4 comments on “Is That All There Is to Burning Man?

  1. I wonder what would happen if BMorg didn’t get their permit and had to take a year off… would people still show up? It seems there would be a lot more to BM if that happened.

    • I imagine they would. The site of the Glastonbury Festival in England is held every year on the largest organic milk farm in Great Britain. Every fourth year the concert is put off in order to allow the grazing fields go fallow in order to recover and restore its fertility. It’s been going since 1970 is among one of the largest music festivals in all of Europe. But it’s also a fucking mess. i think the unofficial motto is “Leave a Trace!”

      I’m sure that the suggestion has been put before the ORG more than once over the years. I also suspect it has been suggested by Nevada state and county officials that see the impact of the event.

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