Call Girl Call Goes Out [Update]

Burning Man is coming soon, and the ticket shortage seems to be putting the squeeze on Mistresses of Merriment supplies for the Commodification Camps.

A Burner at the BMFG alerted us all to this ad today in the Adult Jobs section of backpage in Phoenix, AZ:

phoenix 2015 mistresses

Since there’s no pay, I guess that technically, it ain’t commodification. No word on if tickets are included. Wonder if their camp got placement.

These girls are probably not old enough for the Adult Jobs section

These girls have clothes and a great attitude. Sadly, they are probably not old enough for the Adult Jobs section. 



[Update 7/15/15 6:38pm]

They’re looking for models in San Francisco too. You don’t get paid, you do get free admission to Burning Man. Somebody must have access to all the tickets they need…

Screenshot 2015-07-16 18.38.23

18 comments on “Call Girl Call Goes Out [Update]

  1. Maybe they meant they don’t have to pay for anything?! Getting a free ticket is being paid. I think there’s a lot of people that go out that get paid in some form.


    • This is our company’s ad, so we are a group of models who do all kinds of event hostings, parties, festivals, promo work etc. We were contacted by a promoter for Burning Man who offered us free admission in exchange for some hostess work at Burning Man. We thought it was a fair and exciting trade off so we took the gig. We have 3 full time girls and our promoter asked for 5-6 for BM so we have been trying to fill those extra spots.

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      • And who was this “promoter for Burning Man?” Did they work for Black Rock City, LLC? BRC run the event and control the tickets. Anyone else is a third party. The tickets cost $399 to $800, depending on when and how purchased. All the tickets available for purchase are sold. Scalper prices are much, much higher.


        • The promoter that we have for BM works directly with them. We have worked with this promoter before and is someone we trust. We don’t want call girls, we are looking for promo models. We currently have two spots left.

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  2. That’s just weird. I wouldn’t think their would be much call for their services. There are clearly layers of BM I am not familiar with.


  3. I met a girl on the playa who got all expenses paid didn’t have to lift a finger aside from letting the camp leader take pictures of her showering. There are many forms of soft prostitution at BM. This request seems like it could be for ‘dancers’ in some large camp or art car. And whatever deal$ they can make on their off time is implied.

    Come to think of it, one year I paid for a woman I was dating to come out and I did everything for her. She did pull out one piece of rebar and 5 guys took her picture doing it. But her real purpose for being there was to have sex with me and to look pretty. A sort of holiday whore. Not at all uncommon out there.

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  4. “We will be working there and there is no pay?”…. Well, by first approximation, that defines most burners. Will they be “Working Burners?” Most Working Girls use price as a way to not “work” a guy they don’t want to. This seems a particularly awkward situation. Hope someone finds out what camp this is. 😉

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