Christian Group Infiltrates Burning Man to Learn Transhumanist Secrets

Christian channel SkyWatch TV had an undercover team at Burning Man this year. Quite an interesting discussion of ideas related to the I, Robot theme – fast forward through the infomercial in the middle. We look forward to hearing their report. Did they have a transformational experience?

4 comments on “Christian Group Infiltrates Burning Man to Learn Transhumanist Secrets

  1. Lets get Leviathon, Belphegor, Mammon, Satan, Lucifer, Asmodeus, and that other catfish whom I forget to go to Burning Man 2019, and hopefully they will burn themselves up, along with their pro- LGBT+, pro-BDSM, pro-pedophilia, and other assorted anti-human behavior. Cheers.

      • I’m sure they’re pleased with themselves. That said, I love the idea of practicing Christians going to Burning Man. I’m a practicing Catholic, always thought a full-blown mass on the playa would be amazing. Like, not an ironic one. After all, Catholics wrote the book on over the top rituals.

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