#LimoCrash Investigation On Lift The Veil

A lot of things don’t add up about this limo crash. I started a Twitter thread gathering all the information and stories about it that I thought were interesting. It’s a rich tapestry, one that you won’t find anywhere else on the Interwebz. Why do so many mainstream media stories add so many details, and yet no mainstream media stories incorporate all these fascinating details? Are there seriously only like a dozen or two real journalists left in the wild?

So far I’m up to #120 noteworthy items in my thread. As I find more, I will keep adding it to this thread. It’s the craziest story I’ve found since I first got online in 1994. Which is really saying a lot!

The Twitter thread starts here and ends here (as I write this)

I did a 90-minute interview with Lift The Veil on it today. YouTube went down right as we were going live. YouTube was down for 90 minutes. The electricity  circuit breaker in my office went out at the same time also. #CoincidenceTheory, of course. Either that or this is the Front Lines of the Internet.

Thanks to my genius friend for the tip. Sometimes a little really means a lot 🙂


Acton v Goodman – Was Charleston Dirty Bomb Hoax an FBI Operation? [Updates]

[Update: some new analysis from Tracking the Leopard Meroz, go to their site for a summary]


The general description states, “This complaint alleges that the defendant, and his cooperative of wrongdoers, operate in alignment on social media for a common purpose.  By staging fake news, raising public alarm, spreading junk science, using deception to implement the Port hoax, etc. are rewarded with the expectation of remuneration, increases in their financial status and receipt of other such pecuniary advantages and benefits”.

There are 7 Parties described in detail:

The Plaintiff-Certified in Critical Infrastructure Protection

Wrong-doer Multimedia System Design, Inc.

Crowdsource the Truth– Racketeering Enterprise

Defendant Jason Goodman – Coordinator of CSTT RICO Cartel

Wrong-doer George Webb Sweigert – “Investigative Journalist”

Wrong-doer Deep Uranium – “Confidential Source” of Hoax

Wrong-Doer Quinn Michaels -Team Tyler Hacker Network

Specific Allegations:  Ten Counts (in the original complaint 5 were listed)

Count One:  MDSI Operates as a Racketeering Enterprise

Count Two: MDSI/CSTT Closure of the Wando Welch Terminal at the Port of Charleston

Count Three: Fraudulent “Hudson Intelligence Group”

Count Four:  Conspiracy to Defraud The United States

Count Five:  Murder For Hire Activities on the Darknet

Count Six:  Hoax Assassination Plots

Count Seven:  Malicious State Actors Deny Civil Rights

Count Eight:  Trafficking in Personally Identifiable Information

Count Nine:  Tampering With A Witness

Count Ten:  Abuse of Court Processes by a Federally Protected Witness

More at Tracking the Leopard Meroz

Original Story:

Following on from the news that Dave “Acton” Sweigert sued The Mouth That Roared Jason Goodman in South Carolina court…

The plaintiff has filed a significantly amended complaint.

Perhaps adding fuel to the fire of rumors that Dave Acton Sweigert and George Webb Sweigert are the same person, Dave has chosen to file in court as “D. George Sweigert”. He is demanding a jury trial. The Exhibits share some of the mainstream media coverage of the port shutdown and his own credentials as a Homeland Security Critical Infrastructure expert. 



The significant development in this claim is the involvement of an FBI contract informant in the Crowdsourced LARP. Is that why nobody got in trouble for shutting a whole port down from a YouTube livestream?

The informant in question is allegedly Okey Marshall Richards, Jr, who has gone by the aliases “Deep Uranium”, “Rock Hudson”, and “Mr Hudson” in about 30 YouTube shows with these operatives. The “MidWest Conspiracy Theorist” is presumably the plaintiff’s brother George Webb. Webb has claimed to be part of “old Mossad” with many global intelligence connections, including a friendship with #pizzagate accused James Alefantis. George Webb is no stranger to FBI informants either, having written an Op-Ed about them for North Star Post in 2015 before launching his crowdsourced journalism career.

[via Tracking the Leopard Meroz]

Jason Goodman’s co-conspirator Quinn Michaels, aka Korey Atkins, has also claimed to be an FBI informant. Jason recently came to New Zealand to interview Vinny Eastwood about suspected operative Pete Santilli. Despite Vinny presenting a large amount of evidence to Jason of Santilli’s FBI involvement, Jason Goodman subsequently went on Pete’s show and proclaimed him his friend.

Then there is Goodman himself:

There are an awfully large number of FBI connections to this operation. In that context, is this a coincidence?

You can find the public court documents for yourself on PACER.

Sweigert vs Goodman (South Carolina) 2:18-cv-01633

Steele vs Goodman (Virginia – Eastern) 3:17-cv-601 

Dave Sweigert has also made 7 separate filings (so far) in support of Robert David Steele’s lawsuit , detailing some of his own harassment and defamation by this gang. His filing address is Greenbrae, Marin County.



Goodman, who appears to be representing himself as pro se defendant and claims he’s a journalist because “anyone can be a journalist just like anyone can be a photographer”, has filed a number of motions to dismiss Steele’s suit as frivolous…but so far the case continues.



Goodman has also responded by having the Becks (of the fatal DNC lawsuit fame) on his show to discuss “Litigation as a weapon of mass destruction”.


[Update July 10 2018]

The plaintiff has filed a number of updated motions. He is claiming a large number of instances of copyright violations by the defendant.

The case has been referred to Judge Bristow Marchant, who presided over the Dylann Storm Roof mass shooting case (explored here by Miles Mathis – h/t Queen Tut).

This motion is asking the Court to recognize that Goodman’s discussing the case on his YouTube channel indicates his acceptance that he has been served.


This motion is seeking an injunction against the Defendant to cease copyright infringement on social media platforms.


So far the defendant Jason Goodman has not filed any response.


BPM & Ending The War on Drugs: Don’t You Dare Look Away Now

Narco-sign in Playa Del Carmen after BPM shooting

Photo By Trevor Dunn

Editorial/Analysis by Terry Gotham

I’ve spent the last week interviewing people and collecting information about the worst thing to happen in live events since Orlando. Last week, the BPM Festival suffered a terrible attack, leaving 5 dead and more than a dozen wounded. Long considered one of the crown jewels of the festival circuit, this heinous attack has resulted in the local government showing BPM and all other music festivals the door. As usual, most commentary on the causes or effects either totally misses the mark or descends into slap fighting.

Photo by Semanario Playa News Aqui y Ahora

Photo by Semanario Playa News Aqui y Ahora

Before I dig into this story any deeper, I need to make a strong caveat. This commentary is in no way blaming anyone who was shot at, injured or killed for the violence that was done to them. I cannot stress this enough. While macroeconomic forces, drug cartels and America’s ineffectual responses to the growing demands for legalization are to blame for this attack, blaming BPM or BPM ticketholders for narco-terrorism is tone-deaf to the point of brutality. While I assume people will believe that was my aim to engage in some classist/leftist/racist point that serves only to divide, I believe this can be a wake up call for everyone who parties, not just those who take drugs or care about legalization, but for all Americans who believe in Constitutional rights.

According to Miguel Angel Pech Sen (district attorney of Quintana Roo, a Mexican state) at 2:30 AM, Monday morning, the security at Elrow’s closing party at the Blue Parrot was overwhelmed and the club was entered by an as-yet undetermined number of assailants. BPM declared that there was a lone gunman on the FB post about the shooting, but this has been called into question by a number of witnesses who spoke to Billboard and claimed they saw multiple shooters. The Attorney General later said it appeared there were “a lot of people carrying arms” in the club, and that many of those wounded were hit when security personnel were attempting to shoot the attacker. The attacker escaped, he said, and may have been assisted by a taxi in getting away. Three members of security died, a 4th, who seemed to be the target, and a fifth person died in the stampede to escape the club.

