5 comments on “Burning Man Advice from Experienced Burners

  1. I would have to disagree with one statement on the blog…time and keeping “appointments”. In my experience, time is best experienced as meaningless on the playa. Unplug from the default world. Turn off your phone and stick it in your tent for the week.

    It was such a sad thing and loss of so much that is BM when they introduced wifi out there. Back when there wasn’t any and no one wore watches, many a virgin year was ruined by the plan of meeting friends at a particular time and them never showing despite you waiting for hours or having to get to the trash fence at 9 pm to see Bassnectar. The advice was embrace “playa time”. Meaning have fun where you are and if your friends don’t show when they are supposed to, it is probably because they have found something fun and unexpected. Go do the same on your own. You can have the most amazing adventures on your own.

    Bassnectar on the trash fence at 9 and it’s midnight and he’s still not playing…so what? There are thousands of amazing things going on elsewhere. Why are you wasting your time waiting?

    With wifi out there, it feels like it makes it worse…especially if you are tweeting, FBing, texting your experiences…it means that you aren’t actually having them.

    • That said, I will give a kudos and endorse the notion of taking down the information of the people you meet, stop by their camp sometime if you can, or reach out after the burn. You meet some amazing people out there. Who can become lifelong friends, partners, and community. That part has been very true for me. Just don’t expect them to meet you at a certain time somewhere on the playa. 😉

  2. Some great advice in the blog, but also remember that not every Burner is great, loving and wonderful. There are plenty of selfish a-holes on the playa as well, just like in the default world. Don’t assume everyone has your best interests in mind; I have learned this the hard way.

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