Fight, Fuck, or Philosophize

Another Burning Man documentary. “The only things that are going to save us are the arts”…there are some interesting statements and ideas expressed here, but unfortunately they are not really explained with anything approaching logic. YMMV. One guy collects signs from the homeless, presumably to burn at the Temple; “I nee weed” was my favorite.

Short documentary on the culture of Burning Man, featuring interviews with Federico Pistono, Lara Edge, Sean Cusack, Mark W Swizee, Dan Harder, Bernhard Popovic, Nino Bino, Andreas Ribarits, [Mike Zuckerman] and Yasmine Blair.

Directed by: Robert Styblo.
Produced for science program “TM Wissen” for the Austrian channel ServusTV/Red Bull TV.

4 comments on “Fight, Fuck, or Philosophize

  1. I guess now every year we have to deal with more and more Burning Man “documentaries.” I liked it better when they were called “home movies” and you just showed them to your friends you were trying to convince (unsuccessfully) to go with you next year.

    • It is like nothing happens anymore unless it is documented and disseminated for everyone to see. I have nothing against camera’s, go pros, selfies and what not but must everything be documented? (paraphrasing Seneca): “There are people who have an extraordinary talent for transforming everything into a photo opportunity or a video, whose whole life is an exercise in documentation: falling in love and getting married, hearing a joke, and admiring a work of art nothing escapes their documentary zeal”.

  2. False advertising in the form of a feel-good piece for the wealthy. As if those things required the burn, or were created by the burn.

    The guy *buying* the homeless signs was particularly ironic to me. It would have been different if he had collected them as they were discarded, or exchanged, or they were gifted to him. More utter BS inconsistent with the BMP Article 1 bylaws. Are they that stupid, or do they just think we are?

    All the more reason to no longer tell people that I have been to Burning Man.

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