After the shooting at the Blue Parrot, the violence raged across Playa Del Carmen for the rest of the week. On Tuesday, a “Code Red” was activated in Cancun when the Control Center for Command, Computing & Communications was attacked by 10 armed men who arrived by motorcycle. Their goal was to extract a local drug cartel leader from holding, not kidding. Avenues in Cancun were attacked with fucking grenades, while shots were reported inside of the Plaza Las Americas Shopping Center. Narco-signs (messages from the cartels) sprang up, with the Zetas claiming responsibility and announcing that more violence was to come. Again, Playa Del Carmen banned not just BPM, but electronic music festivals, in case you had tickets to the Arena Festival, slated to go on in the beginning of February.

At this point, I hope it’s clear that this is a situation that the police and military do not have under control. While plenty of American and Canadian party people live blissfully unaware of the spiral of drug-fueled violence that Mexico is enduring, we need to stop pretending “this is fine.”


Whether it’s the Fast & Furious gun program, Hillary’s refusal to support legalization, or the psychedelic libertarianism I’ve written about before, the indifference to legalization as a priority has put billions into the hands of cartels that have much of Latin America by the balls. MS13, the Zetas, the Sinaloa Cartel, and dozens of others we’ve probably never even heard of have rained suffering and death across so much of our hemisphere. Our continued inability to care about the problems that come with drugs, namely opiate abuse by the poor and swelling the coffers of organized crime, has all but ensured that tragedies like the one that befell the Blue Parrot will keep happening anywhere the drug war has touched.

I don’t want to hear that legalizing drugs will just cause the cartels to make money somewhere else. The revenue is non-trivial. Even before legalization hit, the RAND Corporation and the Mexican Institute of Competitiveness estimated that almost 30% of cartel revenue (not profit) came from cannabis. With legalization, we’re already seeing cannabis seizures drop:

In the Border Patrol’s San Diego sector, marijuana seizures fell to 8,158 pounds in fiscal 2015, an 88 percent drop compared to a decade-high of 68,825 pounds seized in fiscal 2011…As marijuana seizures have declined, other drugs including heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine are skyrocketing at the border. Traffickers are capitalizing on the growing opiate epidemic, as well as their ability to cheaply produce enormous amounts of pure meth from Chinese precursor chemicals in Mexican “superlabs.”
~San Diego Tribune

Source: Washington Post

It’s not just along the California border. According to the US Border Patrol, cannabis is just not showing up at numbers it used to be anywhere they’re seizing it:

But the amount of one drug — marijuana — seems to have finally fallen. U.S. Border Patrol has been seizing steadily smaller quantities of the drug, from 2.5 million pounds in 2011 to 1.9 million pounds in 2014. Mexico’s army has noted an even steeper decline, confiscating 664 tons of cannabis in 2014, a drop of 32% compared to year before.

The Zetas aren’t super-villains from the 50’s. They know how much money they can make getting certain substances over the border and into the hands of eager consumers. This connects back to parties almost depressingly well. How many people do we all know that expect there to be drugs for them to buy at parties? How many of them honestly give a fuck about whether they’re legal or not? Just think of the thousands of party people who demand farm to table, vegan/vegetarian or some other form of “I don’t consume things made unethically” cuisine, but then proceed to put $200 worth of possibly Peruvian Cocaine up their noses. I really think we should be more concerned about the lives of indigenous people living under cartels than whether our almond milk was sprayed with pesticide before it landed in my smoothie. As a dear friend put it, we couldn’t stop the Orlando mass shooting, but decriminalization/legalization probably would have stopped this shooting.


You need to ask yourself, if this shooting happened at a club on the beach that only Mexicans went to, and had nothing to do with BPM, would you have cared? Would you have even seen it on your news feeds? I’ve spoken to dozens of Clinton supporters over the last 18 months who strongly supported her not legalizing. If the Zetas weren’t able to wholesale pot into every city in America outside of a handful of states, would they be able to buy weapons and commit crime? Of course. But certainly not to the levels that they’ve been able to in the last several years.

Not a lot of people remember this, but over a decade ago, we deported a bunch of MS13 members, trying to break the back of the gang. This backfired so spectacularly that MS-13 chapters cropped up all across Latin America, accelerating its growth from a few thousand members in LA to an international cartel, possessing a massive supply chain and a network that rivals most intelligence services. We trained & funded the 34 commandos that eventually flipped the script & became Los Zetas. Remember them from earlier in the article? Yup, the very same. Our efforts to stop people from doing drugs are directly responsible for this shit. The blood of party people is on American hands.

But don’t think this is anything new. Whether it was Al Capone and the bootleggers profiting from prohibition, the evolution of disco and cocaine, house dealers in the superclubs of the 1990s & 2000s or the flood of adulterated psychoactive substances that find their way into the hundreds of music festivals occurring in North America every year, Americans have partied for decades without agitating for legalization. While the mob did move on to other illegal activities once Prohibition ended, you bet your ass they jumped right back into trafficking once drug prohibition returned in the 20th Century. Until we (whether we do drugs or not) demand decriminalization/legalization and an end to the DEA/ATF/FBI/CIA’s fuckery south of our border, we should expect things like this to keep happening. Some people are fine with throwing up our hands, giving up and only partying/consuming illegal drugs made within our national  borders, but that still resigns millions of our fellow citizens to a fate of incarceration, underemployment and a life controlled by the scarlet letter of conviction. People demand the ability to modulate the contents of our minds. We should allow them to, and join them in ensuring they can, legally…if only to ensure a horrific attack like this one never happens again.

Defense Department/Navy Specialist in Organized Crime and Drugs to Run Burning Man

He will be responsible for the largest event on public land in the US as the new Winnemucca District manager for the Bureau of Land Management, the agency within the Department of the Interior that manages the annual Burning Man event. He replaces Gene Seidlitz, who was abruptly shunted out of his position during the Chocotacogate debacle.

From the Reno-Gazette Journal (emphasis ours):

drewjustin-nnb-people-121916The U.S. Bureau of Land Management has hired a former U.S. Department of Defense official as the new Winnemucca District manager.

The position will certainly provide a change of scenery for Justin Drew, who will begin his new role in February. Drew formerly dealt with illicit drug and weapon trafficking networks in the Caribbean, Central America and South America as the managing director of the U.S. Navy’s Counter Transnational Organized Crime Division for the Southern Command.

As the director of the Winnemucca office, he will manage 8.4 million acres of BLM-administered high desert throughout Northern Nevada, including the Black Rock-High Rock National Conservation Area, two field offices and eighty-three full-time employees.

He also will be responsible for issuing Burning Man’s $3 million to $4 million special recreation permit, the largest in the country…

One of the BLM’s greatest tasks in overseeing Burning Man is providing law enforcement resources to ensure that security protocol are followed during the weeks before, during and after the event. Burning Man executives have taken issue with some law enforcement procedures, such as the use of K9 units, the increase in traffic violations and overall , in recent years, cited in the arts nonprofit’s $2.8 million lawsuit against the BLM filed in July. The BLM also is responsible for environmental, health and safety standards at the annual, weeklong event.

Drew’s predecessor, Gene Seidlitz, was reassigned to the BLM state office in 2015 after the BLM came under fire for its unprecedented request that year for a VIP compound at Burning Man, information revealed in a Reno Gazette-Journal investigation in June 2015. Since Seidlitz’s reassignment, the BLM has enlisted several acting officials to oversee the Winnemucca office, including Kenneth Collum, William Mack and Robert Towne.

Drew has little to no experience in land management or geology, but has held various management positions in the U.S. Navy throughout his career. He served as the executive officer for the U.S. Navy’s Southern Command Joint Intelligence Operation Center as well as an Intel officer and an enlisted aviation electronics technician.

Drew received a bachelor’s degree in aeronautics from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, graduating Summa Cum Laude. In April, he also received a master’s degree in criminal justice from Boston University. In addition, Drew volunteers with Big Brothers Big Sisters, Habitat for Humanity and the Humane Society. He also trains dogs for general obedience and to work as service animals for veterans.


Read the full story at the Reno Gazette-Journal.

The position required a Q Security Clearance from the Department of Energy, the highest level – equivalent to TOP SECRET/Sensitive Compartmentalized Information in the military. That would have been no problem for this career Naval Intelligence officer who managed hundreds of personnel in inter-agency teams with the CIA, DIA, DEA, NSA, FBI, BATF, Treasury and others.

Does he seem a little overqualified to manage a desert rave?

Has he been to Burning Man? Did he partake of the sacrament? Do you think he knows there are people on drugs there? Hopefully his interest in animal welfare will encourage him to stop the torture of Police K9s in these abominably dusty and dry conditions, just to entrap a few $1000+ citations to fill the Pershing County coffers while ruining the lives of innocent psychedelic enthusiast Burners.

He is a Freemason, which will not be surprising to anyone following my Shadow History series. He is also Alpha Phi Sigma.

Interestingly, his rank is not revealed.

“I will be reporting to my next “duty station” in February 2017″…sounds more like he was assigned this post, rather than spontaneously deciding on a career change. It is curious that his resumé says he’s been in the role since February 2016.

His former boss, head of SOUTHCOM General John F Kelly, has just been named by President Donald Trump as the new head of the Department of Homeland Security, taking over from Jeh Johnson.

From his public LinkedIn profile:

• Increasing degree of responsibility and technical expertise over tenure with United States Navy
• Responsible for the comprehensive supervision and administrative oversight of multiple programs & projects within the global intelligence community / operational & managerial oversight, and assessment of processes and policies
• Facilitated the development and implementation of improvement plans and development of policies and procedures designed to increase efficiency, streamline processes and ensure quality
• Skilled in all aspects of Human Resource Management / supervision & training / scheduling / interviewing / assessment / documentation & compliance / supervised 300+ direct reports
• Innate ability to collaborate and communicate with stakeholders across all departmental, and organizational levels on global scale / advanced interpersonal abilities
• Fostered open communication in cross-functional teams to drive progress while balancing a high volume of competing demands and deadlines / goal driven project management
• Acted as liaison between projects & directives and leadership in the dissemination of highly sensitive intelligence information
• Prepared and presented extensive reporting & documentation to leadership regarding analytical assessments of policies, procedures, and outcomes / prepared & presented briefings to military and other government agency officials / dignitaries both foreign and US
• Aligned training and procedural efforts to goals and increased multi-departmental efficiency and productivity through the implementation of best practice policies & protocol
• Expertise in budget development & strategic planning / asset allocation & prioritization


District Manager

Bureau of Land Management

February 2016 – Present (11 months)Winnemucca, Nevada

I will be reporting to my next “duty station” in February 2017. I couldn’t be more excited about starting a new career in such a fantastic organization surrounded by natures beauty.


Managing Director

US Navy

February 2013 – July 2015 (2 years 6 months)Miami/Fort Lauderdale Area

Managed new team created to accomplish USSOUTHCOM Commander’s (4-Star) highest priority of combating transnational organized crime. Applied my knowledge, subject matter expertise, tradecraft, and technical competency to formulate a new product line utilizing link analysis charts and current information that directly supports interagency partners such as, but not limited too: Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, Customs and Border Patrol, Drug Enforcement Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, National Security Agency, and Treasury Department), and other 3 letter strategic-level consumers. This ultimately led to the seizure of millions of dollars in assets.

Making tough decisions, created an environment for effective prioritization of work that increased productivity by 300%. Openness to team members led to increased collaboration with peers, interagency partners and seniors alike. Encouraged a skilled set of team members within a high OPTEMPO environment to participate in problem solving to enhance productivity. Delegating priorities and providing clear written and oral communication led to his team leading the organization in productivity and setting a organizational standard of 100% completion rate of all required tasks.

Meticulous Organizational skills; with exceptional attention to detail, created and prioritized the counter transnational organized crime branch’s fiscal year 2014 Budget of $1.2 million. Expertly managed all administrative aspects of his team to include being the certifying official and releaser of $153,625.49 of travel funds. As a mentor and leader, facilitated teams 400% increase in production and 600% increase in evaluations of daily information reports. During this production surge, quality daily information briefs and information assessments continued to receive praise throughout highest levels of leadership. Leadership skills are beyond reproach.

Joint Intelligence Operation Center Executive Officer

US Navy

February 2012 – February 2013 (1 year 1 month)Miami/Fort Lauderdale Area

Ran operation center with 5 divisions consisting of a total of 322 personnel from all branches of department of defense armed forces, contractors, army civilians, and defense civilian personnel system employees. Ensured unity of effort through effective oral and written communication, which resulted in all requirements being completed on time and at or under budget. I am a senior executive product review guru; as the Microsoft Office and staff product subject mater expert, I provided solutions and mentoring as needed in order to ensure all staff and informational products were of the highest standards and complied with all applicable guidelines; this kept USSOUTHCOM senior executive leadership with clear situational awareness to make informed decisions for future planning. Maintaining superior situational awareness, I led senior executive working group in prioritizing $750,000 in travel authorization funds. Prioritized and developed 84 travel plans, authorized as certifying official $240,000 worth of travel funds, and provided oversight to the remaining travel funds with zero accounting discrepancies resulting in resources being maximized and all critical travel properly allocated and resourced.

Project Director

US Navy

March 2011 – January 2012 (11 months)Miami/Fort Lauderdale Area

Managed 4-star General’s number one priority team. Led multiservice team of Department of Defense, Government Service, and Contractors in successfully collaboration with interagency partners to include Federal Bureau of Investigation, Defense Agency, Central Agency, Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, Drug Enforcement Agency, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, National Security Agency, and US Treasury in combating global priority per POTUS directive. Shows particular aptitude for supervising civilians, Department of Defense contractors, and collaborating with senior officers in a joint, interagency senior executive staff environment. Effectively used creative thinking to leverage limited resources and established a new tracking database which provides an exponentially greater monitoring and tracking capability; result was teams’ productivity level was increased 400%. Created a new bibliography product line used to nominate individuals to the Extraterritorial Criminal travel Strike Force to get global prioritization for limited and critically needed assets into USSOUTHCOM’s area of responsibility.

Held title and executed duties of division training officer ensuring all programs and requirements were met with resounding success. Top mentor in peer group; provided motivation and insight in continued educational programs resulting in three sailors and two soldiers meeting their academic goals. Liaised with National “I” University to get the first ever-video teleconferencing education program at USSOUTHCOM. These efforts have led to multiple degrees being obtained at both the Bachelors and Masters level for many fellow associates.

Project Manager

US Navy

March 2010 – February 2011 (1 year)Bahrain

Provide all source Indication and Warning and informational products in support of fleet operations. Served as Naval Information Officer for El Basrah Oil Terminal in support of Command Task Group-Iraqi Maritime Forces. Developed numerous threat briefings and informational reports, supporting Operation New Dawn. Led five-person regional analysis division providing indications and warning on over 20 countries and provided all-source analysis for over 30 theater security engagement events. Voluntarily reorganized Naval Central Command’s “I” Directorate’s data entry operating procedures for the Defense Readiness reporting System; resulting in a more accurate reflection of the operational readiness of the N2 directorate’s operational readiness; briefed at the highest senior executive service level.

