Help the Helpers

Humboldt General Hospital’s Emergency Medical Services department is the primary medical services contractor to Burning Man. We’ve covered them before, in our story Behind The Danger.
Employees of Humboldt General Hospital staff  a comprehensive on-site medical clinic and an elite high performance ALS ambulance service over the course of the week long event. Each year, they require 300+ temporary employees. Physicians, nurses, paramedics, EMTs and non-clinical support staff treat nearly 3000 injured and ill event participants – almost 5% of the population. The ambulance is called out more than 50 times per day.
Humboldt General Hospital is currently recruiting potential employees to staff the 2014 event.
What sort of perks do you get?
  • Humboldt General Hospital maintains a camp area (Theme Camp) available to HGH staff 
  • Employees working three or more shifts will be provided lodging during their “shift cycle”
    (lodging will not be provided once all shifts worked, or during non-scheduled days).
  • In addition employees will receive a shower pass.
  • Work 3+ shifts: 3 meal vouchers a day, per shift worked.
  • Work 6+ shifts: 3 meal vouchers a day, per day spent on playa.

You can find out more here.

4 comments on “Help the Helpers

  1. This is the correct picture. Ambulance and hospital services are provided solely by HGH. Thanks for the post !!

  2. Just for clarification, the pic accompanying this post is of the first aid station at 3:00 & C. It is staffed w volunteers from ESD. (Emergency Services Dept.) aka “the yellow shirts” 9:00 & C also has a first aid station. They both house two medical response rigs plus a fire engine. All staffed by volunteers.
    HGH is located at 5:30 and esplanade and is amazingly well equipped. HGH works under contract for BM.

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