Burning Man Ranch Permitted to be Permanent [Update]

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Permanent Burning Man Staging Area Gets Nod From County

A Burning Man staging area north of Gerlach received approval today from the Washoe Board of County Commissioners to change the property to a more permanent staging area for the annual Black Rock Desert event.

A number of special use permits for residential and industrial uses were combined into a zone change that will allow for increased use on the 200-acre property, Black Rock Station.

According to a staff report,

The proposed amendment will supersede all existing special use permits and provide development standards for areas and all uses at the site. The amendment proposes to establish five separate use areas, including Civic, Residential, Industrial, Agricultural, and Future. Uses are grouped into one of these use areas. The industrial area contains significant buffering requirements and the entire site is subject to layers of mitigation to lessen the impact on the surrounding property owners and the community at large.”

County Planner Dr. Eric Young said the change came about after years of negotiations between the county and Black Rock LLC, Burning Man’s owners, negotiations that weren’t always cordial.

“We have really started to rebuild that trust,” he said after the county developed new development processes that were a better fit for the area. “Some of those residential uses (will be) temporary … They can only be used for 90 days in a calendar year. (In addition), there’s a cap of 500 people at any given time.

“We’re really limiting this to things that they need to get started now,” he added.

Traffic impacts and code enforcement were questioned, and Young said changes could be made to the zoning and use at the property. He said the owners have to maintain a plan with the county fire marshal.

“If the plan lapses, all activities on the site have to stop,” he said. “There is an extensive plan in place for fire and EMS service.”

Enforcement of zoning requirements would be based on citizen complaints, however.

“Unless somebody comes in and points a finger and says, ‘hey they’re doing that,’ we’re not out there driving around looking for it,” Young said. “We will have an occasion to be out there from time-to-time for various inspections, (but) there are certain things like that where there’s not going to be a county person standing there looking at it.”



[Update 5/20/16 2:09am]

Google can’t “buy it”, no corporation can, because it’s a non-profit.

Wrong. Someone could still buy all the Intellectual Property and Real Estate assets, which are owned by for-profit companies controlled by some of the insiders. In fact, that seems like it would be much easier to do now than it was a few years ago.
I refer (reefer) you to these posts from a couple of years back…
And since then we’ve had this major story and this other major story.


Don’t worry, the name “Decommodification, LLC” is just a funny ironic farce in the true spirit of Burning Man, and Danger Ranger created a “Dead Man’s Switch” to save us all!
Maybe so. I can’t say without any evidence, and despite the unlikely transparency and nearly six years passing, there still isn’t any.


Here’s what I have been able to find, from corporationwiki.com – a site I use frequently for real world  research. The site has always seemed legit to me, occasionally the information slightly conflicts with other sites but generally they have been accurate. They’ve never had a Ministry of Propaganda as far as I can tell.
The directors listed for Decommodification LLC these days are not the same as at the time BMOrg made the announcement that they had completely given it away for free. These days, it’s Crimson Rose (aka Nanci Elliot) and the Burning Man Project CFO.


Screenshot 2016-05-20 01.52.00
Anyway, Alphabet Agencies doesn’t need to buy something like this. Eric Schmidt can keynote at Further Future or any of these doofs in his laser shirt, any time he wants. What they need – to sell this idea to their public company board – is a local government that gives them a thumbs up for their pteradactyl experimental vision.


Now that the local government have told BMOrg (whoever that really is, through all the Nebulous Entities“you guys can do whatever you want and we’ll give you special use permits for unspecified future things and leave you alone”, one wonders how long it may take before the robots are running around.

bone tree burning man

The Skulls and Bones of the Nebulous Entity came from a nearby ranch

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  2. The RGJ article states the work ranch is owned by Black Rock City LLC, we are not of the knowledge of whom owns the other properties. In regards of whom owns their companies, their hiding of the ownership of these companies, most especially in regards of hiding their ownership of Decommodification LLC, is most stunning, my belief is of it is purposed to hide the details of their massive conflicts of interests from donors of cash, stock, art, and labour. Or, perchance, their lawyers stated to them of that might they not be in control of Decommodification LLC, they might argue of there are no massive conflicts of interests in due of Larry, and Marian, are not in control of Decommodification LLC, thusly there are no difficulties in regards of them being in near to total control of the Burning Man Project, whom is to pay numerous millions of dollars of cash, towards Decommodification LLC, for the Burning Man(tm) name, and other IP.

    The change of the zoning permit was most necessary in due of the Borg desired to permit DPW crews, whom were labouring at the work ranch, to live at the work ranch during setup, and teardown, but a neighbour complained, thus the permit was not gained in due of this. My belief is of this was near to 2011 of when this occurred, thus the DPW crews were of the need to live in Gerlach, and travel the near to 20 miles to the ranch each day.

    burnersxxx, might you have viewed the wording upon the zoning permit of the work ranch is near to the same as their desired 100 year Fly Ranch plan- NY Magazine article link in regards of 500 people, an art park, playa colored buildings, and growing food? Might the zoning permit being gained for the work ranch, permit it to be easier to gain the permit for their desired Fly Ranch Project, in due of the permits are most similar, might the Borg convince their rich mates to buy homesteads upon the property, funding it in a most similar manner as control of Bohemian Grove was gained by rich people, in due of rich people funding of the buying of the forest near to Bohemian Grove?

    • 21st century communes! It’s an interesting idea, along the lines of Putin giving away free land in Siberia. Each camp could have a PAZ for up to 500 with a mixture of residential, commercial, and weed-growing/permaculture

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