“Go Back to Law School” – Judge Nukes Pershing Deal

Allegations of malpractice . Details still not fully public . From KOLO8 news Reno

Organizers of the annual weeklong celebration of self-expression and eclectic art known as Burning Man and a Nevada county where it is held thought they had resolved their legal dispute over the festival.

They hoped to get the blessing of a federal judge overseeing the case, and asked him to dismiss the lawsuit earlier this week. Instead, they got an earful from U.S. District Senior Judge Robert C. Jones, and threats that the lawyers in the case should either go back to law school or be disbarred.

Exactly what in the agreement between festival organizers and Pershing County lawyers prompted Jones’ criticism was unclear, though he said the agreement amounted to malpractice.

The two sides, however, believe they still have a deal. They expect a ruling from Jones next week.

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  5. Yes. Obviously lawyers on both sides did not cover their tracks well as they danced together on public land. But do they teach that in law school?

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