Department Manager

US Navy

February 2008 – February 2010 (2 years 1 month)Jacksonville, Florida Area

Developed and executed over 15 operational briefs to increase executive awareness and readiness for upcoming events. Established the command’s classified material program including accepting, cataloging, and tracking over 160 pieces of classified material. Managed intricate details in formulating a 3-day training exercise focusing on specific target acquisition and weapon execution procedures. Planned and developed a multi-country problem integrating multiple assets and real time informational injects with 15 sorties and 30 mishap free flight hours. As the command security manager, supervised the flawless transition of over 200 pieces of classified material during a transition to a new hangar. Supervised the initial installation of all SIPR access for the squadron ensuring security protocols were met, security standards met or exceeded, and over $10M in assets accounted for with zero discrepancies.

Student Researcher

US Navy

April 2007 – February 2008 (11 months)Florida

Attended Officer Training Command Pensacola’s Officer Candidate program which develops civilians, enlisted and newly commissioned personnel morally, mentally, physically and imbues them with the highest ideals of honor, courage and commitment for service as Naval Officers.

Also attended 21-week Naval “I” Officer Basic Course that I satisfactorily completed. I was an active and enthusiastic participant during this course, and consistently demonstrated a strong desire to learn the vast amount of information presented.

Human Resources Training Manager

US Navy

November 2006 – April 2007 (6 months)Jacksonville, Florida Area

Maximized resources and expeditiously reduced AIMD’s Training program discrepancies by 50 percent per last conducted Quality Assurance audit. Assisted in the verifying of command Enlisted Distribution and Verification Report on Naval Enlisted Classification qualifications, consequently updating 38 personnel with correct Naval Enlisted Classfication’s for assigned command billets. Efforts resulted in the alignment of billets at command for greater productivity. Utilized knowledge and experience in assisting personnel in preparing Officer Candidate School and Seaman to Admiral packages and preparations for the boards giving outstanding insight to peers and subordinates alike. Revamped the Safety, NAVOSH, General Maintenance Training, and in-rate training requirements for over 800 personnel through proactive Monthly Training Plans, spot-audits, and flexibility in meeting immediate needs of the command. Developed and implemented a new electronic training jacket program reducing man-hours needed to log training by 500 hours quarterly.

Department Manager

US Navy

April 2005 – November 2006 (1 year 8 months)Jacksonville, Florida Area

Managed three teams of personnel consisting of a total of 47 people in the diagnosis and repair of circuit cards at the micro/min level and fabrication of electronic cable bundles consisting of upwards of 1,000 wires on a regular basis with zero discrepancies. Proactively implemented a cross training curriculum that led to the qualification of six new collateral duty inspectors, a 40% increase in total personal qualified and increased productivity within all three teams. Mentored and contributed to the professional success of peers and subordinates by providing training and instruction that improved in-rate advancement by 60 percent.

Team Manager

US Navy

April 2004 – April 2005 (1 year 1 month)Kauai Hawaii

Supervised 7 personnel in the completion of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance of five UH-3H aircraft. Secondary duties included Avionics Collateral Duty Inspector, Electrostatic Discharge Petty Officer, and Supply Petty Officer. A recognized expert of the UH-3H aircraft avionics systems; one of only six Non-Pilot Turn Qualified maintainers performed the task of starting the aircraft so maintenance could be performed over 150 times. Trained three coworkers to perform Non-Pilot Turn Qualification, a task paramount to the support of aircraft maintenance and troubleshooting. Ensured the continued success of the Avionics Department by motivating work center personnel to accomplish a goal of zero avionic discrepancies on every aircraft. This leadership directly impacted mission readiness enabling PMRF to execute all critical Pacific Fleet training missions.

Duties: Repaired over 276 aircraft discrepancies, completed 77 non-pilot engine turns, and was a key player in the removal and replacement of 3 UH-3H main gearboxes. His exceptional knowledge of the Naval Aviation Maintenance Program maintenance procedures as well as his meticulous attention to detail were crucial in the completion of six work center audits as well as twelve program audits, ensuring all programs were compliant with all applicable regulations and up to date with documentation. Obtained Electronic Mechanic Journeyman certification through US Department of Labor via US Military Apprenticeship Program.

QA Manager

US Navy

April 2003 – April 2004 (1 year 1 month)Kauai Hawaii

Perform audits on seven work centers consisting of 200+ personnel performing scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on six UH-3H aircraft. A proven technical expert and team player in the Quality Assurance Team. Demonstrated outstanding trouble-shooting skills from day one. Onboard less than a month, I repaired three major avionic discrepancies and three wire connector repairs consisting of over 50 wires each; restoring two aircraft to fully mission capable status and enhancing overall mission readiness. Achieved exceptional results in Quality assurance, which culminated in Pacific Missile Range Facility’s safe execution of 568 missions, over 800 mishap free flight hours in support of a myriad of exercises and two ballistic missile test launches. As a true team player, assisted Airframe shop in the fabrication of a full set of “rig pins,” allowing rapid test and evaluation of aircraft flight control systems and savings of $2500 to the command.

Other duties included Compass calibrator, explosive egress program monitor, and electro-static discharge program manager.

Avionics Technician

US Navy

September 1998 – March 2003 (4 years 7 months)Jacksonville, Florida Area

Managed and lead team of 8 associates who performed scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on commination, navigation, and computer systems on 8 aircraft. Recognized expert on all avionics systems whose knowledge of complex avionics and ability to troubleshoot and repair difficult discrepancies resulted in intensive repairs on 3 computers, 8 radar systems, and 4 communication improvement program modifications. These repairs were instrumental in restoring aircraft to full mission capable status. Personally selected to repair 3 elusive avionics discrepancies with over 100 man-hours of repair time already invested. All 3 repairs were personally diagnosed and repaired within 24 hours. Poised professional whose dedication to the command and ability to motivate subordinates had an immediate and positive impact on the command’s morale and readiness. Conducted numerous training sessions for junior personnel, resulting in an increase in work center personnel qualifications. Contributes to work center production, maintenance safety, and program compliance.

Other duties included: Support equipment petty officer, electro-static discharge petty officer, training petty officer, and moral welfare and recreation petty officer. Completed tasks in a timely manner with minimal supervision. Repaired numerous avionic system repairs reduced workload by 30% for Avionics work shop. During critical manpower shortages in the work center, recognized by leadership for going above and beyond to ensure all requirements were met.


Boston University

Master’s Degree, Criminal Justice, 3.64



Activities and Societies: Alpha Phi Sigma – Criminal Justice Honor Society

(Open)1 organization

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

BS 3.9/4, Professional Aeronautics

2003 – 2007

Bachelors degree, Professional Aeronautics, Graduated Summa Cum Laude

Activities and Societies: I was an active duty service member in the US Navy working full time while attending classes.



Volunteer Experience & Causes

Shelter Manager

US Navy

April 2003 – November 2005 (2 years 8 months)

I was certified by the Red Cross.


JROTC Foundation

August 2011 – Present (5 years 5 months)Children

Judge competitions and provide mentorship to high-school level cadets.

Food Preparation

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Florida

March 2008 – Present (8 years 10 months)Poverty Alleviation

Prepare and serve meals on a quarterly basis along side my fellow Masonic Lodge members.


Habitat for Humanity International

July 2004 Poverty Alleviation

Organized and led a group of volunteers to renovate a community building used to host non-profit group meetings to include AA, NA, and other civic minded groups. Renovation took 4 days and over 200 man hours. Renovation included new roof and screens installation. Re-painting and pressure cleaning was also done of this 1250 square foot building.

