Downsize Your RV, Upsize Your Cool Factor

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This is how we do it Down Under

Thanks to Burner SnowAngel for sending this in. Playa ready?

It may look small, but the Queen size bed fits a 6’6 person. The front slides out, the grill slides out, the fridge slides out, it even has solar panels.

Find out more at If anyone brings one of these to a Burn please send us a photo.

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Too Loud for Burning Man Part 3: Everyone’s A Winner



Radical Inclusion, right? Smiles not frowns? We all want to be friends and be one big happy family together at home. And everyone wants me to shut up about this story, already.

We know there is loud, noisy stuff at Burning Man, and no-one’s calling for that to stop. Just, try to keep things appropriate for the time and the place.

So collectively the community has come up with a compromise that is totally within the rules, and works for everyone. It sounds good to me too.

The assumptions behind it are:

the Dancetronauts were NOT banned in any way

– the only thing that happened was the Strip Ship was denied a Mutant Vehicle License for 2015

– Dancetronauts are totally welcome to still come to Burning Man

So, they could drive their street legal Strip Ship vehicle to Burning Man just as they do every year, join a camp in the 10 or 2 o’clock noisy zones, and throw as many parties as they want. Raise it up light it up turn it up!

This seems fair and reasonable to me. Something that works for everyone, so we can all be happy and get on with our lives, and trust that Dancetronaut’s Mutant Vehicle application for 2016 is approved.

What do you think about that, Burners? Should we make our voices heard and welcome the Dancetronauts back?

dancetronauts party