Bare Your Soul from Dodgeball Addiction

edward-frascino-if-we-weren-t-bare-assed-we-d-really-clean-up-on-sportswear-endorsements-new-yorker-cartoonThese trippers from, ummm, Dodgeball Addiction, set up a video booth. A lot of the people in this video look like they probably don’t remember going in it…SURPRISE! This is quite amusing, good idea, good editing. Nice “gift that keeps on giving” behind the Playa. 6 views as I write this, hopefully they get a lot more and can make some cash from their Burning Man video like Google does:

On the corner of 7&A at Burning Man 2013, we (Camp Dodgeball Addiction) tried a video booth experiment where we asked people various question. Here is a collage of the videos that were submitted. We are sorry if you submitted a video and it didn’t make the final version. Many were not usable because of audio issues (Trifucta and our own Dodgeball games were loud) or the answer didn’t fit along with the rest.

“The happiest place on earth”, indeed.


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