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glow hottieThanks to Sick Dog from Ohm Kamp, a new camp this year at 10 & D, for this unofficial list of unofficial stations. There are 30 on the dial so far. If you have any more, please comment. The official one is BMIR, 94.5 FM. I’m listening to it now, they’re singing about heroin. Then some shazam-worthy hip-hop. Then some 80’s synth-pop. Sometimes you get lucky there, sometimes the choice of music and guests leaves a lot to be desired.

FM is increasingly being used on the Playa as a way to synchronize music between art cars. Circling the wagons, and circling the speakers, to make an instant stage. So the signals will not be the same strength as you could expect in a major city, or from your XM satellite radio. This is brought to you by Burners, in the middle of nowhere, running off generators. I bet there will be some sick beats…

I am very pleased to announce the newest edition to OHM!

“Ohm Kamp Pirate Radio”
Broadcasting live 24/7 on 100.5 on your FM dial!

We will be broadcasting pirate Ohm signals throughout the 8 mile playa! All of are art cars and come together in one area and play the same music.

Our Kamp will be slamming with a mega 40,000 watt Turbosound (Funktion 1) sound system and we are installing radio receivers in all of our art kars on the playa. We have a total of 120,000 watts on wheels. When these art kars come and go from our camp, it will reinforce our kamp sound system.

Let me know if you would like to get a time slot scheduled on Ohm Kamp Pirate Radio 100.5fm!

radio list 187.9 PINK

88.1 Chickenfish

88.5 Grease Fairy

89.9 Radio Electra

90.9 Playagon Free Radio

91.9 Unaverz

92.5 Totally Awesome 80’s

92.1 misfit burner radio.. Broadcasting jamz and drunken rants since ’99

93.1 Anarchy

radio 2014 393.7 Space Cowboys

94.5 BMIR

95.1 Gate

95.7 Fusion Valley

95.9 MEGA

96.3 K-AlternativeEnergyZone Solar Powered

(thanks to Bobby from Misfit Island for the updated list)



radio stations97.1 Slutgarden


97.7 Radio Dionyzos


97.9 VBC Radio


98.5 Disorient Radio


99.5 Radio Free Burning Man


99.9 C.L.A.P.


100.5 Ohm Kamp


101.3 Vault Radio


101.9 Art Car Collective



103.3 Stories


103.9 BRCW&RR


104.3 Air Coco Poco Loco


104.7 Black Rock FX


1051.1 Robot Heart Radio


105.5 BBC – Bouncy Bouncy Club


105.9 Orphan Radio



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  1. SomaFM is not actually on the Playa. Last couple years someone re-broadcast our Black Rock Radio stream on the Playa, but it wasn’t us.

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