2016 The Scandals: Further Details

We have a number of updates on this year’s scandals.

The biggest one appears to be the Hooligan Attacks on White Ocean during the White Party. This has been picked up by all the usual EDM rags like Market WatchBusiness Insider, New York PostThe Telegraph, the Guardian, the Independent, Russia Today.

It was front and center on the Drudge Report today – the #1 news site in the world.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 7.26.36 AM

Of course, all these highly paid professional media outlets are just re-hashing the same story by the Reno Gazette Journal’s Burning Man beat reporter Jenny Kane. You could read 200 of them, and not get any different information or context.

Fortunately Burners.Me is here for free to fill you in with further details.

A Burner returning from the Playa informed us that the camp structure that collapsed was part of The Lost Hotel. They were notorious for their involvement building the Mega-Bucks Board Director camp Caravancicle, home of sherpa whistleblower Beth Lillie.

2014 lost hotel courtyard

The Lost Hotel courtyard, 2014

Photo: Lost Hotel/Facebook

2014. Lost Hotel is in the middle; Caravancicle’s camp is to the right. Both use canvas cube hotel rooms from a company reportedly financed by JT    Photo: Lost Hotel/Facebook

This is one hell of a coincidence. Two major incidents at Burning Man in two days – and they both relate to the two most notorious plug-n-play camps? Meanwhile, class war instigator Danger Ranger’s latest thing is high-profile homelessness

Who benefits from these two attacks? They seem to promote “traditional values of Burning Man” (ie. romanticized reminiscing of the Cacophony Society), at the expense of the BMorg 2.0 Flysalen vision of “advance your career with acid and networking”. The vandals don’t respect the “newer” Burning Man values like the Ten Principles – in particular, Leave No Trace, Civic Responsibility, and Radical Inclusion.

It seems like whoever did these attacks approached the job like a military operation. To pull this off without getting caught required detailed knowledge of the camp layout and movements. Some have said “that shows it must be an inside job”, because who but someone camping there would know this? This assumes that sparkle ponies flying in on private jets and paying $10k+ for hotel rooms get involved in the nitty-gritty of camp logistics. Most people staying in Fancy Camps at Burning Man would have no idea which lines are the main generator lines, which tanks are the fresh water, which trailers are the food storage, or how to obtain and operate glue guns. Each camp must provide a great deal of this type of information to the BMorg placement team, including number of people in camp, art cars, and diagrams of the camp layout.

The sabotage (or remarkably coincidental accident?) of the Lost Hotel seems to have dangerously backfired. Six people were injured, one so badly they had to be airlifted out – the media are not saying “to Reno”, which suggests the injuries were extremely severe and a specialist was required.

Should we kill people over the Ten Principles now that Decommodification is an LLC?  Is that how Burning Man makes the world a better place? Perhaps this is why the Satanists wanted a Jonestown segment when they launched their theme camp idea in 1996.

Plug-n-play has got out of control in recent years, ever since BMorg made a movie complaining about it called Spark. They moved almost immediately from throwing Playa)'(Skool under the bus for having RVs in their camp to promoting bus tour packages and concierge culture. We’ve seen the escalation of executive luxury from Chip Conley’s catered celebration camp to Billionaire’s Row with wristband-only cocktail bars and $54,000 a “head” swinger camps. Burning Man’s own airline now offers a VIP helicopter taxi service. Even the cops are cashing in, with BLM-branded art installations, multi-million dollar air-conditioned compounds and helicopter joyrides for their families to lavish dinners. We’ve had a War on EDM which saw long-time participants given the cold shoulder and resulted in the creation of a DMZ. And all of this is happening while Reno becomes the latest tax haven for oligarchs fleeing the Panama Papers scandal.

2016 police bull

No Chocotacos? Then we demand Art!

A little bird told me the reason why the cops love ChocoTacos so much.

