How Much Does It Cost To Book Your Favorite DJs? [Updated]

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At Burning Man, the music is free. That’s because someone else paid to gift that to you. What would it cost to get these DJs to your party normally? The answers are astonishing, even if DJs are under-represented in the list. Where is Davvincii?

From Priceonomics:

2014 djs 100 plus 1

2014 djs 100 plus 2

djs 2014 50 plus 1

djs 2014 50 plus 2

2014 djs 30 to 50 1

2013 djs 30 to 50 2

2014 djs 20 to 30 1

2014 djs 20 to 30 2

2014 djs 10 to 20 1

2014 vegas 10 to 20 2

2014 djs 1 to 10

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Bonus: here are the highest paid DJ’s in the world for 2013, according to Forbes.

  1. Calvin Harris – $46 million,
  2. Tiesto –  $32 million.
  3. David Guetta – $30 million
  4. Swedish House Mafia – $25 million
  5. DeadMau5 – $21 million
  6. Avicii – $20 million
  7. Afrojack – $18 million
  8. Armin Van Buren – $17 million
  9. Skrillex – $16 million
  10. Kaskade – $16 million
  11. Steve Aoki – $14 million
  12. Pauly D – $13 million
  13. Diplo $13 million

aoki catOur estimates include earnings from live shows, endorsements, merchandise sales, recorded music sales, external business ventures and, in the case of DJ Pauly D, television (we included him on this list because, like his fellow Electronic Cash Kings, he makes at least half his cash from DJ gigs). Sources include Songkick, Pollstar, RIAA, promoters, managers, lawyers and some of the artists themselves. Earnings totals were calculated over a 12-month period from June 1, 2012 to June 1, 2013.

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  3. I’m not sure why this viral graphic was billed as an EDM thing. It’s (supposedly) a leaked list of rough numbers from one booking company that books for colleges, and is not intended to be definitive in any way. This blog post was poorly written (all three sentences of it) and doesn’t really make a clear argument or point to accompany the statement of these figures.

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  5. Yes i bring a soundsystem out that I use as well as others and yes it costs money, but i more than have payed for it doing events in the default. so bringing it out there dos not cost me anymore and therefor could be considered a gift

  6. more than half these people are not even djs….. this is funny to me and makes me question how legit this list is……

  7. We don’t pay guest DJ’s to play on the DISTRIKT stage at Burning Man. It’s disconcerting to read your statement above, “At Burning Man, the music is free. That’s because someone else paid to gift that to you.” The spirit of Burning Man is everyone bringing their own art as a GIFT to the playa, n’est pa? Sad to read that might not be the case everywhere…

    • It wouldn’t be disconcerting if you’d read much of this guy’s blog. He is a Silicon Valley type that wants to turn Burning Man into a libertarian paradise where everything is paid for. He’s also obsessed with money as there are like 1,000 posts about money, making money, how to sell stuff at burning man, why we should pay for things, how much things costs, etc.

      In short, is run by one of the materialistic fratty douchebags that are starting to taking over the event.

    • some DJs get accommodation provided for them, meals cooked for them, a ticket, art cars picking them up at the airport, free party favors… This is not the same as paying promoters like on this list, but it is also not the same as “gifting means DJs have to play for free”. Even if the DJ played for free, did they bring their own sound system? Or did someone else provide that? Whoever provided it, spent money to get it, and spent even more money to get it out there on the Playa.

      • This is true, but if the cost of bringing every sound system, art car, camp or structure to the playa was part of the ticket cost most, if not all people that make BM wath it is would not be able to attend. The point is you bring what you can and help those who brought more, sparkle ponnies excluded.

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