10 Drugs You Shouldn’t Take While Driving

Needless to say, Burners, you shouldn’t be taking ANY drugs while driving. You may find this amusing, though:

as seen on http://mym8.eu – This is a series of 10 drugs you shouldn’t take or do while driving, nor be on:

1. Heroin,
2. Hashish,
3. LSD,
4. Cocaine,
5. Alcohol,
6. Valium,
7. Ecstasy,
8. Glue,
9. Absinth,
10. All together


5 comments on “10 Drugs You Shouldn’t Take While Driving

  1. I’ve driven on ecstasy. If you’re past the initial rush, it’s no different that driving on cocaine. A few alcoholic drinks are fine to drive on – that’s not PC to say, but it’s true.

    What’s far worse than most drugs is sleep depravation and texting and putting on your makeup.

  2. One year a young couple pulled into a campsite next to me at BRC. The front of their truck was all mashed in and bloody. I went over and introduced myself and asked about the damage, and they told me a rather harrowing story. Seems they were from L.A., and coming up the 395 in the wee hours they had both gotten sleepy. So, knowing that Ecstasy is an amphetamine, they broke a pill in two and each swallowed half. Soon after, near Bishop at first light, they came up over a rise and plowed full-on into a flock of sheep that a herder was moving across the highway. They killed something like 20 of the sheep outright, and quite a few others had to be shot. The herder called 911 and CHP arrived to investigate. The driver was cited and even had to post a bond; the sheepherder, being a local, wasn’t charged for obstruction or whatever. The couple stayed at Burning Man for one night only; when I saw them packing up I asked why they were leaving. The girl said, “I am completely traumatized; every time I close my eyes all I see are bloody sheep.” Cautionary tale, indeed.

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