It seems that a few years ago they came up with quite a successful undercover sting. Someone would roll into camp with an ice cream cart full of treats. They would hand them out to everyone who wanted one. The natural response from many Burner camps would be “thanks, can I offer you something?” The phony ice creamer would then ask for drugs (the scam would also work if the narc was under 21 and wanted an alcoholic beverage). The ice creamer would then leave the camp, which (if they were generous enough to gift something to the Burner) would mysteriously be raided by rangers and dogs a few minutes later.

Given that last year there were more than 600 citations which start at $525 each, it sounds like the Chocotacos are a solid investment for the people of Pershing County, even if they have to buy their own instead of getting them comped by Burners. We heard this year that the police could not provide adequate personnel to an active shooter situation elsewhere in Pershing, because everyone was too busy ogling titties writing cannabis citations at Burning Man.

We have had a comment from the Onceler about last year’s near-fatal medical situation, which sounds reasonably informed:


The actors: Monique Rose (Paramedic HGH, Winnemucca, Deputy Pershing County Sheriff, Pershing County), Pat Songer (EMS Manager, HGH Winnemucca), Jim Parrish (CEO HGH, Winnemucca), Pershing County Sheriff’s Dept., Dr. Charles Stringham (Medical Director HGH, Winnemucca)

Incident: Deputy Monique Rose is trained as a paramedic and employed by Humboldt General Hospital, Winnemucca, NV who was deputized by Pershing County Sheriff’s Dept. supposedly dual role capacity at Burning Man 2015. Deputy Rose administered a lethal dose of Ketamine to a 110 lb. intoxicated female who was resisting arrest. The woman in custody went into respiratory failure twice and had to be resuscitated twice by medical personnel on scene and at the hospital. Luckily the patient lived.

Questions: First, Ketamine is not indicated in any form to subdue a noncompliant individual. Second, what was the determined does and route of administration? Did the individual have an IV in place? Third, where was Pat Songer (Supervisor) when this event occurred? Next, where did Deputy Rose get the Ketamine from, was she carrying her own narcotics working as a Deputy? Lastly, under which physician’s license was Deputy Rose operating under?

If Deputy Rose was operating under Dr. Charles Stringham (Medical Director of HGH, Winnemucca) than Dr. Stringham’s license should be reviewed to see if he allowed Deputy Rose to administer a drug, which has no indications for the event. Pat Songer also needs to accept accountability and responsibility for a paramedic who works under him who acted reckless, is dangerous, and almost killed a Burning Man participant. Finally, Jim Parrish CEO of Humboldt General Hospital, Winnemucca needs to answer for the actions of Dr. Stringham, Pat Songer, and Deputy Monique Rose as to how what if any corrective, administrative, or loss of employment occurred.

It is clear Deputy Rose actions were reckless and criminal in nature and should never be allowed to practice medicine again. If she is still employed by Humboldt General Hospital in Winnemucca, NV than Pat Songer, Dr.Charles Stringham, and Jim Parrish are shielding her. Furthermore, she should never be allowed to function in any medical or civil capacity at a Burning Man event ever again.

In closing, Humboldt General Hospital, Winnemucca, NV used to have the contract for medical services at Burning Man and lost the contract two years ago to CrowdRx. Perhaps the powers at be were aware of the reckless, dangerous, arrogant actions of the paramedics who work under his leadership and wanted to avoid any such events…. Too bad Burning Man participants didn’t.

Wait a minute…“lost the contract two years ago to CrowdRX”. That’s my information too. So why isn’t this 2015 incident CrowdRX’s responsibility? What was anybody from Humboldt General doing there in 2015, after BMOrg publicly ditched them months before? Why does CrowdRX take over, somebody nearly dies, and immediately it’s the fault of the people no longer involved?

I don’t really get why Onceler wants to hate on all Burning Man participants for the incompetence of medical personnel. But, I do understand why many of the locals harbor resentment to Burning Man for all the trash they get dumped with – so maybe it’s related to that – “all Burners are bad because of this one Burner”. Or, perhaps this person has a hidden agenda…you’ll notice that in the list of “the actors” in their tale, nobody from CrowdRX or BMOrg is involved in any way. So where the hell were they, when their rivals are running around the festival injecting ketamine into disgruntled Burners?