Big Brother

Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

March 2011 – February 2013 (2 years)Children

Provide mentoring and of an at risk

Causes Justin cares about:

  • Animal Welfare
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Disaster and Humanitarian Relief

Organizations Justin supports:




Starting July 2015

2M Microminiature Technician

Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA), License TRMA 6570

Starting March 2006

A Crash Course in Data Science(Link)

Coursera Course Certificates, License CHD72DPC3TSY

Starting November 2015

Building a Data Science Team(Link)

Coursera Course Certificates, License T7R5Q79NJWHM

Starting November 2015

Managing Data Analysis(Link)

Coursera Course Certificates, License QMAKHJUWD32F

Starting December 2015



Senior Warden

Starting September 2007

Veterans of Foreign Wars

Lifetime Member

Alpha Phi Sigma – Criminal Justice Honor Society

Life Member

Starting March 2016

This RAND Corporation document describes the relationship between the Department of Defense, the Southern Command, and the other agencies tasked with the “War on Drugs” – aka CTOC (Counter-Transnational Organized Crime):




Hitler Lived On For Years in South America

This post is in response to a comment from Ed from the UK on my Debunking Douglas Dietrich post. Ed said:

Just a quick note. Yes, Dietrich is a sloppy researcher, and no doubt a complete bullshit artist, but this claim – “The FBI have now declassified that Hitler lived on for years in South America.” shows you to be fairly sloppy yourself. Read the FBI document – it says nothing like you claim, but merely reports on an allegation that cannot be verified. Seriously, such standards of research are woeful

This comment has some signatures of a Troll attack. In particular, the logical fallacy of Red Herring “oh you said something that I say isn’t true, that means the rest of your work is probably untrue also”. They are attacking the Grammar with sophistry.

Here’s what I said:


The FBI recently declassified more than 200 pages on Hitler

Some claim the “Thousand Year Reich” plan of the Nazis is still running. The FBI have now declassified that Hitler lived on for years in South America. Others argue that the US had foreknowledge of Pearl Harbor and allowed it to happen, as was discussed in Claim #1. Mr Dietrich’s not making those arguments. He claims WW2 started long before Pearl Harbor or Hitler’s invasion of Poland, and Japan won the 17-year war with indestructible bio-warfare balloons. America surrendered to Japan after we wiped out their Navy, dropped two nukes on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and firebombed Tokyo.

His theory is not supported by other historians. To be clear, I believe the US was the winner in World War 2, and Japan and Germany lost.

As you can see, the words in question link to the now declassified Hitler file in the FBI vault. The file is not a single document, but in fact 4 parts. Part 1 is 203 pages, Part 2 is 179 pages, Part 3 is 221 pages, and Part 4 is 139 pages. The idea that I should have to read the entirety of 749 pages of blurry and redacted documents just to hyperlink to them from a free blog is preposterous, especially given that commercial outfits like the New York Times and Washington Post are not held to anywhere near that standard. Click the link or the picture and you will go to the FBI documents where you can read for yourself.

The context of this so-called sloppy hyperlink was introducing Mr Dietrich’s “Renegade History” World War 2 claims by contrasting them with 3 of the most credible shadow history theories that relate to World War II: the Thousand Year/Fourth Reich, Hitler Escaped, and the US Knew About Pearl Harbor in Advance. This is what makes Mr Ed’s comment a Red Herring. The FBI declassifying their files on Hitler has nothing to do with the veracity of any claims made in the original post, or indeed anywhere else on this site.

Leaving that aside, I stand by the wording of the link: the FBI had information that Hitler lived on for years in South America, which has now been declassifiied. This was something that was long suspected in the conspiracy para-politics world. Thanks to the FBI data dump, we now have hundreds of reports that he survived, and some that appear to have been taken quite seriously saying that he went to South America. It is far from a single report in a single document from a possibly suspect source that “merely reports on an allegation that cannot be verified“, as Mr Ed alleges.

Here’s what the FBI themselves say, at the introduction to their Hitler section:

Adolph Hitler (1889-1945) was leader of the National Socialist (Nazi) Party and Chancellor of Germany from 1933-1945; he led that country into World War II in 1939. The documents in this file range from 1933 to 1947, but primarily fall either in 1933 or between 1945 and 1947. In 1933, the FBI investigated an assassination threat made against Hitler. In the aftermath of Germany’s surrender in 1945, western Allied forces suspected that Hitler had committed suicide but did not immediately find evidence of his death. At the time, it was feared that Hitler may have escaped in the closing days of the war, and searches were made to determine if he was still alive. FBI Files indicate that the Bureau investigated some of the rumors of Hitler’s survival.

Straight away you will see that his death was suspect from the beginning, there’s hardly any evidence of it, and the FBI took very seriously the possibility that Hitler lived on past World War II. The files are full of reports supporting that, with only a couple to the contrary. Despite all the investigations, neither the FBI nor any of the rest of the Western Allied forces have ever found any evidence of his death. Unless you think “he told people he was going to commit suicide” is evidence.

The FBI archivists have kindly put one of the biggest “smoking gun” reports on Hitler from the Vault up front as the very first pages of Part 1:

Sure, it’s hearsay; but that’s how the FBI operates. They collect reports from informants. This particular report is pretty detailed, but it is by no means the only document in the files relevant to Hitler’s escape.

There are scores, maybe hundreds, of reported sightings in these documents, mostly in North or South America. Admittedly, some appear to be from kooks – but can we really judge any eyewitness report to be false just because it sounds implausible? For example, one source was reported to be “highly intoxicated”. One drunk guy calling the FBI saying he saw Hitler in the donut shop doesn’t automatically prove Hitler died in the bunker. In the case of the South America information, there is much more than a single sighting, and the different reports corroborate each other. In the case of the official history, the evidence is weak, circumstantial, and contradictory.

Not Just The FBI

Documents in the Vault show it wasn’t only the FBI investigating Hitler sightings. The CIA was too. Interestingly, out of all the reported sightings, it is only those related to Hitler being in South America that the CIA seem to take an interest in. More recently, CIA bad ass Bob Baer (the real life guy George Clooney played in Syriana) led a team of professional  investigators analyzing the 2014 FBI data dump, and concluded:

Using a collection of never-before-seen documents, the team claim to have proof Hitler did not kill himself in his underground bunker at the end of the Second World War.

Instead, the investigators believe Hitler faked his own death before scarpering to the Canary Islands to live out his days in the sunshine.

CIA veteran Bob Baer said: “The narrative the government gives us is a lie. if you look at the FBI files it throws open the investigation.

“What we are doing is re-examining history, history that we thought was settled that Hitler died in the bunker but the deeper we get into it, it’s clear to me we don’t have any facts for it.”

The team have access to 700 pages of newly declassified information, with one document stating: “American Army officials in Germany have not located Hitler’s body nor is there any reliable source that Hitler is dead.”

It wasn’t just the Western Allied forces that suspected Hitler escaped. The Russians thought so too.


“Overwhelming” circumstantial evidence? I find the circumstantial evidence here to overwhelmingly point to his escape.

In fact, there seems to be more evidence that Hitler lived, than there is that he committed suicide in the bunker in Berlin.

Limited And Conflicting Eyewitness Testimony Points to a Cover-Up

The tiny number of witness sightings of the two bodies were almost all from Hitler’s inner, inner sanctum. If he was going to fake his death and leave his most trusted people behind to execute the plan, these are the people he would have picked.
The two main witnesses were Arthur Axmann, leader of the Hitler Youth, and Erich Kempka, Hitler’s chief bodyguard and chauffeur.
Note the description of Hitler in his last days in the bunker – April 22-30 – as a “strangely changed man [who] strode up and down the bunker floor almost ceaselessly and spoke to no one, but ‘he was calm'”. Remember this is one of the most egotistical, intelligent, charismatic, psychopathic, determined and bold people who ever lived. Famous for his temper…and he just shut up?

