CryptoBeast #6 – A World of Infinite Love and Abundance

How do we make the world a better place? Is it by paying $1200 for Burning Man tickets, dropping acid and partying for a week half naked on a bicycle? Isn’t going to festivals just another form of commodification?

New technology is offering new opportunities to truly attain freedom – not just financial independence, but lifestyle independence. Burning Man used to be about rejecting the Default world and embracing something new and better. Now that action has shifted to the blockchain.

Carrie Galbraith enters The Zone for the last time.

A great eulogy for Carrie Galbraith from Burning Man founder John Law

“Your art should be your life and your life must be your art.”

John Law

Carrie at the 1st Atomic Cafe 1989

“Oh Death, where is thy sting?”

This was the quote from Corinthians that was chosen out of dozens suggested by the 40 people crammed into Gary Warne’s Circus of the Soul bookstore on Judah St at 10th in San Francisco’s calm, prosaic seeming Inner Sunset neighborhood in January of 1977. It became a motto of sorts for the just birthed Suicide Club. The average age of those proto adventurers was around 27, the very same age of the famous dead or soon to be dead rockers of the infamous 27 Club. We weren’t blithely challenging death, foolish young people that we were, rather we were grasping at some pithy or even profound literary subheading for our newly founded, DADA influenced urban adventure/pranks “secret society.” The typical twenty seven year old does not have a friend or acquaintance die every week…

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Bitcoin Boulevard, Ethereum Alley and the Crypto Crackhouse

Image: Jason Henry, New York Times

The New York Times has a fascinating article about the new breed of SF tech millionaires, one of whom wears a lucky charm bracelet given to him as part of his Burning Man camp, and a magical necklace increased his wealth six times since somebody gifted it to him (on the Playa, perhaps?)

About eight people live in the Crypto Castle on any given night, and some of Mr. Gardner’s tenants brought out snacks (Cheez-Its and a jar of Nutella). One of the bedrooms has a stripper pole. Mr. Gardner leaned back into the sofa and rested his feet on the table. He recently did an I.C.O. for a start-up after-party. “You can I.C.O. anything,” he said. He runs Distributed, a 180-page magazine about cryptocurrency that comes out about once a year. He is now raising $75 million for his hedge fund, Ausum Ventures (pronounced “awesome”). He said his closest friends are moving to Puerto Rico to get around paying taxes.

“They’re going to build a modern-day Atlantis out there,” he said. “But for me, it’s too early in my career to check out.”

He wears a bracelet from his Burning Man camp (Mayan Warrior) and a necklace that is a key on a chain. “I was given this necklace and was told my net worth would go up, and it’s gone up six x since then,” he said.

He drew a chart to explain the crypto community: 20 percent for ideology, 60 percent for the tech and 100 percent for the money, he said, drawing a circle around it all.

A roommate on the sofa perked up and asked if he’d ever invest in his lucid dreams start-up (the idea is a headpiece that induces them). Mr. Gardner did not seem impressed: “Probably not,” he said. A reality show wants to follow him around, but he’s skeptical that it can add to his life.

“I literally have a date with Bella Hadid not having a reality show,” he said

[Source: New York Times]

It’s a brave new world, that’s for sure. Many Burners are embracing crypto – see our exclusive interview with Christian Weber from SHELTERCOIN who are getting support from many Burners already in their move to revolutionize the world of philanthropy with a cause-coin. Be inspired by their Fast Company story How A Burning Man Camp Project Became A Multi-Million Dollar Business to think about what blockchain might mean for you and your tribe and your impact on the world.

Burning Man is all about the freedom to be who you want and do who you want and meet who you want. These libertarian values are at the heart of the blockchain as well. It is not just about money, it is like the Internet – a new tool which is going to take humanity to the next level.

I was recently blown away by the Alpha version of GEMS, a decentralized version of Amazon’s “Mechnical Turk” business unit. There are still plenty of things that humans can do better than robots, and I believe this is a disruptive new economic model just like the Sharing Economy was. Check out my post about it on Steemit

If you’re not on Steemit yet, run don’t walk. Some people have made $15,000 in a few hours just from a post that people liked and shared. Someone made $100,000 without even realizing it.

A world of infinite love and abundance is the ultimate realization of the Gifting and Civic Responsibility principles, not to mention Radical Self Expression and Reliance…as I explored in my latest episode of CryptoBeast (please subscribe to my new channel).

Flickering In The Dust

Thanks to Michael Tosner for sharing this new documentary.

“The Fires Of Burning Man” (c) 2018
A music-driven documentary about the culture of Fire Performers and the wider Burning Man community. Primarily shot in 2015 and focused on the journey of a Vancouver BC based fire troupe “MythMaker”; it explores the ritual, cathartic, spiritual, and just plain fun nature of fire, and watching things burn. Additional footage used from 2014, 2016, & 2017. This footage may not be used for any commercial purpose.
Find out more about the artists who generously gifted their time and talents to this project: