The First Unpowered Flight to Burning Man

Burner Kurtis Carter wanted to skip the entry traffic so much, he jumped off a mountain 70 miles away and flew through the air for more than 6 hours. Sure beats sitting in the Will Crawl line!


10 comments on “The First Unpowered Flight to Burning Man

  1. Someone wasn’t paying attention! He DID have a ticket, showed by his wife in the video. Wish I’d known he was there, I would’ve stopped by and chatted, being an old hang glider dude myself. I flew a guy in in my Long EZ for a free ticket. Had a blast……. from what I remember.

  2. We saw this guy flying over Caravancicle on Monday morning. We thought he might land in our compound and sent out a few security guards to make sure that didn’t happen. It’s funny that we don’t see that in the video – nice editing! I hope Gate Crew got there in time to kick his skull in for not having a ticket.

    • Plus, he didn’t have permission to film our camp. You can see it in the video, and we’re working with Vimeo to have this video taken down The video shows several of our women naked and performing sex acts in private, which is an invasion. We are pursuing legal action against him for invasion of privacy and other related issues, including terrorism and wire tapping.

      I hope you had fun, asshole!

    • I have a Kickstarter campaign to deal with this. Contributors get to join a roving band who beat the crap out of people doing anything interesting like this at the NV burn where a BoD member does not have a piece of the action.

      • The campaign is going well, but to avoid any confusion, all BoD-sanctioned “fun” things need to carry an approriate corporate logo. Where possible, the logo should also be visible from the air.

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