Meet The Glamcocks

A new 55-minute documentary about The Glamcocks, who claim to be the gayest “camp” of all the Queer Burners – quite a statement! The movie features Australian tranny drag performer Courtney Act of RuPaul’s Drag Race. You’ll have to tell me if it’s any good or not, I’m in a hotel room in the most remote city on earth right now and Vimeo ain’t going so great…

glamcocksHere’s their blurb:

The annual Burning Man festival is one of the most infamous gatherings in the world. The GlamCocks are one of 600 camps that form to run the city…and certainly one of the gayest. This heart-warming documentary follows the group setting up camp, building their structures and exploring the art (not to mention each other). From wild parties to life-affirming experiences, “Meet The GlamCocks” gives you an insiders view into a week at the world’s most epic festival.

600 camps? I think there were more than 1000 registered camps this year. There were probably 600 gay camps alone…

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  1. Heya this is Markiss and I’m looking for whom I thought was the founder of GlamCocks. He helped me get Colt old apartment where Stephen Colletti aka PNP Todd was master tenet. Currently Todd abandoned the apartment and made claims to the property manager that I broke in and never paid rent or had any rental agreement with himself. I really need to find out who introduced us after batting COVID 19 my memory is a bit hazy and I can’t remember his name also Todd stole my phones and hacked into my iCloud so I don’t have any ones phone number. I really really need some help here as there is now court issues since Todd can’t seem to tell the truth (frankly I believe he is a pathological lier and attempted to poison me to death in an effort to have me move out or die). Please text me if you can point me in the direction of our mutual friend that introduced us please.
    (Four1five) five1Zero-Nine1Three9. Please help me out here as Todd robbed me for all my money and I can’t even move out of this place if I wanted to. This has truly been and continues to be a night mare situation for me.

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