White Dragon Noodle Bar Brings Blade Runner to I, Robot

A guest post from Burner Cedric. Check out their fundraiser in San Francisco on Friday, August 17: https://www.facebook.com/events/237054556942919/

The White Dragon Noodle Bar, led by a group of Burners from San Francisco, is coming to the playa for the first time in 2018 as part of the Golden Guy Alley camp at 7:15 & Bender.
We are addressing this year’s theme of “I, Robot” by constructing and replicating the White Dragon Noodle Bar from the iconic 1982 movie Blade Runner, in which Harrison Ford’s replicant-chasing cop character enjoys a bowl of noodles for far too short a time before being removed from the scene. We are excited to be honoring the vision and legacy of Larry Harvey and hope that our neighborhood noodle bar, from which we will gift noodle soup and sake, will become a place for community gathering and storytelling.
The vision for this originated when three of the bar founders in 2017, as part of the Hotel California camp, ended up having a drink at one of the original Golden Guy bars, The Pickle and Eggs (a Scotch whiskey bar). After a drink or two, the inspiration came to create an Asian noodle bar, and these formerly non-handy friends ended up with another founding co-collaborator and, in a radically self-reliant way, a lot of paint and sawdust on their hands. The result, we hope, is a pretty damn accurate representation of Blade Runner’s White Dragon bar that will be memorable for all who make their way there or end up there unexpectedly.
Of course, an undertaking like this takes more than just a village of helping hands and some blood, sweat, and tears (of which lots have been shed!). The cost of build materials and transportation has taken us over budget and we are looking for additional donations to help cover expenses. We fully expect to take this project to future Burning Man festivals as well as local burns so that we can spread this gift to more people and more broadly!
We’re grateful for this community and we look forward to interacting with everyone who’s excited about what we’re bringing to life!
Our fundraiser in San Francisco on Friday, August 17: https://www.facebook.com/events/237054556942919/



And The New Thing To Buy On The Playa Is…

FUEL! We’ve been calling for it to be opened up to the general population, and now it has – somewhat. Black Rock City has a gas station for Mutant Vehicles, and a fuel delivery service for generators. Now Theme Camps and Art Cars can refuel to their heart’s content (as long as they get there in time, they’re not open 24/7). There are 2 different vendors (and maybe even more in the future).

Before you rush to the comments to tell us “this is nothing new”, yes yes, we know, despite official claims that “the only thing we sell is ice and coffee”, it has been possible to buy gas and other stuff at Burning Man in the past. Now it’s out in the open, and seems pretty accessible. You can’t get gas for your car, RV, or tax-free motorbike, but at least the sound systems get to keep thumping and the Art Cars get to keep on conveying.

If you want to be radically self-reliant, you still can…up to a point. There is a Nevada state limit of 1000 lbs of fuel that can be transported per vehicle, including container weight, which according to BMOrg works out to about 2 x 55 gallon drums.

We recommend calling in advance to pre-arrange delivery to your camp. The gas station is only open 3 hours a day, don’t be surprised if there’s a line…

shadowgasSierra Fuels and Haymaker are two of our approved fuel vendors this year. Theme Camps may contact one of these vendors pre-Playa to make arrangements for their fueling needs on Playa. Although fuel prices do fluctuate frequently, these vendors have agreed to lock in a price range for you when you make your arrangements. Black Rock City is working closely to ensure pricing is fair and reasonable. If you are not quoted a price when you make your arrangements, please ask for one.

These vendors are the only Black Rock City-approved vendors … others are not prohibited, but should refer to the Fuel Vendor Guidelines found here.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Your generator should be large enough to run up to 30 hours in between fills.
  • Camps must keep a clear path to the generator(s).
  • The fill pipe accessible area should be no more than 150ft from the access road.
  • That area also needs to be clear of sources of ignition or open flames.

Although arrangements can be made on Playa if you decide you have fuel needs, vendors cannot always guarantee the ability to meet your needs if no previous conversations have been held. Please don’t wait … make your arrangements today!

Haymaker 804-647-6132 or Email: info@haymaker.net

Sierra Fuels (775) 322-2111 or Email sierrafuels@gmail.com

Haymaker will be operating a Mutant Vehicle fueling station on Playa, August 23 through August 31, on the outskirts of the camping area near 10:00 and L. Each day the fuel station will be open from 3pm to 6pm. Any vehicles with a “Night Time ONLY” Permit should use the city streets and travel along L to the fuel station. This option can be used for other generators ON BOARD and used for Mutant Vehicle purposes (i.e. light, sound, etc.).

gas_grass_ass_bumper_sticker__80844Mutant Vehicle Owners interested in participating in this opportunity should email Haymaker at info@haymaker.com. Once contact has been established and you have a plan, you will need to call 804-647-6132 to set up a payment plan.

When making reservations, you will need to provide:

  • A contact name, email address and phone number
  • Camp name
  • Camp location
  • Type of fuel
  • Type and size of vehicle or equipment to be fueled

crude_2On site, Vendors will operate as best they can in line with the arrangements they have made with you. Please remember, it is Burning Man and unexpected situations like weather delays, equipment failures and road closures may arise.

Please note BRC cannot be held responsible for the performance of external vendors

Messages for the fuel vendor can be left with a fuel team representative at the “Fuel Funnel”, located at Playa Info at 1:00 Inner Center Camp. The “Fuel Funnel” hours are 1pm-3pm, August 24 through August 30, and messages will be relayed to the fuel vendor daily. Pre-event, messages can be relayed to the fuel vendors through Playa Info.

There is a 25 gallon minimum fill. If you wish to obtain fuel and store it for later use you must have 4-5, 5 gallon gas/diesel jugs that are CARB and EPA certified.

NOTE: This opportunity is for Mutant Vehicles and Theme Camp generators only. This is not to be used for personal vehicles or other equipment.

Will there be even more vending to come in the future? Time will tell…

2014 Deadlines

paprework pileWe know Burning Man used to have the rule “no spectators”. Today, this has been subsumed into the 10 Principles as “radical self-expression”. If you want to participate rather than spectate, then you might be thinking about bringing an art car, or making an art installation, or having a theme camp at a particular location. All of this could be yours! That is, if you can fill out a bunch of electronic forms. Which aren’t ready yet. From BMOrg:

You must submit a BRC Participation Form for approval if you would like to:

  • Reserve a location for your placed camp at Black Rock City
  • Receive permission to bring a Mutant Vehicle into Black Rock City for inspection
  • Pre-register to bring a Disabled Vehicle to Black Rock City
  • Register an Art Installation for placement on the open playa
  • Apply as professional Media

review other important information on our BRC Participation Forms FAQ.

Applications open March 4. This was supposed to be February 20, but everything is being delayed later than usual this year. We still don’t know why. This year’s excuses include  “the BLM is still deciding on the 2014 permit“; “Larry quit smoking“; “we’ve changed ticket providers“; “there’s a new IT person; and, our favorite: “the new vehicle tax is to help the environment“. Well, now we can add “this is to help procrastinators” to that list:

Lucky day for you procrastinators … Participation Forms for BRC 2014 will now be available March 4 instead of February 20. bit.ly/1fwECqQ

Oh, happy day! Here are the deadlines:

2014 BRC Participation Forms

You will need to provide:

  • Placement: Final camp layout plan (single page PDF or JPG – 1 MB or less)
  • Art: Diagram or drawing of your project (up to 3 files: JPG, PNG or GIF – 1 MB or less per file)
  • Mutant Vehicle: Photo or sketch of vehicle (up to 10 files: JPG, PNG or GIF – 1 MB or less per file (a day and a night picture of already constructed vehicles is recommended))