrg will soon be able to make decisions faster, fairer, and smarter. No word on what the job pays, or if the lucky winner gets a percentage of the gross like the BLM do.

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  4. I was a burner for 17 years in a row(1993-…until last year…& this year too!!
    TICKET FUXX!! I can”t participate @ anymore BM’s cause of TICKET FUXX??!!
    HELP ME !!!

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