How Much Do Burning Man Execs Get Paid?

For at least the Top 14 employees, year-round salaries are well into 6 figures. CEO Marian Goodell tops the list with an overall package of $267,839 per year – $22,320 per month. This is about average for an Arts-related charity with a $40 million annual budget.

From the recently released 2016 financial report:

Screenshot 2018-01-18 17.46.39

See our complete financial coverage here.


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  1. UPDATE: In the manner stated, below, the five BMOrg members, and Larrys estate, sold their valuable Burning Man trademarks to the Burning Man Project, and were paid for their value, but continue to hide the details of the payments. This is reported within Burning Man 2017 Financial Analysis, Decommodification, and Flysalen.

    Might any reporters desire to report upon these matters, most especially, in comparison to the little amount paid towards the costs of the awesome artists, or paid towards DPW workers on the playa for weeks, the proper manner to gain the information, upon the payments, is to walk into the BMOrg headquarters purposed to view the BMP board minutes, in the manner stated within the BMP Bylaws. Other queries to present towards them include of were there, perchance, other payments for the purchase of the Burning Man trademarks not on the BMP ledger, perchance, direct from the TicketFly ticket sales, or from others, might the BMP founders be permitted to utilize the Burning Man event, and trademarks, in other manners, perchance, in films, and might part of the payment, for the trademarks, be a buy in towards Fly Ranch joint ventures? I do not know the answer of these queries.

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  3. Cost of living in San Francisco is the second highest in the nation (New York city is highest) The average home costs $737,000 in San Francisco. It is $209,000 in the rest of the country. An average 2 bedroom apartment is $4,500 a month. That means Marian’s salary is equivalent to $75k in the rest of the country. That’s about equal with the average salary for someone with a master’s degree. And she’s the highest paid. And it is anything but a part time job.

    • “That means Marian’s salary is equivalent to $75k in the rest of the country.”

      No, but nice try. The median salary for a masters degree in SF is $101,805.*
      More or less the same for a company with those annual sales.


    • It is a part-time job is you don’t count the unproductive Borg drama and acting out the NPD control issues.

  4. >…pay the DMV workers in a fair manner, or pay the costs of the artists in a fair manner?

    If people are willing to work for less than what they think is fair, then what they’re paid is fair. They can walk away if they feel they’re being exploited too much, and almost everyone does eventually. Other people are lined up, and can’t wait to climb one more rung on the ladder. This is BMorg’s model of doing business, and an essential part of their grand plan to change the world – get em to do it for free.

    Much more than money, these people are paid in spiritual bucks, social change bucks, cool bucks and a variety of other bucks that can’t be deposited in a bank. It’s a drug.

    This was all sad 10 or 20 years ago, but now it’s fucking funny. I’d like to see how far they can push these ‘grunts’ (BMorg’s word, not mine) into self-sacrafice. What are people willing to trade for the ghostly, intangible benefits that BMorg offers? An actual human sacrifice would be very interesting and amusing.

    • Their Kool Aid, at present, is defining of the meaning of fair in a most trickle down, or trickled upon, manner, in the place of what most Burners are of the belief is the meaning of fair. The Art Budget Shenanigans article describes of what many playa artists, DPW workers, and donors are of the belief in regards of the trickle down, or trickled upon, meaning of fair by the Borg.

  5. I penned this comment priorly onto the 2016 Financial Analysis article, in due of, by their own words and numbers, Larry, Marian, and their four mates, are taking much more cash towards their pockets than solely the salary stated within this article.

    burnersxxx, and others, I do not know of the answer of this query, but, might the information upon the second cashout of Larry, Marian, and their four mates, by their prior statements, near to the end of 2018, or perchance, within 2017, be available in near to a week?

    Near to the end of 2015 January the Reno Gazette Journal queried the org in regards to the financials of 2013 and 2014, and Megan Miller replied to their query of that the BMP was within an outside audit, at that time, and of the audit was for the prior two years in due of the outside audit was not required within each year, thusly, she was not of the ability to answer their query. The audit was completed, and the BMOrg signed the audit, near to the end of the first week of February, but the Reno Gazette Journal did not follow up upon their query as to gain an answer.

    The picture of the BMP annual report, above, within this post states, ‘Please Note: The data included here in our 2016 Annual Report is our most recent fully audited data, which is from 2015. We encourage readers to return to our website in the fall, when we will publish financial information for the 2016 fiscal year.’ In due of the outside audit occurs each two years near to the end of January, might the BMP be within an outside audit of 2016, and of 2017, at the present time, and might the audit be signed by the BMP within the next week?

    The bylaws of the Burning Man Project state of any person is of the ability to visit the Burning Man headquarters, within the usual business hours, purposed to view, and copy, the minutes of the BMP board, and of the minutes are required to include of many items in addendum of discussion, and votes, of the BMP board. A prior commenter, prior of his assimilation of the Official Unofficial Burning Man Group for the Borg, stated of the BMP ledger was of the ability to be viewed at the Burning Man headquarters, in due of California law in regards of 501(c)3 nonprofit corporations. I do not know of if might this be true, or might the audited ledger be an item included within the BMP board minutes.

    Might the estimated payout towards the Decommodification LLC of Larry, Marian, and their four mates, for the trademark of the Burning Man name, other trademarks, and other IP of the history of Burning Man, be included in the manner of a liability stated upon the BMP ledger balance sheet, in due of the BMP must obey proper US accounting standards? Might other items in regards to their cashout be included within the BMP board minutes? All payments of bigger than $500,000 are required to be included within the BMP board minutes.

    I do not know of the answer of these queries, but, might Jessica R., and the DPW workers desiring to gain fair treatment from the BMP,, or any reporter, or any Burner, desire to gain this information purposed to pen this story for the Burning Man community? Guest posts are most welcome on

  6. With all that expensive brain power, why can they not solve the most obvious problem: the bottleneck at the entry gate?? 6-hours wait to enter a venue is NOT ACCEPTABLE! Open more gates, hire more personnel, DO SOMETHING1

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