Anyone needs a lawyer as a result of their Transformative Experience, call Lawyers For Burners.

It didn’t take long for video of The Man burning to be uploaded to YouTube. The big “O” ring surrounding The Man stayed intact right to the end, then fell as one piece into the flames (25:42).

Finally, we have some info on White Ocean and tantalizing nuggets of further stories from Anonymous Burner. Anybody hear about any of these?

These folks hire a different camp producer every year and stiff everyone that works for them.

Given the sabotage that happened to the camp, it has all the fingerprints of someone who knows camp infrastructure.

Putting rotten meat in the A/C units, bullion cubes in the water tanks they didn’t drain, cutting generator cables without frying, glue for door locks.

This wasn’t a spontaneous vandal attack or class warfare. IMHO, they stiffed the wrong individuals, someone who knows how to mess a camp up.

I wasn’t going this year but a generous friend gifted me a ticket and a seat on a plane for a 48 hour rock star tour that started yesterday at noon.

Still gathering the unpublished stories on this year’s event. Why did the chef for first camp leave early? She bailed, and she has done this for years

DMV shenanigans, why the Man didn’t spin, what was up with that small head and skinny arms? He looked like he was born with the Zika virus

30 comments on “2016 The Scandals: Further Details

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  2. Would be nice to see a list of the Borg-planned things that did not happen, for example:

    1. Did the Turning Man actually turn? Were there selected people with the honor of working the rig?

    2. How did the piazza work out? Were these privileged stalls filled? Were they interesting?

    Anything else?

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  4. Whats true and whats not…
    There were no cables cut
    yes super glue in key holes
    yes chicken and beef cubes in rv resivoir
    yes dye in rv water too
    Dish soap added to shower water cubes
    Yes water dumped
    yes olive oil in the bathroom floors
    no personal items were stolen
    yes lug nuts off their art car were taken
    Not connectedto the hotel cube collapse

    The four people that were targeted were Timur, Oliver,Eduardo, Kfir…. these rich seperatists think they are above the burning man ways.. they think they can stronge arm people with threats of violence from their connections to the russian mafia and or throw lawyers with lawsuits at you to force you to do what they want…. they hire mexican workers to do all the camp setup and breakdown for burning man and their other events(further future)… if they cant demand their way then they bribe it… why do you think they were even allowed back after the last few years…all they allow at their dinners are the rich and famous and they dont even bring food or water for the mexican workers they hired… them and their friends drug women and try to take advantage of them, and btw their drug mule is Alex Song… they only put Paul okenfolds name on the camp so the bm community would “feel it”…. because what burner could really relate to a billionaire russian gangsters son? With all of the people tgey have fucked over and threatened over the 4 years they have been a compound at burning man they deserved some payback… This is just the beginning, every year they return people will mess with them and their camp… This should happen to all the elitest groups on and off the playa…
    These rich entiteled bastards dont deserve to treat the playa like their own personal parties…. it is the communties…
    This was done by 4 highly trained individuals who are spread out in the burning man community around the world listening to how the other elitest groups are treating their fellow burners… take your community back, stand up against these kinds of snobby bastards ruining burning man…

  5. Until i read an independent report, I’m not convinced the vandalism happened at all. The story got worldwide press based on a single Facebook posting – oh, look what they dun to us!! Now White Ocean is the most famous camp on the playa, 2016 – promoting their soft marketing campaigns.

  6. -“Some have said “that shows it must be an inside job”, because who but someone camping there would know this? This assumes that sparkle ponies flying in on private jets and paying $10k+ for hotel rooms get involved in the nitty-gritty of camp logistics. Most people staying in Fancy Camps at Burning Man would have no idea which lines are the main generator lines, which tanks are the fresh water, which trailers are the food storage, or how to obtain and operate glue guns.”-

    Being a person who said, “How is this not an “inside job” one way or another, possibly in motivation and planning by sherpas, and clearly people who knew the camp one way or another;” what you wrote makes no sense, unless you have a strange definition of “inside.” I was referring to camp workers, as suggested in the rest of your post. What motivation would a sparkle pony have to do this?

