Radical Copter Reliance

brh sikorsky

black rock helicopters playa chicken

Images: Facebook

Thanks to Tex Allen from Why The Nose for sending this. Nice touch with the headdresses on the Playa Chickens – just to really stick it in, a MOOP and cultural appropriation double whammy. Are they Russian?

Here’s Tex’s take:


I can confirm this is really happening, and not an elaborate troll. I was offered a ride to the Playa from Reno in this very sexy chopper. It is part of Burning Man’s new Burner Express airline.

From the sky to the playa and beyond – the journey is the adventure!
Room for 8 people and 600lbs of cargo
Service from Reno to the event
Service From the event to Reno
Official Charter with Burner Express

Is this why they made Da Vinci the theme? So they could introduce helicopters? Talk about turning Radical Inclusion and Radical Self Reliance on their heads.

black rock helicopter da vinci

Screenshot 2016-08-29 02.57.09

black rock helicopters girl and guyblack rock helicopters interior

black rock helicopters luggageImages: Black Rock Helicopters | Facebook

Personally I would be stoked just to go in the Jetranger. A Sikorsky S-76 costs a cool $9.9 million. That sure is a sweet ride. They can pick you up from Tahoe too, possibly the world’s most beautiful airport. There’s plenty of room for the sparkle ponies to stretch out, they need their rest.brh girl sleeping

Jalopnik has a story on it:

If you thought Burning Man was just a steampunk renaissance fair for filthy hippies, like I did, you too may be surprised to learn that this $10 million helicopter is doing taxi service for (rich) people who want to go to the party…

That S76 truly is a thing of beauty. Active in various forms since the 1980’s, some can cruise at over 150 MPH and top out at a blistering 175+. And you can see from the interior shots in that clip, Black Rock really spread some magic throughout the substantial passenger cabin. No tent is going to be as nice as one of those seats.

Burning man is actually going on right now through September 5th, by the way. And this year’s theme is da Vinci’s Workshop. So actually, riding in with a helicopter might be appropriate after all.

This is what it looks like to fly over Black Rock City in a helicopter:

Before you enter the port-a-potties, scan the sky for Sikorskys…


12 comments on “Radical Copter Reliance

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  3. I wonder if this is what came out of the entitlement gathering they had last year, to get donors for the fly ranch

    “Larry, I like your ideas, and your event, but I need easier access to ferry myself between the playa and business meetings. I’ll donate if you do something about this barbaric transportation system.”

    Although, more likely, the owners of these dedicated charter systems dropped a donation to secure the monopoly on air travel, then conveniently chose to remain anonymous.

    • Great point. The chopper is an ideal way to get to the VIP for a dip in the hot springs

      Makes it easier for the older dudes like Eric Schmidt who can stay in Presidential Suites at the Reno casinos and just come into Flysalen or First Camp for day meetings.

      • I am betting the volume of traffic won’t let them do many VIP discretionary trips. Better make friends with the Sheriff’s family. If you make the right contribution to the Clinton Foundation, I can arrange an introduction.

          • With their actions as of 1997+, I’d think Larry would speak for Trump Camp. Building walls, restrictions to all but the privileged, pseodo-racist remarks, tax dodging, cheap labor, trademark hoarding, etc.

            But, like Clinton, Larry will sell out his principals (if he has any) for the right price

          • I don’t think he is as bad as Clinton, though perhaps he has yet to have the opportunity.

  4. “If you thought Burning Man was just a steampunk renaissance fair for filthy hippies, like I did, you too may be surprised to learn…”

    Sorry, dude, but no permanent settlement on Mars yet. Everyone on this planet (i.e., Hollywood Reporter) knows that Burnt Man is fine-tuned for the rich, but nice setup for people who have been in a coma. Sorta like reading “A Tale of Two Cities” as your London and Paris travel guide – makes taxis and the Eurostar seem like, well… helicopters.

    PS – All helicopter pilots are named “Bud.”

    • Have already done Burning Man. If I am going to get in a helicopter (and not get paid to do it), I am heading to Mt. Everest, but not before I skydive to the North Pole. Much better bucket list bragging rights than taking a copter to BRC. In fact, passing a mile of RV’s on NV447 is a bit of a thrill all by itself. (Yeah, I was that nut in the white minivan.)

  5. If you recall, millionaire camp had a helicopter landing pad on its roof at 3:30 & esplanade last year. Glad to see that someone is carrying the tradition forward.

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