2017 Black Rock City Official Numbers (via BLM)

We received this heavily redacted document from a trusted source today

Official tickets sold: 76,580

Official ticket revenue: $41,825,941

BLM fee: $1,254,778

Paid Participants: 69,596

Peak Population: 79,638

Staff/Workers/Volunteers: 10,042


We are waiting for the official IRS Form 990 for 2017, which will reveal more financial details.

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  1. And, what might be the rationale of the BMOrg desiring to oversell the 70,000 paid participant BRC limit, and selling numerous $990, and $1,200, VIP tickets, within the manner stated below, gaining numerous millions of dollars of cash? Might it be in due, of the manner Larry stated, in the big meeting in San Francisco on 1 April 2011, in regards of the plan to convert Burning Man to a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation?

    ‘In May, he said the LLC will file papers to create the nonprofit, which will initially be run by the current board members and at least seven more directors selected by that board. In about three years, depending on how the new nonprofit forms up, the LLC will turn over management of Burning Man, while holding onto control of the logos and trademarks for another three years after that, Harvey said. And that’s when the six board members will officially cash out.’

    In due of their prior statements, the second part of their massive cashout, of the Burning Man Project buying the valuable Burning Man ™ trademarks, from their for profit Decommodification LLC, occurs NOW. My belief is this payment has been voted upon by the BMP Board, and is upon the Burning Man Project Board minutes, of which, any reporter, or person, is of the ability to walk into the Project headquarters, within usual business hours, purposed to view, and copy, the minutes, in the manner stated within the Burning Man Project bylaws. Or, might something unexpected occurred in regards of this? Guest posts are most welcome on Burners.me.

  2. Kudos to the source of this information. In despite of the details of the numbers of the tickets sold at each price are hidden, of which, the BLM should have stated, it is easy peasy to do the maths. In due of your awesome Tickets 2017post burnersxxx, The BMOrg stated

    Pre-Sale 5,000 $990
    Low Income 4,000 $190
    VIP 500, or 5,500, depending upon a comma, $1,200
    DGS 26,000 $425
    Extra DGS 2,500 no price stated
    Main Sale 30,000 $425
    OMG 2,000 $425

    Total tickets sold of 70,000, or 75,000.

    In actuality the tickets sold was 76,580. Might 1,200 of the 2,500 extra DGS was $425, and 1,300 of the extra DGS was $1,200, and the extra 1,580 tickets was $1,200, the maths explain the tickets sold. The BLM chart is solely of tickets, it is not of vehicle passes, and the handling levies are not taxed by the BLM contract, thusly

    Pre-Sale 5,000 $990 = $4,950,000
    Low Income 4,000 $190 = $760,000
    VIP 5,500 $1,200 = $6,600,000
    DGS 26,000 $425 = $11,050,000
    Extra DGS 1,200 $425 = $510,000
    Extra DGS 1,300 $1,200 = $1,560,000
    Main Sale 30,000 $425 = $12,750,000
    OMG Sale 2,000 $425 = $850,000
    Extra tickets 1,580 $1,200 = 2,780,000

    Total tickets 76,580 $41,810,000

    Thusly, the playa population cap was oversold by 6,580 tickets, and near to 13,380 tickets were sold for $990, or $1,200. The 13,380 of the $990, or $1,200 tickets gained the BMOrg $15,890, near to 37 per cent of the tickets revenue. The BMOrg, and their social media team, priorly attempted to gaslight Burners to be of the belief of solely 70,000 tickets were sold, of which, soley 5,500 were $990, or $1,200 tickets.

    • A correction, the 13,380 of the $990, or $1,200 tickets gained the BMOrg $15,890,000, near to 37 per cent of the tickets revenue. This explains the rationale of the BMOrg desiring the Plug and Play camps, in addendum of the levies, paid to the BMOrg, of their near to one hundred vendors. Might Burners desire to go to the playa, paying $990, or $1,200 promises them a ticket.

      Might the BMOrg desire to dispute this, they are most welcome to state their numbers.

    • A comment was penned in regards of the free kids tickets. The kids tickets were not included within the 76,580 tickets in due of the 2017 BRC Permit stipulations stated,

      37. BRC shall provide BLM with an itemized gross revenue report for all tickets sales and event entry sales. The report will include the number of tickets sold in each category and the price per ticket for the following categories as listed in the BRC “2017 Ticket Structure”:

      OMG SALE

      The 2018 BRC Permit stipulations stated of the kids tickets will be included within the itemized gross revenue report.

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