        • There are many groups that the perpetrator could be inside. Better to speculate on the groups, than the definition of “inside”.

          I see potentially:

          – DPW, hating on the camp, too much MOOP
          – BMOrg, hating on the camp, didn’t suck up enough
          – sherpas at the camp, slave rebellion
          – sparkle pony at the camp, hell hath no fury situation
          – poor Burners, hating on the rich
          – Burnier-Than-Thous, violating the Principles in the name of the Principles
          – rival camp, eg Special Forces in another big sound crew
          – Merry Pranksters, thinking they are being ironic and amusing
          – drug deal gone wrong, somebody got ripped off or didn’t pay up

          Obviously “anything is possible”, but these seem the most likely general scenarios. The same camp got almost the same attack last year, that probably rules a few of these out.

          • So you agree it’s not limited to sparkle ponies.

            “Burnier-Than-Thous, violating the Principles in the name of the Principles”

            By example, the Borg does that all the time. If in doubt, use Radical Inclusion!, as in: “We must Radically Include rich people AND their haters, as well as those who ignore the Principles.” And by Immediacy: “And we must include them NOW!;” and, “Oh look at the pretty little sparkly thing!!”

    • BTW, for you hooligans in training, here are some facts:

      1. It’s hard to get shocked if you cut the these 120v wires with wire cutters as long as they are insulated (and I have never seen a set of wire cutters that were not insulated). Do not use a knife.

      2. Water flows downhill. Gray and black water (sewage) will generally be at or near grade (that’s “the ground”). Potable or other relatively clear water will be higher, usually higher than any faucet or other point of use. So, any readily accessed tanks that don’t smell like fuel will be water. And this is the tricky part: it will flow downhill, toward grade (remember, that’s “the ground”), even if you don’t believe in gravitrons. If you open all the valves between the tank and you, the water will come out.

      Let me know if you have any questions. (Sorry, I don’t do glue guns, but the ones I have seen need to be plugged in, so cut the wires AFTER you use any electric glue guns.)

      And be sure to bring the sushi to gift at Center Camp!

      • Also, if they’re going to glue things shut they should bring handy-wipes to clean the dust off both surfaces. This will require several cleanings, and at least a few hours for the glue to set.

      • You don’t run a camp like White Ocean off of 120v wires. We’re talking about power cables as thick as a baseball bat that would fry your ass. You also can not glue trailer doors very efficiently shut without opening them. This story reeks of bullshit. Even small camps rarely is every single person at camp away long enough to do this sort of damage they are claiming. Not a single image, no followup post from White Ocean and no one from the camp has come forward to confirm it even happend. So its world wide news yet not single person involved on either side has said a word.

          • You don’t run 120v at 50a on one cable. You can but it is not how large generator systems are setup. You can also not cut 50a cable with regular wire cutters if it is true outdoor quality cable used for generators, not in wall wiring. Remember these are most likely long runs to supply the camp from 1 main generator, making the wire gauge needed even thicker. Standard fashion would be for spider boxes to be dropped around camp with 20a 120v cables running to small appliances and larger drops to RV’s and refrigeration as needed. We are also assuming that all these lines were cut while “live” since these guys were running fridges and AC’s.

          • Four points:

            1. “You don’t run 120v at 50a on one cable….Standard fashion would be for spider boxes to be dropped around camp with 20a 120v cables running to small appliances and larger drops to RV’s and refrigeration as needed.” So you have 120v/20A wires to cut, with regular wire cutters. QED

            2. “We are also assuming that all these lines were cut while “live” since these guys were running fridges and AC’s.” A potato in the genset exhaust, or pulling an emergency cut-out, handles that.

            3. I thought you had more information than the FB post, but that is apprently not the case, so you cannot answer my questions, only offer speculation like mine. Therefore, we don’t know that any of these “sliced” (not “cut?”) wires were more than 20A.

            4. My post was mostly a joke, like many that I make. Sorry, but I don’t take any of this seriously because I no longer go there. My theme camp can be found at other burns.

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