Not even a “fuck these guys” or a “scheissen hausen” or a punching of the wall? Not asking for intelligence reports, so he could know how far away the impending doom was? Resigned to his fate, no last words, no great speeches, just going up and down a line shaking hands with people. This strange, silent behavior is consistent with a double (which we know Hitler definitely had), who would have been told “we will come and get you out soon” rather than “we will come and shoot you and burn your bodies”. Replacing anyone who had worked with Hitler previously with new recruits from the Hitler Youth would also make it harder to spot the double.
The part of the story when Hitler came out and shook hands with everyone and thanked them for their service and said he was going to commit suicide tomorrow and then have his body burned, and handed out poison pills for everyone else to do the same, is also bizarre. It smacks of Jonestown or Heaven’s Gate. This must have been the most public, pre-empted murder-suicide pact in history. Did no-one try to talk him out of it? Couldn’t he have just shaved off the moustache, worn a disguise and fled on a motorbike? And why did Eva have to die?
One report from someone who claims to have seen the bodies in situ says that Eva Braun appeared to have been poisoned. Other eye-witnesses said she was shot through the heart and the left hand side of her dress was red, presumably from blood.
Hitler shot himself through the mouth, but had blood on his temples. This also sounds a little peculiar. Then Eva rested with her head on his shoulder. If she took cyanide, she would be spasming on the floor in an agonizing death, not peacefully snuggling the corpse of someone who just literally blew his brains out.
They covered the faces with blankets so that they couldn’t be identified (all that could be seen was the legs showing uniforms and footwear)  then carried them out to the courtyard and burned them in a bomb crater with 50 gallons of gasoline.
This 1949 story “Did Evil Hitler Escape?” by Colonel John Stingo details the sketchy evidence for Hitler’s death. This is based on testimony from Erich Kempka and Kranau.
IMG_0392 IMG_0393
Let me summarize the detail because it’s a little hard to read. Hitler called a final conference around noon of April 30. Nobody knows what was said,
Immediately at the conclusion of the conference orders were broadcast throughout the Chancellory that everybody, without exception, should repair to their respective shelters and remain there until further orders
Shortly afterward Kempka, whose station was in Hitler’s bunker, heard two shots from the direction of Hitler’s room, and an instant later saw the Feuhrer’s valet Linge and an unknown man carry out a body caved in a grey army blanket
The head and shoulder were hidden, but the rest of the body was plainly visible – it was clad in Hitler’s uniform
A few steps behind appeared Bormann, bearing Eva Braun’s body, which was not covered and was easily recognizable. The left side of her dress appeared to Krempka to be darkened, presumably from blood
The excavation dig found 2 pink slips with Eva Braun’s initials and several typewritten letters form Hitler to Goebbels. They found no trace whatsoever that any part of the bunker or garden had been used as a crematorium.

Linge, Hitler’s personal valet has another story again:

That would be the Heinz Linge that told the Wehrmacht surgeon-general, Major-General Walter Schreiber, while he was interned for several years in two Soviet POW camps in Strausberg and Posen and had a chance to speak to him about events in the bunker, that he –

“…did NOT see Hitler, but toward the end noticed two bodies wrapped in carpet being carried out of the bunker”….

And Kempka later told a different story:

Erich Kempka made a statement to American interrogator George R. Allen, the counterintelligence officer of the 101st Airborne. In it, Kempka gave the Americans their first eyewitness account of any of the events connected with the death of the Fuehrer. He said that on 30th of April—although he felt unable to say that this was the date “with complete sureness” – But he COULD say that at “precisely” 2.30pm, Guensche called him at the Reich Chancellery garage, asking him to bring five cans of petrol to the bunker. There Guensche told him that Hitler was dead and that he had been ordered to burn the corpse “so that he would not be exhibited at a Russian freak-show”. Kempka said he then helped carry the corpses; while Linge and an orderly whom he did not remember were carrying the corpse of Hitler, he carried the corpse of Eva Hitler. Kempka simply assumed that the corpse he had seen Linge carrying was Hitler’s, for he noticed “the long black trousers and the black shoes which the Fuehrer usually wore with his field-gray uniform jacket”….


Axmann says that Goebbels led him into the room, where they surveyed the death scene for 15 minutes before Goebbels sent him to get the blankets. Then Kempka moved the bodies out. Kempka says that he heard two gunshots, and saw two bodies being carried out with blankets on them instantly. And then later he says he didn’t hear any shots, and found out about the deaths at precisely 2:30 at the garage, from Guensche. So basically the two main witnesses who survived have wildly conflicting stories. Axmann says the bodies were covered so that guards in the outer areas couldn’t identify them. The only other witness is a guard from the outer area. Kempka says he could only identify the body by the boots.

Of the witnesses only Goebbels and Axmann saw Hitler dead without a blanket over his face (Axmann says Linge did, Linge says he didn’t). Goebbels and his six kids supposedly committed suicide the next day with cyanide capsules. Bormann died at the Chancellory bunker site too.

The story of the last-minute wedding is also quite strange. Apparently Eva was in a celebratory mood afterwards, but everyone else was pretty bummed out about the forthcoming suicides. So they retired early. No last supper.
One of the documents found in the bunker by the Americans, thanks to assistance from British Intelligence, was Hitler and Eva Braun’s marriage certificate. Firstly, since when does the Ministry of Propaganda issue marriage licenses? Second, what is the point of getting the certificate if you know you are going to die the next day? I can understand wanting to get married before death as a spiritual thing, going to Heaven together…but these people were occultists, not Christians. Why go to the trouble of producing a certificate from a dead regime, when the Bride and Groom are both also going to be dead the next day? It’s almost like they wanted to leave a paper trail that supported the suicide pact narrative.


 Were these  the missing documents the Russians were pissed about?

FBI Documentation Suggesting the Escape

There’s much more documentation than this but this post is already too long. These both seem credible and high-level.
Here’s a memo from J Edgar Hoover referring to Hitler operating under an alias “Theodore Donay” who was reported missing from a foreign submarine – whoever this source was, was obviously credible enough for Hoover to write back thanking him for the information. He didn’t do that to very many of the other reported sightings. There are quite a few documents in the FBI files relating to this foreign submarine incident.IMG_0387
Here’s the CIA requesting further interviews after a 1955 sighting in Argentina:


First-hand testimony from the pilot who flew the Hitlers out to Denmark

One of the documents in the FBI Vault mentions sworn testimony from the pilot who flew Hitler and Eva out to Nazi-occupied neutral Denmark on the other side of the Eider River, where they caught another plane. This held up the War Crimes Tribunal for 42 days.
This document says that Allied Intelligence was satisfied that Hitler died in the bunker.

Here’s the British Intelligence report that the military seems to have adopted as gospel, but was obviously questioned by both the CIA and FBI since they continued to investigate it for many years. They admit up front that it is “largely based on eyewitness accounts” but they don’t cover any of the problems with the eyewitness testimony. Officially, there were no eyewitnesses to the murder-suicide; just the aftermath.

IMG_0398 IMG_0399
“Nor is it considered possible that the witnesses were mistaken in respect of Hitler’s body (of the identity of Eva Braun’s body, no doubt is considered possible; not being blanketed she was easily recognized).”
The only witnesses who saw Hitler’s face were Goebbels and Axmann. It is extremely possible that all other witnesses who saw the body could have been mistaken, since the clothes were covered and only his boots and uniform legs were buried. Doubt must also be considered possible with regard to Eva Braun’s body, since both Linge and Kempka reported seeing two bodies carried out wrapped in blankets. The fact that the British Intelligence report is so emphatic on ruling out these quite obvious details suggests to me a whitewash. It seems like British Intelligence were about the only ones believing Hitler died in the bunker, which is interesting given all the links between the Royal Family and the Nazis.
Perhaps they just believed what they wanted to believe, because it suited their propaganda narrative. “War’s over, we’re the winners, time to go home. Hitler died a miserable, broken, wretched loser.” The US Colonel who investigated the report was far more skeptical, concluding that no matter how badly burned the bodies were, there would still be some evidence of remains.

