2 comments on “Nitrous Oxide: 215 Years, From Humphry Davy To Hippie Crack.

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  2. I recommend PureWhip nitrous cartridges. The various other brands fluctuate on their nitrous content. I used to do 100 – 150 cartridges in a session to really explore the effects. Most people like to do whipits with friends, but it’s a much more interesting experience if you’re alone. But make sure you turn off your phone and lock the door and have no one who might want to drop by unexpectedly.

    Don’t use a cracker with a balloon, use the whip cream dispenser and inhale directly off that.

    For me, after years of regular use, one day nitrous just stopped really working on me. I’d still get that weird liquid-felling of intoxication, but none of the benefits. So I just stopped doing them. But it was fun at the time.

    It was great for BM – I’d bring a 1,000 cartridges to share.

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