Can Burning Man and Transhumanism Change the World?

Science fiction and dick jokes at the Burning Man Global Technology Leadership Conference. Nano-tech brain drugs that connect brains together. Jacking the internet directly into the back of your skull. Dosing monkeys with cocaine. “We’re all in a giant machine MRI machine and the CIA is reading your thoughts. No. They’re just reading your emails and Facebook posts”.

We covered this earlier in

Now we have video of the full presentation from the 2016 GLC. It’s entertaining, but what is the real message here?

How can Burning Man change the world? That’s the topic of this 40 minute talk, supposedly. The answer? Art projects give you a sense of awe. He took everything he learned at Burning Man and channeled it into his art (writing science fiction) because he wanted to change the world in some way. There’s about 20 seconds of this around the 20 minute mark.

He came up with a formula to explain it.

The meaning of Burning Man is the change it causes in the world.

M )'( = Δ )'(

“We are the ones we have been waiting for. That is it” got him a standing ovation.

“Tom Clancy meets Burning Man”. For anyone who watched Shadow History of Burners – Part 2, I note that the Singularity University where this guy is a professor is located at Moffett Field.

This year’s Keynote is an interesting follow up to last year’s talk on Syntheism – creating artificial gods – at the European leadership conference

“it’s not a cult”, someone yells from the back as he is describing how Burning Man is like a religion. One we’re creating ourselves…right?

The creation of Artificial Gods vision was preceded over the course of many months by Caveat Magister’s series on the Death of God

This year the continuing saga at the BJ is Re-imagining the relationship between art and money.

Let’s not forget Burning Man Social Alchemist Bear Kittay’s Transhumanist song that accompanied Marian’s 2014 Tokyo TED Talk

“Surrender to the memes.”

If our minds are the workshop, then who is the Da Vinci? Larry? Stuart Mangrum? Who are the patrons? If we’re just making art, how come the Leadership Conference talks about jacking our brains into the Internet in a presentation titled “can Burning Man change the world?

What does any of this have to do with the Burning Man Project?

Maybe the ideas that they have been presenting over three years of conferences is their vision for the way Burning Man changes the world. The death of god, replacing it with a new artificially created occult digital god. Humans replaced with brains in jars, connected to the Matrix. “Be your own app”.

Sounds a lot like the Alphabet Agency business plan.

15 comments on “Can Burning Man and Transhumanism Change the World?

    • Brilliant find, particularly the discussion of Economics, considering the retrograde topic for 2016 Burnt Man. And this blog makes one step toward Immunization against changes we don’t want.

      If you look at all the drug studies, Placebo is the only drug that is effective to some degree against all problems; so, time to package and market it.

  1. Jesus fuck, Bear Kittay is annoying. What the fuck with that guy and why the fuck did the BMORG hire this (literal) clown? I think the dude would have run scared from the event pre-2002.

    • I did notice his video had more dislikes than likes. The song’s kinda catchy; the subject matter and delivery (via robot and cyclops) is a little head-scratching.

      • I would like to “visit” the Borg HQ by such a robot. In fact, that might be a profitable enterprise: sell Borg visits by robot, with a cash payment option. That is the only way I would take them up on their invitation to visit to “discuss my good ideas,” since they refused to have written dialog since it violated the Tin Principle of “Immediacy.”

        I often wonder what would have happened to the US if Thomas Jefferson and John Adams had refused to correspond, only having dialog in person.

    • That guy makes my skin crawl in the same way as Richard Simmons exercising in hot pants.

      Or Larry wearing a ‘mankini.’

  2. There’s probably no greater waste of time than listening to a Ted Talk. Pseudo intellectuals pushing their ideological agendas as if they’ve discovered some break-though in enlightenment.

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