Photos of Hitler in Later Life


The ears and chin look identical to me, and the nose is very similar. I’m no forensic expert, but this YouTube clip claims that facial recognition has been run on the images and it’s the same. If anyone reading this knows how we can compare photos with Face Rec, please speak up.

In March this year the UK Express published another grainy photo of Hitler, claiming that he lived to be 95 in Brazil. The ears looks like a match in this one, too.
adolf hitler, brazil, conspiracy

Forensic Evidence Doesn’t Match; Bodies, Cremation Never Found

A few years ago they did forensic testing on the remains (taken from the site by the Russians) which proved it was not Adolf Hitler. The skull fragment was from someone 5 inches shorter, and a woman. At the time of the World War 2, burned bodies could be identified through dental records – nobody would have ever dreamed of DNA or other modern forensic techniques. Someone reported to be Eva Braun checked in to the hospital for dental X-Rays a short time before the deaths. This may have been Eva’s body double, killed in her stead. T

Archaeological digs at the bunker site did not produce any evidence of the cremation, according to a 1949 report; but charred corpses were found there by the Russians. The remains – later discredited by the skull fragment – were all destroyed. Why?

Both corpses were covered in blankets before being carried out of the apartment. They could only be identified by their footwear. They were taken to the garden outside the bunker, placed in a bomb crater with their dogs and some identifiying trinkets, then doused with 40 or 50 gallons of gasoline and burned. This was a specific plan that Hitler went out of his way to let people know would be going on before he supposedly ended it.

The description of how the bodies were found is all very convenient:

Several days later, a Soviet soldier found the half-charred bodies of a man and a woman buried inside a shell crater near the bunker’s emergency exit. He’d noticed the tip of a gray blanket peeking out from the crater, which matched descriptions–produced by interrogating the few aides who remained in the bunker–of the blanket in which Hitler and Eva Braun’s corpses had been wrapped. The bodies were accompanied by two dogs, later identified as Hitler’s beloved Blondi and one of her pups. Surrounding the dead were several dark-colored medicine phials, pages of handwriting, money, and a metal medallion that read, “Let me be with you forever.”


It should have been a no-brainer to get a forensic match on those blanket-wrapped corpses. But how come the gray blankets didn’t burn when they had been doused with 50 gallons of gasoline? That sounds like a lot. How come the corpses were only half-charred? Perhaps they were fire-proof blankets, so chosen to assist in the later location of the bodies.

This forensic evidence does not in itself prove Hitler escaped. The fact remains that after multiple archaeological digs at the bunker which have located at least 14 corpses, the  remains of Hitler and Eva Braun have never been found. Just some teeth and some small jaw fragments, which supposedly the Russians have locked up in the KGB archive. A 1972 dig found a body that DNA testing in 1998 proved was Martin Bormann. But any DNA evidence for the Hitlers is still missing after 70 years.

The Russians blocked out the excavations of the bunker, claiming documents had gone missing. The Western Allies were only able to get into a smaller area of the complex, which was filled with water hampering any investigation.

In May 1945 the Russians declared that Hitler had been poisoned; it’s hard to say how they could have done toxicology on the charred corpses. Possibly biting into a cyanide capsule leaves traces in the teeth that don’t get removed by fire.

Many Conflicting Stories About the Teeth

Supposedly the Russians could positively identify the remains of the pair from their teeth, however there are at least 4 conflicting versions of this story. The Russians found fragments of jaw and teeth amongst 14 charred corpses when they excavated the bunker site which had been heavily bombed. They managed to track down a dental assistant who had worked on Hitler.  She was able to draw sketches from memory of Hitler’s terrible teeth. He had almost his entire mouth replaced by the end of the war. His dentist Hugo Blaschke was later captured by the Americans, but as far as I can tell he never inspected the teeth and jaw fragments. Hitler’s dental records were supposedly removed in the same Börnersdorf JU-353 plane crash that the discredited Hitler Diaries emerged from. Martin Bormann’s secretary Else Kruger was reportedly killed in this plane crash because her baggage was found in the plane. However she lived on and married a British intelligence officer. Several cargo boxes were retrieved from the crash site and removed. The Hitler Diaries could have been a limited hangout psy-op to cover the tracks of the escape story with a high-profile hoax.

I’m no dentist, but none of these pictures looks like the other to me. What do you think?

At the end of his life Hitler only had 5 original teeth, all the others had been replaced with porcelain crowns. I count way more than 5 awful teeth in the picture.

The pictures above came from Historian at Large who has a great article about the teeth. The Russians say that they had this X-Ray in May 1945, when they verified teeth and bone fragments against the previously drawn sketch from memory by the dental assistants. However the dental assistant led them to a mildewed old dental office in Hitler’s bunker to produce the X-Ray(s). Why didn’t his dentist have it? Why did the dentist flee, but the assistant (his fiancee) stay to lead the Russians to this evidence?

Further complicating the story is the evidence chain of the teeth. A young Jewish girl in the Russian Army, Yelena Kagan, from a wealthy Moscow family, was given the teeth in a red jewelry box for safekeeping. She didn’t know where they came from. And then she serendipitiously manages to be the one who locates the dental assistant and X-Rays as well, thus proving the whole case that Hitler was dead. WTF? This sounds like a Roger Rabbit Narrative.

There are other conflicting reports, such as this paper in the Journal of Dental Problems and Solutions saying that both Hausermann and dental prosthesist Fritz Echtmann were arrested on May 9, 1945. Hausermann got 10 years in the gulag and Echtmann got 9. On this same date, Hausermann verified the teeth in a hospital where they were still attached to the cadaver. This added a picture of Hitler’s mandible to the mix.

hitlers mandible JDPS-1-103-g001

On the afternoon of May 8, the commission handed over a red box to the Smersh. It contained jawbones and gold bridges from bodies n°12 and 13 who were suspected to be Hitler’s and Eva Braun’s. This box was handed over to the interpreter.

The following day, the Smersh were looking for Hugo Blaschke, his dental prosthetist and his assistant. At the clinic of Kurfürstendamm, they found out that the dentist had left Berlin for Berchtesgaden under the Führer’s command on April 19. However, they succeeded in taking in the two others for questioning.

They were asked about the content of the red box which was shown to them. All that they said was immediately recorded before they had the chance to examine the human remains.

On May 10, the Smersh sent a report to Moscow. It concluded that the two remaining bodies had been identified as Hitler and Eva Braun’s remains [4].

The red box and its content were sent back to the Soviet capital.


In this version of the story, the dental assistant and prosthetist never examined the remains which appeared to have the mandible intact. They were shown the red box and its contents, said “yes that’s Hitler”. Case closed. No mention of the X-Ray. And how big was this box to contain jawbones? Why were these teeth fragments separated from the cadaver(s) in the first place?

If it was Hitler’s double in the bunker, it would have been easy to take him to the special dental office for X-Rays.

The dental assistant drew a picture of Hitler’s teeth, and then the technician confirmed the picture. According to Dr Mark Benecke:

The actual identification of Hitler’s remains (and therefore the confirmation of his death based on physical evidence) was published in 1972. It was performed by comparing the teeth of the remains to the dental schemata drawn by Hitler’s dentist.

 The picture matched the bone fragments in the red jewellery box, and the X-ray that the dental assistant would later lead the Russians to. Which came first? It seems that with her skills (presumably these are the finest dentists in Germany if not the world) she would be able to draw a sketch from an X-Ray. Why weren’t the X-Rays used in 1972?

