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  1. [office src=”https://onedrive.live.com/embed?cid=CFFFF04CB76D019A&resid=CFFFF04CB76D019A%212021&authkey=AEWB6UHHr09HiWM” width=”320″ height=”203″]

    Is this woman in the opening shot:
    A) taking a picture;
    B) talking on her phone;
    C) in the video because of her legs;
    D) irrelevant?

    • Note that they sped up many clips rather than slowing them down. That’s much harder to do and keep the visual narrative. Also much harder to shoot since it takes much longer segments – much more planning. Largely a cinema verite treatment. Good work.

  2. Since we are again having Cinema Mensonge (as opposed to Cinema Verite) offered to us, here is my version with music I like: https://vid.me/qNqs

    Like the original, it is marked by these traits:

    1. The music has nothing directly to do with the burn, only the video editor’s choice to set a mood for the visuals. No live track sound is used, so the music entirely sets the viewer’s emotional agenda.

    2. The visuals are brief composites. They tell no real-world story, like Cinema Verite, since their order is entirely subjective by the editor.

    3. It is Cinema Mensonge because it only tells the story wholly created by the editor. Other than any individual clip, or the free-standing music, it is a lie, since it gives the viewer a wholly synthesized experience entirely disjoint from the subject.

    See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cin%C3%A9ma_v%C3%A9rit%C3%A9
    “The camera is always acknowledged, for it performs the raw act of filming real objects, people, and events in a confrontational way. The filmmaker’s intention was to represent the truth in what he or she was seeing as objectively as possible, freeing people from any deceptions in how those aspects of life were formerly presented to them. From this perspective, the filmmaker should be the catalyst of a situation.”
    (One of the filmmakers listed in the article was one of my professors in school.)

    Here are my examples of Cinema Verite for burn events:
    These tell you about the event, using live track sound, and though edited, they are in the order the videos were captured in camera, and tell you how it was to be there rather than simply a collage under the name of the event.

  3. Great song, good choice to go with Burning Man. The video itself is your typical music video style that’s becoming ubiquitous for Burning Man home movies. Hot chicks, big art, fire, slo-mo. Snoozefest, IMO.

        • What does the NV burn have to do with either video, except for the subject of the visuals? Note that the slow motion was done by the video editor and was not there in reality; it’s only an after-the-fact impression.

        • Speed… Did you say different speed?

          Most of the original was at half-speed. Here it is again with all video at double-speed, which makes most of the clips normal-speed: https://vid.me/JPlv

          While the normal ones sped to 2x are obvious, many of the other clips that were half-speed you do not notice until their speed is doubled to normal. Slomo was hard to do with 16mm on a Steenbeck – you had to shoot it at double-speed and eat up your film stock at twice the rate; the alternative was to have it done in the lab for big bucks. Now it is three clicks away to halve or double the speed of any clip. But unlike shooting twice the stock, you can see that slomo is just each frame seen twice with associated constant jumps. Only if you record at double speed can you get it smooth.

          • Also, you will note that slomo covers for unsteady secondary motion (camera work), though the explicitly observed effect is in the primary motion (what is happening that the camera catches).

            This will be on the final exam.

          • OK, some of the 2x videos were still slomo. They were apparently slowed to 25% speed in the original. Here it is again at quadruple speed: https://vid.me/e0uP

            Most of it is now double normal speed, but you can see the several clips that are only now normal speed. The more you slow the clips the more you can get from less and less, which must please the Borg.

            (These little boogers are uploading faster and faster. …Now they are at Evelyn Wood viewing speed.)

          • For me, it’s not the techniquese themselves that I’m opposed to. Slo-mo can be quite effective if done well, same goes with a music soundtrack. I’m pretty sure I enjoyed the first few videos from Burning Man that were done in the style of the one in question here. But quickly that became the default style, and it got boring fast. Now it’s just plain lazy.

            The subject matter of these videos is even more problematic for me. Endless shots of gorgeous girls gyrating and slo-mo sweeps of big art meant to induce awe, etc. Just makes it seem like a big rave. Zzzzzzz….

          • The technical point is that anyone with Movie Maker, 90 seconds of NV burn video and their favorite song can make one of these. There is zero information about the event, and you need to know zero about the event to make one, and you certainly don’t need to have actually gone. (That you did go is not only irrelevant to what we see but shows that you did not “get it” in my book.)

            Nonetheless, the product is a shiny, sparkly thing with music that Burnersxxx likes.

          • If I had a class assignment, I would take this music track and match this video shot for shot with clips from one of the presidential debates. I am sure Trump at 25% speed, and no audio just the right music, is simply captivating.

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