A New Low For Logos [UPDATES]

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Jan Irvin is becoming increasingly unhinged. See:

Debunking Jan Irvin

Debunking Jan Irvin Part 2

His latest behavior is a new low, even for him.

He is now reporting his critics to the FBI. For some reason he has enough influence with this government agency that they are actually going to peoples’ homes to question them for criticizing Jan and to intimidate them into stopping.

Fortunately the person in question has a Ring doorbell which records video, so he was able to capture the whole interaction. The video and sound quality is less than ideal, but you get the gist:

Jan accuses everyone else of being a government agent, but this is a clear sign that he is at best an FBI informant, and at worst an active part of their modern-day COINTELPRO operations.

The person swatted says:

He was obviously playing the christian card. Those FBI people said that he told them that he runs a christian podcast show. I told them he only recently started to claim to be a christian. That when I first met him he claimed Jesus was a mushroom and never actually existed. Pretty sure I know exactly when Jan called them. Because Jan told me he was going to call them. It was when he was filling multiple copyright claims on my channel. I emailed Jan trying to get him to stop filling copyright claims on me. He said he won’t stop. I called him a little bitch that dishes it out by attacking others constantly, but cries like a bitch when people give him a taste of his own medicine. When he did get the channel taken down I told him you just guaranteed that I will now make more videos on you. And that’s when he said he’s calling the FBI on me. I said go ahead. Not thinking he actually would. What I did not tell the FBI and I wish I would have remembered, was that Jan accuses other people of being me. But lately he’s been accusing people that disagree with him of being Steve (Zos). What the whole thing reminded me of is how whoever calls the cops first is the side the cops tend to take. Clearly the FBI did not even google Jan Irvin. They new nothing about him except for what he told them. Had they just googled his name, I bet they would have never bothered me.

[UPDATE 5/12/19]

The victim of Jan’s FBI swatting cyber-attack has spoken out, under his more commonly known alias:

These days Jan insists that anyone who questions him is a “crypto-Islamic Neo-Nazi”. This is ridiculous prima facie, because neo-Nazis are associated with racism and white supremacy, not praying to Mohammed.

Jan now claims that the government story of 9/11 is true, and that Islam is to blame for the collapse of the three towers – not the neocons and “dancing Israelis”.

Jan Irvin has appeared on Alex Jones’ InfoWars 3 times this year. On his most recent appearance he called out “GDL”, the Goyim Defense League, saying that they call for violence against gays. Like most of these claims, Jan provides no citation for it.

Since I published my Debunking posts and video, many truthers have now moved to publicly distance themselves from Jan. Jesse Spots severed all ties:

Former collaborator Matthew North said Jesse summed up his opinion too:

On May 17th Matthew North did a video explaining his thoughts on Jan.

Adam Green called him a “turncoat”, “deceptive”, and “fraudulent”:

Not content with publicly humiliating his wife – then asking the audience to send him superchats because “I need a steak dinner after this” – Jan has threatened her with legal action in an attempt to steal research she began before she ever met him.

On his most recent show he doxxed Handsome Truth from the GDL:

Doxxing and calling in copyright strikes to censor critics is colloquially known as “Gay Ops” in the truther community. Jan tried it with me:

Unfortunately for Jan, when I began collaborating with him I asked him to sign a contract giving me the right to use any content I created with him. Clearly he is not a man of his word, and lacks the integrity to honor contracts he has signed. I challenged the strike and it was removed.

Others were not so lucky. Albert Bishai was banned from live streaming because of a copyright strike from Jan, for playing a video from the Activist News channel that included a clip of Jan:

Jan’s recent shows promoting the Talmud and Islamophobia have been very poorly received by his audience, judging by the Like:Dislike ratio.

Jan claims that the many dislikes are from “shills”, in his mind it is not possible that any genuine person could dislike his content. Even if that were true, it does not explain why there are so few Likes from videos with thousands of views on a channel with 66,000 subscribers. He was doing much better a couple of years ago with my content:

His shows with his (third) ex-wife Holly were also well received:

Jan Irvin insists that he is an advocate for free speech, yet deletes comments, blocks anyone who questions him, files copyright strikes, and snitches to the FBI. All these actions are the complete opposite of what he professes to stand for. If you live in Logos you can defend your ideas with evidence and logic – there is no need to attack the messenger and silence dissent.

What will be next for Jan? More FBI raids on anyone who questions his increasingly erratic claims? Surely Alex Jones cannot condone frequent guests on his show acting in this manner.

[Update May 20 2019]

10 comments on “A New Low For Logos [UPDATES]

  1. Frost has mentioned that the main wife of Mohammed came from Europe, sent to Arabia by the Roman Catholic or the Orthodox Catholics, not certain which, people always go about how Mohammed had hundreds of wives and a lot of them were 9-10 and him 30 or such, but his top “b” was the white woman who was older than Mohammed himself who was the one who helped him write the Koran, now how or if they knew that Mohammed spoke with Archangel Uriel or Michael or Gabriel, I forget which, supposedly after meditating for 3 days in a cave when he was young slave that had escaped…I mean, sure, I looked into this 3 years back when I first heard of it and I’m not a 100% convinced, how could they have known over in Rome or in the Orthodox Catholic countries that there was this increasingly strong warlord in Arabia who was talking about the Old Testament and making his own thing from it, or such.

