How housing experiments at Burning Man could help refugees

Seems like this sort of thing does more to help the world than panel discussions…maybe BMP should invest in some Yurts for refugees. Hey, give ’em a bike while we’re at it, why not?

3 comments on “How housing experiments at Burning Man could help refugees

  1. Unless the grandiose Temple of Transition, 2011 by Chris Hankins, Diarmaid Horkan and the International Art Megacrew (would be nice to have some captions in this kind of infomercial) or the Dadaist Temple of Honor, 2003 by David Best and the Temple crew, are considered “housing experiments that could help refugees” I haven’t seen any images related to the title. Too bad, a misnomer. Temple of Transition photo, is it Scott London?

    • I agree about the irrelevance of the photographs. In what read like an thinly veiled advertisement for Burning Man, I ultimately found the piece distracting to the point of becoming unreadable. So, I admit this comment is malinformed, as I felt unable to read the piece in question, to its conclusion.

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