Can Millenial Progressive Elites Spark Utopian Socialist Change?

How does Burning Man change the world? How does this centrally managed counter-culture exist in a world where politics shouldn’t be spoken of, in a 30 minute speech about politics?

The comments are classic (reproduced below). Is he dressed as a faun? Is that a remote control or a pan flute?

Like most of these Millenial Burner TED talks, it is almost entirely about himself with very little about the stated topic.

He boastfully shares that he lied on his resume to get a job in Washington DC (remember, there is nothing in the Ten Principles of Burning Man about honesty, integrity, ethics, morality, or kindness). He doesn’t even care that the organization found out about his lies, it was worse when his friends found out.

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Ronan’s husband, “Rainbow”

He went to Hogwarts for environmentalists. He quotes a report from British think tank the New Economics Foundation, which suggests days should have 21 hours instead of 24. Because the main problem most of us have is too much free time.

He was studying a Masters of Public Policy at the Blavatnik School of Government at Oxford University. This is where former Clinton Foundation CEO Eric Bravermannamed as the DNC Leaker by Chief of Staff John Pedosta, and now working for Pentagon adviser Eric Schmidt – who was ambushed at Oxford last week by George Webb’s truth-sourcing spidey sidekick Jason Goodman. We’ve also explored some of the recent connections between Burning Man and Oxford University over the fluid gender-reaffirming census, funded by the CIA-spawned Templeton Foundation.

Although Ronan begins his talk by saying “this talk is not political”,  by the end of it he is predictably pushing Progressive Politics and “reimagining masculinity”.

The basic gist of the argument is that going to Burning Man and having a transformational episode is the thing that will fix politics by helping people experience their own power. “Personal growth in the future will be the lode star of progress” – I wonder how many holocracy meetings were necessary to Groupthink that?

I guess fake news and political corruption don’t matter if you can just Tune In (to the propaganda), Turn On (by taking drugs), and Drop Out (from meaningful political discourse). Want to transform politics? Focus entirely on yourself, go to raves and party up, have sex with any of the 75 genders you like, merge Google into your brain and get a Robot Heart…it’s all good, do what thou wilt! Just make sure that under no circumstances do you ever read WikiLeaks or Judicial Watch or research #Pedogate.

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  2. To answer the question in the title: Over my dead body.

    Of course they would say that people have too much time on their hands. These “enlightened” fools are getting their shit pushed in on social media.

  3. After 10 years on the playa, I still don’t know what this ‘thing’ is that they’re trying to export to change the world. Dressing up and handing out necklaces to people you like? Is it about making friends with strangers? There’s already a thing like that in the default world – it’s called, making friends with strangers.

    Or is it the free labor business model? Convincing people that giving their time, effort and money to some highly profitable organization makes them more spiritual. In the default world it’s called, religion.

    • I am sure that if they had not already morphed into tax-exempt status, they would have gone the formal religion route. Same difference now.

  4. This guy seems to think that the system (choose your ism) was created organically when there’s a bevy of evidence to show that it has been engineered by force.

    While I accept a loose definition of utopia BM doesn’t come close to meeting that ideal. The ticket process is rigged. The tickets are too expensive for a significant portion of the population. The trash on the side of the road when you leave is massive and has the appearance of a makeshift dump. There is an increasing number of law enforcement who uses entrapment techniques to haul people off to jail (I know from experience). One has to spend a lot of money in order to have a one week vacation from commodification. It only lasts a week because it’s not sustainable long term. Not a utopia.

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