Have a Transformational Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, Burners. Here’s a guest post from AleXander Hirka to amuse you

Chanting “You will be transformed!” from his perch on the right arm of The Man Float, its founder and marketing philosopher Larry Harvey brought The Burning Man Global Transformation Movement ®™ to New York City’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.


The Burning Man Global Transformation Movement ®™  float at the Thanksgiving Day parade, 26 November 2015. Riding on The Right Arm Of The Man, in a typical Burning Man uniform, is founder and zen marketer Larry Harvey.
Photo by AleXander Hirka, 10x ex-Burner.


Harvey, along with other members of the BMorg, spent the previous evening inflating their massive float balloon with inspirational and transformational hot air.

Holding the balloon strings during the procession along Central Park West were a who’s who of celebrities including Katy Perry, Susan Sarandon, Dennis Kucinich, Karlie Kloss, Suki Waterhouse, Grover Norquist, P. Diddy, Elon Musk, Larry Page, Jeff Bezos, Sergey Brin, and Mark Zuckerberg.

The Weez Burners Marching Band kept a groove going by playing “Get Lucky” a hit made famous by Daft Punk, who regularly play at Burning Man, usually near the “trash fence” perimiter art.

Comments from Burners:

“We are all completely transformed by this amazing experience in the desert.  All the things we did before we see in a completely new way. The old patterns are broken, The Default World is altered.  I mean, like before Burning Man I was just a tech geek who wanted to make a lot of money by controlling FaceBook algorithms  so more people would get hooked on the experience and buy more product a-and . . .well, after Burning Man I’m a completely transformed person.”
~  Mark Zuckerberg (as he was heading into Macy’s for a bit of Black Friday Xmas shopping after the merchandising parade)


“Once a guy wears a tutu he’s changed forever. There’s no commerce there at all.  You just shop for months in advance and lug it in and lug it out.  Radical. huh?  That guy goes back to what we Burners call The Default World and where once was a suburban consumer of mass produced capitalist media product there is now an enlightened Burner.  So different. You can just like see it in his eyes.  He knows. We know. We are Burners. Yeah, everyone who goes understands because are transformed inside; even if they look the same standing in line for the latest Star Wars franchise hit at the Cinemaplex.”  ~ Hopsing Bonanza (playa name)

“You’ve seen how Scientology and est have transformed the world for the better. Well this is even bigger than that.  Yeah sure it’s a wild party in the desert, but it began in California so you know they’re going to add that special New Age level; what those snobs in New York call woo.  So now it’s really all about spreading the Burning Man ethos, the ten principles, which are like the commandments, but different.  It includes things like: rich and poor people are the same, share your water, and pick up your trash or you’ll get poor placement next year.  And don’t get hung up on commodities and do stuff, participate.  I participated in airport arrival and departure. Gifting is great – which is why the float in the parade this year, because it ends with Santa, who is the biggest gift giver ever, right?!  Truly original and groundbreaking view of reality – things that will transform the world once the Burners reenter the Default World and Burner Consciousness transforms it from within.” – Denis Kucinich

“Being a Burner is adding the ultimate Imprimatur Of Cool to the resume of your life.  A whole new network of extra evolved humans.  Beyond Deadheads and PhisHeads.  And it’s a place that hipsters can wear colors.  I’ll never be the same.  I can promise you – you’ll never be the same.  Can’t define how, but you’ll be transformed. There are websites and videos to tell you all about it and what you need to get to radically survive, even where to buy the uniforms. It’s all part of this MSTFest300 thing where people going to festivals will change the world.” ~ Madame Psychosis (playa name)

Cheers to Broke-Ass Stuart for this bonus image. Someone’s giving a lot of thanks in this parade!

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  2. This was in an email to me yesterday, which seemed a bit more appropriate….

    Re: The 11th Principle‏

    Dear Friend —

    Several years ago as the concept of FIGMENT was maturing, a number of us were discussing the 10 principles that we had adopted from other community art events. We quickly realized that we had missed something: Gratitude.

    Now, as we celebrate this holiday of Giving Thanks, it’s important to remind ourselves of the importance of gratitude. FIGMENT events and experiences are fueled by people – producers, curators, artists, participants – whose only payment is the gratitude and satisfaction they receive from being involved.

    When we take a step back from a sense of entitlement, what is left in its place is gratitude. As community members, it is so important to have gratitude for each other and for the freedom and space in which to create and experience. Once we stop believing that we deserve something, we begin to appreciate it. With that appreciation comes value. What is worth protecting? Something that has value.

    There are two types of things in the world that we value. First, there are material objects; these are finite. We value them and protect them, and so we take them out of circulation and prevent other people from experiencing them. Second, there are immaterial qualities; these are infinite. We value them and protect them, and so we add them into circulation and try to help other people experience them.

    At FIGMENT, we focus on the latter. We value creativity, expression, innovation, passion, playfulness, equality, collaboration, and community. For each of these things, I have eternal gratitude.

    FIGMENT is nothing more, and nothing less, than the energy and dedication of the people involved. FIGMENT happens because of you, because you want it to happen, and because you want to help make it happen. I am so grateful for you, today and every day.

    Thank you so much for being a part of FIGMENT,
    David Koren
    Executive Director

    P.S. I am filled with gratitude each time I think about how many people volunteer their time and energy to create FIGMENT. Please rest assured that all donations to FIGMENT are used to cover our basic operating costs. From keeping our website going to event insurance and volunteer t-shirts, we run lean so that your tax-deductible support goes further. You can make your year-end gift on our website here.

        • I agree. 3 of the 10 contain the word “radical”, which might be well suited to the SF Progressive Alinskyites, but is dangerous when exported around the modern terrorism-filled world with its Intelligence keyword spying etc.

          I think something about Consent is essential, like it or not; there should be an environmental component; there should be something about “this is good” instead of “good and evil are both totally legitimate ways of being and completely welcomed here”.

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