Victory for Ravers! White Ocean Lineup Announced

Earthcore at St Kilda Festival, Melbourne, Australia, 2004

Earthcore at St Kilda Festival, Melbourne, Australia, 2004. Click to experience.

Oakey’s back to the burn! One of my favorite DJs ever, especially since I spied him rocking away on the dance floor as a civilian to someone else’s set at the Earthcore stage at Melbourne’s St Kilda Festival. A long, long time ago. Whatever happened to DJs that dance?

Seeing Paul Oakenfold playing for 8 hours to a nearly empty Stonehenge in 2004 was one of my best Burning Man moments of all time. Last year he was involved with new mega sound camp White Ocean, and they brought trance back to the burn. FINALLY! Astrix and Simon Patterson rocked it to massive crowds. This year promises to be even better. Quite possibly THE best collection of artists to ever perform at one camp at Burning Man. And it’s all gifted to you for free!

This year’s White Ocean line-up is so good I had to double-check that I wasn’t reading The Onion. Dave Seaman (aka GOD). Hernan Cattaneo & Nick Warren. Seb Fontaine. Plump DJ’s. Astrix, Above and Beyond, Markus Schulz, Sander van Doorn. JUNO REACTOR. I repeat: JUNO REACTOR. Run, don’t walk, to their gig: my favorite band in the world. Live psy, it is a show like no other. Think Shpongle meets Infected Mushroom meets Lucent Dossier Experience.

Try dancing to that shit for 6 hours straight and you’ll know what I mean.

Cartoon-of-Justin-BieberOMG OMG OMG! If I was 30 years younger, this would be like Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus just fucked and spawned a twerking baby Kardashian. This is the dance music equivalent of Germany’s performance in Brazil today. GOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLLL!

Yes, it’s safe to say that I’m excited by this news. And also devastated, since I won’t be attending Burning Man this year. Somebody please Soundcloud these sets, or even better, stream them live.

The White Nights at 10 o’clock and Cinammon are broken up based on music styles:

DJ Paul Oakenfold at the Green Man, Burning Man 2007

DJ Paul Oakenfold at the Green Man, Burning Man 2007

Monday – Eclectic

Tuesday – Progressive

Wednesday – Trance

Thursday – House

Friday – Psy

Saturday – Heck no, it’s Techno

Here’s the full lineup:



Here’s what EDM blog LessThan3 had to say:

Burning Man isn’t about lineups. You don’t go there just to see your favorite artists. However, music is still a huge part of the annual 60,000 person art experiment. Everywhere you go at night at Black Rock City, you’ll see DJs spinning on art cars, in nightclubs, and massive festival-style stages on the playa. 

Today we found out that the rumors were true about the epic lineup for the White Ocean sound camp events, curated by Paul Oakenfold and Timur Sardarov. Each day will be dedicated to a different genre of electronic music, with some serious talent to boot. Some of the most surprising names to see include Above & Beyond, Markus Schulz, Sander van Doorn, Chris Liebing, Astrix, and Fehrplay. 

Additionally, White Ocean posted a photo on their Facebook page of the stage design they are building, which looks to be fully equipped with massive flamethrowers and pyrotechnics. We’ll see you there! 

white-ocean-stage-flamethrowerswhite ocean under construction

Listen up, kiddies. You can take all your Aoki/Mau5y/Guetto/Calvins with their gimmicks and USB sticks and shove them up your nostrils. This is proper fucking doof doof right here.

Seriously people. Juno Reactor. Watch their amazing 2007 live performance in Tokyo, featuring Steve Stevens on guitar, in the video below. Thankyou Oakey! Let’s hope they develop a massive following on the West Coast as a result of this, so they have to come back here and play all the time.


12 comments on “Victory for Ravers! White Ocean Lineup Announced

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  2. Um.. you’re hoping Juno “develops a following” out here in the Wild West? And, I take it, among burners specifically?
    You’re not from around here. are you? 😉

    For better or worse, Juno and Underworld and Way Out West and The Orb and KLF and RITM were almost like the unofficial soundtrack to all things playa in the late nineties.

    I doubt that all but the newest burners would require a reintroduction.

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  8. Shit: Juno Reactor ?!??!!!? In the desert, with flames and all the crazy? I read this and my first reaction was to jump on the exchange to try to get a ticket, even though I decided not to go this year (travelling abroad that month.) I’ve loved them since Bible of Dreams. Good on you Oakey and Timur.

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  10. Some more details are emerging about the serious money behind this serious sound stage. DJ Paul Oakenfold’s partner in White Ocean is Russian billionaire Burner Timur Sardarov. He owns 50 private jets:

    “Ocean Group International is a private holding company founded in 2005. Ocean Group’s activities include aviation, agriculture, corporate finance and fiduciary services, real estate, internet and mining. Geographically the company is active in Europe, the United States, and Russia. It focuses on the investment, creation and hands on operations of new businesses and the acquisition and restructuring of existing businesses in high growth sectors.

    The business was set up by entrepreneurs Timur Sardarov and Oliver Ripley. Their companies include Ocean Sky UK, a jet chartering company in Europe.[1] Ocean Sky sponsored the James Bond Movie “Quantum of Solace” with Daniel Craig, one of the largest film sponsorships in history.[2] The company owns, operates, and manages a fleet of approximately 50 aircraft. It also owns 6 airport terminals in the UK, Italy and Spain.

    The other companies inside Ocean Group include Natural Farming Ltd, a farming business operating arable and dairy operations in Southern Russia, and Black Ocean Group, a technology and internet holding company, active in operating and building companies in high growth markets, comprising sectors spanning video, e-commerce, social networking.”

    They put $100 million into their Black Ocean Group holding company.

    Timur’s dad was the first person to buy a Rolls Royce in Moscow. He also bought an entire mountain in Austria and fenced it (for a James Bond lair, maybe?)

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