Burning Shadows 2019

My art has inspired more art! As an artist, that’s a great feeling. Clearsight Productions has done a fantastic job in telling the Burning Man story in countercultural context with this excellent new documentary.

Burning Man is an annual event held at Black Rock city in the Nevada desert. This documentary film explores to connections between the CIA, Pentagon, Silicon Valley, Hollywood, the occult, Timothy Leary, Aleister Crowley, LSD, mind control, transhumanism, neo-pagan rituals, the counter-culture

Kudos also to The Dudermensch who got there first with this wonderful highlight reel tribute:

Flickering In The Dust

Thanks to Michael Tosner for sharing this new documentary.

“The Fires Of Burning Man” (c) 2018
A music-driven documentary about the culture of Fire Performers and the wider Burning Man community. Primarily shot in 2015 and focused on the journey of a Vancouver BC based fire troupe “MythMaker”; it explores the ritual, cathartic, spiritual, and just plain fun nature of fire, and watching things burn. Additional footage used from 2014, 2016, & 2017. This footage may not be used for any commercial purpose.
Find out more about the artists who generously gifted their time and talents to this project: