No, jerks, Burning Man isn’t ruined

Sarah shares her perspective: Burning Man is not the logical place for tech innovation.

Unsolicited Honesty

A surprise dance party at the port-a-potties.

Hello, I am back. Because I still think of this as sort of a science blog, first, I am proud to report that my weeklong sojourn from lab was not without science: I rolled up to the Phage camp just in time for “Ask a Drunk Scientist,” and as luck would have it, at that moment, I WAS a drunk scientist. “Help, I need a neuroscientist–they’re all asking how alcohol works,” one of the Phagelings said. PUT ME IN, COACH, I replied. Twenty minutes later we had covered endogenous opioids, the role of dopamine in pleasure and movement, the communication through coherence hypothesis, and why no, magnets will not heal you, hippie. Never trifle with an MRI researcher when pseudoscience is on the line.

I also spent a good amount of time on my favorite giant science-mobile, Dr. Brainlove (experience the…

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