Federal Manager of Burning Man – Last Day to Apply!

That’s right kiddies, Burning Man has grown up so much that it needs to have its own full-time, dedicated manager for the Bureau of Land Management. It pays up to $90k a year – could be a dream job for a Burner! You’d get to ride round in any cop car or art car you wanted. From the Reno Gazette-Journal:

blm logoOfficials said today that the Burning Man annual art festival is getting so large it demands a new, full-time position in the Bureau of Land Management to run contracts, coordinate law enforcement and maintain safety.

“In the past, all these duties were done collaterally by (BLM) Winnemucca District employees with their regular jobs,” said Mark Pirtle, who has worked as a part-time interim project manager since last year as the federal agency develops the new position. “The job (of organizing Burning Man) has gotten so complicated, so big, so time consuming there is no way we can keep doing it that way.”

Burning Man media relations did not immediately return phone calls in time for the posting of this story.

The position was posted earlier this month and the deadline to apply is today.
Pirtle described the new position as a “herder of all entities involved,” which includes law enforcement agencies, Humboldt General Hospital, sanitation, fire contracts and other mandatory stipulations.

According to the job description on USA JOBS, the position pays $69,497 to $90,344 per year as a member of the BLM’s Winnemucca District Office.

In all, about 69,000 attended Burning Man in 2013.

Burning Man is held each year on BLM land in Pershing County, Nevada through a special recreation permit.



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  1. $90k? They couldn’t get a Borg sycophant to do it for free? That’s why God made trustafarians seeking spiritual enlightenment though group association. The live for this kind of shit.

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