Crank Out Some Dope Beats

“Beats. Phat beats. Dope beats. Dirty beats. Clean beats. Killer beats. Mad beats. Everyone loves beats. Then there’s the drop. Folks just love the drop…I suppose some may love the drop more than the beat. But you always have to wait for the drop – don’t you?” 

Not any more. Anita’s Drop Ship presents a self-powered dubstep system. Wind the crank, and spin up the tension for the drop.

Aux.TV reports:

anitas drop shipLike water, breathable air, and fossil fuels, dubstep is a  precious and limited resource. Or at least it used to be! In response to one of the greatest challenges facing humanity, a team of developers and music lovers have made a machine that can generate an endless stream of dubstep. Its inspiration came when one of the founders’ friends, Anita,wandered Burning Man 2013 for days looking for a fat beat drop but never managed to find one. They thought, why not end the suffering?

Anita’s Dropship, as their machine is called, uses an algorithmic composition that generates music and beats in realtime, never repeating the same passage twice. But here’s where it gets really exciting. It has a crank that listeners turn to build up the intensity of the music, until a red button on the front lights up, and then, BAM!, the Dropship produces a nasty, earth-shaking beat drop.

Look out for this puppy on the Playa, they raised nearly $3000 for their $1000 Kickstarter campaign.

They tested it on animals:

It’s great to see simple, wholesome, fun Burning Man projects – it’s not only about building 100-ft+ towers with 100+ teams and $100,000+ budgets. Sometimes you don’t have to pretend you’re saving the world, you can just have a laugh, dial a hand crank, and lose your shit with the drop.


The motivation for Anita’s Dropship came at Burning Man 2013 when Anita spent an entire night running between sound camps and art cars. She loved the dubstep sound (it’s so popular these days!), but never once heard the fabled “Drop”. This was very surprising to her brother and boyfriend (that’s two different people, mind you), as the dubstep genre is known for gratuitous and overbearing drops. At once motivated to rectify their beloved’s disappointment, her brother and boyfriend (still two different people) pledged to make the drop available to Anita whenever she wanted. Anita’s Dropship was born.

The Dropship is Born! - by Whoops
The Dropship is Born! – by Whoops

The Dropship is a device which plays never-ending always-changing dubstep. Two cranks on either side of the crate are used to build the drop, but only when the big red nuclear launch button is pressed will epic dubs will be dropped. You’ll never hear the same thing twice!

Anita, who has a Dubship named after her

Anita, who has a Dubship named after her

For better or worse, everything in our world has become customisable. Gone are the days of cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all, mass produced trinkets and baubles. These days, everyone wants their own unique snowflake. And why not with music too? Why should everyone be satisfied with listening to the latest pop-tart MP3 mobile stream, when we can all have our own unique remixes? Music on demand isn’t about getting what you want when you want, it’s about getting it how you want!

Anita’s Dropship does exactly that. When you’re tired of waving your hands in the air, no need to wait for the coked-out DJ to finally press play on the next track. Hit the button yourself and enjoy the immediate satisfaction of a big fat drop.

Rauri has put together a sound system that will absolutely blow away your tutu. Four full stacks all running off of a super quiet two kilowatt generator. We tried it out at home, but the neighbors complained. So we took it to Toxic Beach in San Francisco for a full bass workout.

To quote some passers-by, “We came for the view, but stayed for the beats.”

How can we ship drops without transportation!? What good is a caravansary if we can’t travel on the road to get there!? We’ve been fortunate enough this year to receive a donation of an old golf cart which has seen many burns over the years. It’s a fixer upper, and we need help restoring it to health and a new purpose!

Team Dropship delivers!
Team Dropship delivers!

The musical component of the Dropship is written by Mr. Christmas in London. The entire algorithmic composition runs on a mobile phone, which lies at the heart of the Dropship. All of the music is generated in realtime, with most sounds also synthesized using state-of-the-art generative and procedural music techniques. We guarantee that you’ll never hear the same thing twice and it will never get boring. Here is a work-in-progress example of the ambient portion of the track for your listening pleasure.

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