    If so, damnit, we could have these people still worshipping the moon, but I guess they’d get the same kind of genocide in certain areas because its never been about religion, purely, it’s all about the $ you can suck out of an area, and sometimes an area is more profitable when unstable and in multi-country civil war…

  2. I have inadvertently been following this Jan drama for awhile now (simply as a by-product of being a happy follower of CryptoBeast) and honestly, I couldn’t care less about that dip-shit Jan. The only interest I had at all was related to the Burning Man research, which I believe was Steve’s work. The peak of this drama for me was seeing him emotionally abuse his wife on YouTube -that was super cringy and was enough for me to see what his character was (or lack thereof) 🙁

    That said, I find it fascinating that he was able to get the FBI to show up at that guys doorstep. Why the fuck would the FBI give a shit about a complaint filed by some whiny YouTuber?@! -that part doesn’t make sense to me and makes me wonder what else was really happening behind the scenes…

    • It’s remarkable – and from the source’s comments, they had no idea who he was or what the issue was. Seems like they just got orders from above.

  3. Hey Steve, where’s Hans Utter in all this? He did a lot of stuff about the rise of FM radio and the rock music revolution with JU. It was a good start but didn’t take off… it should have been the intro to your Burning Man stuff, bridging the gap between the Sixties and the Eighties, when BM began.

    There must have been coordination somewhere and even now some evidence of that …

    Wasting your valuable time on JU he’s just fallen by the wayside, like many others

    • I’ve always liked Hans, but have received no reply to any of my communications with him in the last couple of years. I suspect he is still buying Jan’s bullshit.

      His series with Jan Music, Mind Control and Psychobiology was excellent.

      • I think its pretty speculative for you to assume Hans is buying his BS, he just has a life and career outside this stuff and doesn’t seem interested in the podcast drama. Just spoke to him the other day. You should look into his research on the Greatful Dead. I asked him if he saw your recent podcast on the Dead and he was completely unaware that you’ve been looking into that history or that you reached out to him.

  4. Intellectual poverty on the verge of bankruptcy.. Jan has gone totally apeshit and lost his marbles. Just to point out some facts though, there are a number or Nazi Islam connections that are actually mind blowing. Hitler respected Islam and a quick search will offer some mainstream dialog on the subject. That said, I am not at all on board with his Islamic rants and hate on any level. As you know, David Livingstone (wink wink) is one of the kindest, fairest, and patient people who work in the shadow history realm and a big part of that comes from his faith I believe. There are heretics in the main religions through out modern history. He keeps bringing up the Baphomet Mohammed connection and the question becomes when were those ideas put in print. The furthest back I can find is in the 19th century when heretics were filling up the main religions. The rapture wasn’t a part of the Christian theme until a dude named Darby and the dispensationalists started preaching their revelation in the 1800’s. Jan is a pathetic researcher, even the things he credits himself with exposing were exposed before he took his first dose of suggestiogen. First he embraced Mormons, now disgraces Muslims… what’s next? Also, its very curious that as he implodes with his past alliances in the “truth”, “conspiracy” world he is getting a platform with AJ to beg from. One would think that success at the lower levels would lead you to the uppers, but not in his case. He starts his biggest spiral of anti-intellectualism and poof he’s on AJ??? DeJong also has what appears to be a Jewish/Israeli connection circumstantially when one looks into the origins and history of the De Jong (The young) families from South Africa and their origins in Holland. That guy seems to have Jan by the tit ring and I think there is something strange with that couple. Jan should be careful with his snitching… https://www.irs.gov/individuals/how-do-you-report-suspected-tax-fraud-activity

    • Thanks for the comment. I agree that there was communication between Hitler and the Arab world, he met with Imams and invaded Africa. My point is that there was no component of Islam in classic Nazism, as far as I can tell. No praying to Mecca, no abstaining from alcohol and drugs, no requirement to eat halal meat, etc.

      Of course tracing it back to Nazism and Zionism both being products of Freemasonry’s Quatour Coronati research lodge, and the links between Sufism and Freemasonry which I think Jan and his latest team did get right, Templars bringing technology back to the Middle East, connections can be found for sure.

      I personally believe that Islam was created out of the Holy Roman Empire, as outlined here: https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/vatican/esp_vatican33.htm

      Great point about the IRS, wonder if they’re tracking all those superchats and donations. People who live in glass houses…

      • I have seen Jan commenting randomly on DL’s FB. Anything he gets “correct” is more than likely efforts of his trolling for material. Keep puttin’ out vids dude, I’ve ran out of people to watch. I’m pretty skeptical about the Quat Coro link only because of what seems to be the bulk of their “published efforts”. No doubt influential members existed in the QC but to me it looks like an overlap instead of a focused group of shit starters like Grand Orient or Scottish Rite or whatnot. I feel home lodges are more important when focusing in but I could be wrong. Hard to say about the origins of Islam, that would be a great second interview with DL in some opposing context to Jans latest one sided efforts..

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