Dennis Romero at the LA Weekly brings us this story, of a police rescue that turned psychedelic.


It’s not everyday that Los Angeles police officers get a whiff of a rare psychedelic drug like DMT. But that’s what reportedly happened last night after cops responded to a report of a screaming man in Van Nuys.

Officers responding to the reported screamer were “exposed to fumes and transported to a hospital,” an LAPD spokeswoman told us. A reportedly nude man was booked early today on suspicion of felony drug-making.

It wasn’t clear if the cops got high, she said, but this much was reported:



A suspect was allegedly making the psychedelic drug DMT, according to KTLA News. Police told the station that the man also allegedly had meth and psilocybin mushrooms on-hand. [and, given the screaming, perhaps in his system? – Ed.] After patrol cops arrived, KTLA said, a naked, incoherent man exited a restroom [after flushing the drugs? – Ed.] and was collared by officers.

Police told us that cops arrived at the location in the 14800 block of Sherman Way about 10 last night. Katherine Main of the Los Angeles Fire Department said paramedics arrived at 11:03 p.m. and took five officers and one suspect to medical facilities. 

DMT Mountain by Mearone

DMT Mountain by Mearone

A dog at the alleged lab was also “exposed,” she said.

An LAFD haz-mat team was called out to clean the place up, according to the LAFD. [“MOOP!” – Ed.]

Thirty-seven-year-old Gagan Saini was booked on suspicion of manufacturing drugs, the LAPD spokeswoman said. According to L.A. County Sheriff’s Department inmate data, Saini was booked 5:09 a.m. today. His initial bail was said to be $75,000.

Police said the officers were quickly released from the hospital and cleared for duty. Let’s hope they don’t have flashbacks.

5 cops got so wasted they had to be hospitalized? Wow. Hope the dog’s OK.
I can see it now…Beverly Hills Cop 4 – Mushrooms, Meth Heads, Dogs, and DMT…and a 55-year old Eddie Murphy tripping out while chasing the bad guys. They should get Alex Grey to be the art director.
The moral of this story? Don’t do a bunch of mushrooms and meth and get naked with your dog before cooking DMT. And if you scream, 5 cops will come.

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