There Once Was A Girl From Black Rock…

Burner Katherine has composed this poem about her forthcoming trip to Black Rock City


parkour Love‘Twas the week before Burning Man and all of the cities
Teemed with art cars, sound camps, and their planning committees.
RV’s sat running in the driveways with care,
Knowing their time on the playa soon would be there.
No burners could sleep all snug in their beds
While visions of the burn danced in their heads.
Looking at all the events and camps on the map
Left little time for barely more than a nap.
All across Facebook, there was lots of chatter
Of plans and checklists and other things that matter.
But I had to focus on packing myself;
I looked through my closet and found on the shelf
My dusty playa coat, made for the snow.
I lifted it up to see what was below.
When what to my wondering eyes should appear
But my bin full of stuff that I used last year.
I lifted the lid, it was so full of dust,
I knew cleaning its contents would be a must.
More rapid than eagles, my packages they came.
From places like China, addressed to my name.
Things like socks and gloves and fishnet tights,
Playa gifts, tent stakes, and LED lights!
Piled on top of the porch, and all along the wall,
It was like Christmas, unwrapping it all.

As festival goers, before an event, stress,
I was no exception; this place was a mess!
In every room, boxes of each size,
I fought desperately to stay organized.
And then in a twinkling, it was time to pack
Up the car, the trailer, and the bike rack.
I inspected each item as I packed it in,
And before long, I knew, I’d be packed to the brim.
My bike, all in fur, from the front to back tire,
Was trimmed with headlamps, tail lamps, and el wire.
My tent was still packed tight from last year’s trip.
My air mattress was fine once I repaired a rip.
My lights – oh, they twinkled! My costumes – how small!
And a layer of playa dust, how it coated them all.
I could not forget my goggles nor tail,
And some things I remembered to pack without fail,
Like lotion, sunscreen, shampoo, and toothpaste,
And baby wipes, those I had by the case.
I had lots of water and a little food for my belly,
Like chili, tortillas, and peanut butter and jelly.
I packed the car better than Santa’s sleigh by an elf,
And was ready on time, surprising myself.
I squealed out loud as I headed out
And double checked my maps, though I knew the route.
I drove through the night and focused on the road,
And slowed down through cities, minding my load.
And driving through Reno happened so fast,
Before I knew it, I’d reached Gerlach at last!
There was a spring in my action as wheels hit the sand,
And that’s how I knew I’d reached Burning Man!
I pulled through the gates, filled with wanderlust,
And texted my friends, SEE YOU IN THE DUST!!

–Katherine Crowder

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