Who was interpreting the match of the X-Ray, the teeth, and the fragments? Was it Soviet dental technicians? Or was it actually Hausermann and Echtmann:

The location of his crowns and a sawn-through upper left bridge matched the teeth in the jewelry box, but Rzhevskaya’s team needed further proof. Hausermann led them to a tiny, mildewed dental office in Hitler’s bunker, where she produced Hitler’s dental x-rays. The images–the placement of root canal fillings, sites of bone breakdown, and unusual bridges–confirmed that the body found in the rubble outside the chancellery had belonged to Hitler. A dental technician named Fritz Echtmann, who had worked in the same laboratory as Hausermann and created crowns and bridges for both Hitler and Eva Braun, verified the findings.

A double could have had crowns attached and partial sawing and metal bridges put in the same places as Hitler, then X-Rays taken – easily justified to the dupe by saying “you have to look alike”. Note that it’s the guy who made the crowns for Hitler and Eva verifying the findings.

Many Nazis Escaped to South America

The Nazis exploited “ratlines“, tied to the Vatican which has had a huge presence in South America since the New World was discovered, to smuggle people and valuables out of Europe. More than 9000 high-level Nazis relocated to South America this way. In fact South America was described as a “haven” for Nazis. America got our share, more than 1500 through PAPERCLIP which became the guts of NASA and our aerospace industry, as well as MKULTRA. Russia also took a large number of Nazi scientists (7000).

There was a quite famous Nazi pedophile colony in Chile called Colonia Dignidad, since renamed Villa Bavieria.

There are about 50 U-Boats still unaccounted for, which lends credence to the theory that Nazis used them to flee to the ends of the earth. At least two of the U-Boats showed up in South America.

Nietzche’s brother-in-law tried to start an Aryan colony in Paraguay, but committed suicide.

If Hitler was to escape to anywhere, it would make sense that he would go to where the largest number of his people were; and if the Nazis were to escape to anywhere, it would make sense for them to follow the Fuhrer.

Other Research

The idea that Hitler lived on after World War II is not limited to just me and the FBI and CIA. There have been a number of well researched books on the topic:

VOLUME TWO: THE COMPLETE STORY OF THE PLANNED ESCAPE OF HITLER. THE NAZI-SPAIN-ARGENTINA COVERUP. (True story of the escape of Hitler Book 2) by [de Lafayette, Maximillien]
I don’t profess to having read all these books, although I bought a couple of them. I have listened to lengthy podcast interviews with Harry Cooper and Jerome Corsi about their books. I find both these gentlemen to be credible and thorough researchers. Harry Cooper is the president of Sharkhunters, a group dedicated to researching German U-Boat submarine history. President Reagan, a Sharkhunters Member from 1991 until his death in 2004, expressed  “regards and admiration to organizations like Sharkhunters who preserve American history”. Harry has dedicated at least 25 years to researching this story, and has won many awards for his work.
A couple of documentaries are available on Amazon Prime, Adolph Hitler’s Great Escape and Hitler’s Escape to Argentina.


It’s also the subject of a History Channel series Hunting Hitler, where Baer’s CIA team

used sonar, historical maps and cutting-edge technology as well as interviewing a series of alleged witnesses to the crazed dictator’s escape. Hitler easily faked his own death through the use of double, say the team, who add the corpse found by the Russians was actually five inches shorter than Hitler with a smaller skull.

Or you could watch these:

There is also a Snopes on it. Snopes does not in any way address the glaring weaknesses in the witness testimony identifying the bodies, or the forensic evidence from the dental records and skull. They just dismiss everything as “newspaper clippings”, which they probably didn’t even read. They say that the story began in May 2016; according to the Internet Archive the FBI Vault on Hitler launched in April 2011. Snopes is wrong, wrong, wrong. As usual.


Potential Links to the Present Day

One of the reports said Hitler went from Argentina to Paraguay. There were some interesting mega-land transactions down there about a decade ago, involving the world’s biggest underground aquifer with enough fresh water to supply the entire world for 200 years, the Bush Family, a US Air Force Base, and the late Reverend Sun Myung-Moon (King of the Oceans; one of the forces pushing the Law Of the Sea Treaty to establish United Nations rule under International Admiralty Law)’s vision for an Eco-Utopia. 26 year-old Jenna Bush flew to Paraguay to close the deal, picking up a cool 100,000 acres for herself, and another 200,000 for Grandpa George H W. The stories going at the time were the air base was another 100,000, and the Moonies (long linked with Bush Sr and the CIA) had 1,500,000 acres.
In 2005 and 2006, during the dynastic presidency of George W. Bush, the Bush family acquired a total of 121,407 hectares in Chaco, Paraguay, close to the troublesome tri-border area of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay, and just 200 kilometers from the border with gas-rich Bolivia. Bush Senior, now 90, bought 80,837 hectares, while his granddaughter Jenna, George W.’s daughter, bought another 40,470 hectares.
To put that in perspective, it is 468 square miles – half the size of Rhode Island, a quarter the size of Delaware. 300,000 acres is equivalent in size to the landholdings of the bottom 3 of the Top 25 biggest private landowners in America. Who knows how many acres the Bush family owns in Texas, Florida, and elsewhere.
The Bush family are tied to the Nazis, not peripherally, but quite directly, through both great-grand-daddies George Herbert Walker and Prescott Bush, an investment banker for Brown Brothers Harriman who helped put the deals together that financed Hitler’s war machine. All  were Skull and Bones members – Chapter 322 of a Germanic Occult Order.
v for victory crowley ihsvBehind the scenes, World War 2 was an Occult war. Hitler drew backing and inspiration from secret societies, particularly the Thule and Vril. His elite SS troops were “Knights of the Black Sun” (Schwartze Sonne), descended from the Lords of the Black Stone (Black Rock?). The Duke of Marlborough Winston Churchill, a Druid and Freemason, put together “The  Watch”, a black team of occultists and wizards who used ritual magic to fight Hitler. They won the “Magickal Battle of Britain”, because Hitler never crossed the channel to invade. Aleister Crowley gave magickal advice to Churchill; he created the “V for Victory” sign which Churchill adopted as a psychic foil to the Nazi swastika (an ancient occult symbol). The Nazi salute is another magickal gesture, known as the Sign of Zelator (the second grade of the Golden Dawn). In Burning Mans past, when The Man burned he would lift one arm in the air replicating this gesture. There were some rumblings about this; these days The Man raises both arms in another Crowleyan magickal gesture, the Apophis Pose.
Image: Donald Davis

Image: Donald Davis

Image: Wandering Through Time and Place

Image: Wandering Through Time and Place

osiris isis apophis
Crimson Rose signals The Man. Image: John Curley, burningman.org. Used without permission for non-commercial, educational, and discussion purposes under the Fair Use provisions of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act

Crimson Rose signals for the ritual to commence. Image: John Curley, burningman.org. Used without permission for non-commercial, educational, and discussion purposes under the Fair Use provisions of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act

The Nazis were the first Occult Government in thousands of years. They combined advanced technology, the occult, and eugenics in a Utopian vision fueled by propaganda and supportive banksters. Now, They are attempting to get one of these up again – this time a transhumanist superclass-dominated World government, being ritually manifested through Google, Facebook, and Burning Man. Transhumanism = eugenics + electronics. The transhumanists, merging with Google and their iPhones, are the new Aryans. The Master Race. The Ubermenschen.
Before joining Burning Man as Founders, Suicide Club and Cacophony Society members were infiltrating both the Nazis and Moonies. Maybe this is just another weird coincidence, or perhaps it is a signal of sub rosa connections.
It’s kind of curious that the Nazis and the guys financing the Nazis both ended up in the same area. It is logical that Hitler would end up there too. If 20,000 of his men could escape via ratlines, why couldn’t he?