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  1. I’m with He CK . . . I don’t think it’s tasteful, and believe it is certainly not for you to decide burnersxxx.

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          “This brings to mind two other very public Burner suicides, the body of Jermaine Barley that was found hanging (possibly for hours) at queer camp Comfort and Joy in 2007, and arsonist/protestor Paul Addis jumping in front of a train in San Francisco in 2012. Suicide is always a tragedy, and inflicts pain on everyone who knew the person. Something like this, though, is terribly scarring for all those who had to witness it. All three Burner suicides were very selfish public statements.”

          Paul Addis’s Suicide, which you mock here highlights the issue of the need to creating a community that cares for, not rejects or prosecutes or shames those among us who have chronic or episodic mental illness(es).

          Doing the same to someone with a physical deformity would be taboo, but yet in your choice to represent Addis as “some stupid with a flare gun” you have done the same exact thing, albeit to someone with a wound that isn’t visible and isn’t easily treated in our instant gratification, drive through culture.

          Calling suicide “selfish” is like calling the actions of the kid from Baltimore who tried to mug me at gunpoint a few months back a “choice”. People generally make holistic choices when they are well enough or are able to do so. Since the Reagan Bush (Sr.) medicare and medicaid cuts of the 90s we have collectively de-funded mental health care in this country and forced those who have such issues to rely on medication which often has side effects worse than the illness, or therapists whose yearly number of visits run out as quickly as tickets to the playa, leaving those in crisis at the mercy of the compassion of a community that often radically excludes those most in need for not liking the right flavor of house music or wearing last seasons kicks.

          When we collectively stop excluding or making cartoons out of those of us who break and really offer a sincere, inclusive subculture that focuses less on the party and more on creating a truly balanced, loving healing environ, issues like this will persist as they have in our parent culture(s).

          Love Live Gavin

          p.s. check out NAMI National Alliance on Mental Illness http://www.nami.org
          for some tips on how to not make disposable comic objects out of our brothers and sisters who have mental illness(es).

  2. “Tagged 2014, cartoons, funny”
    Really? someone who is profoundly ill acts out, is prosecuted by an allegedly loving subculture and their org and after serving two years in prison, a few years later kills himself and now this.
    Thanks for living and feeding on the bottom of the bottom of the tank.
    I hope Paul Addis’s spirit haunts you into realizing we are all connected.

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