High-Speed Rail and the Australian Fires

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Are Aussie Fires & Kiwi Volcanoes Caused by Chinese HAARP?

CryptoBeast #17 – Fire, Water, Trains, Space Lasers: California Burning

In May 2019, the Australian government announced their desire to spend $1 billion purchasing land to create a $200 billion high-speed rail link between Melbourne and Brisbane, via Sydney and the capital Canberra. The air route between Melbourne and Sydney is the third busiest in the world, so high speed rail is likely to be very popular.

The government has been trying to get this project off the ground for many years – for example in 2018 and 2016.

Conveniently for the government, the value of all the land around the route has now plummeted thanks to the devastation of this summer’s wildfires – many of which were deliberately lit.

Source: The Age newspaper, Melbourne

Here is Australia’s existing inter-state rail infrastructure. While it may look like most of the country is completely uncovered, there are very few people in these areas. This is the Australian “Outback”.

Here is the proposed route

Here is the location of the fires:

Source: MyFireWatch via StackExchange

They need to burn 5% of the forest per year just to prevent bushfires.

Predictably, the mainstream media are debunking this “conspiracy theory”:




The similarities with the fires in California are very interesting.

Previous coverage:

Are Aussie Fires & Kiwi Volcanoes Caused by Chinese HAARP?

CryptoBeast #17 – Fire, Water, Trains, Space Lasers: California Burning

Are Aussie Fires and Kiwi Volcanoes Caused by Chinese HAARP?

This video was recorded almost a month ago, in the wake of the volcanic explosion in New Zealand at White island. Since then the fires in Australia have become much worse. 26 humans and many millions of animals have been killed.

The great Australian truther Peekay Censored has done some good videos about what’s going on with these fires (Warning: Explicit Language):

Peekay points out the similarities to the location of the fires and the plans for a new high-speed rail link in South-Eastern Australia.

This was also one of the speculated conspiracies behind the recent California fires, as we covered in this post:

Tracy Twyman: The Passion of Isaac Kappy

Tracy Twyman made a video for her Patreon subscribers called “The Passion of Isaac Kappy”. She talked about the “Plus Ultra” secret society, which is on the walls of Mar-a-Lago. Kappy’s email address was Plvsvltra17@protonmail.com .The 17th letter of the alphabet is Q and Kappy was a follower of QAnon.

Tracy Twyman was very vocal in her criticism of Tom Hanks. In this clip Tracy shares some evidence why Hanks’ character in the Da Vinci Code “Robert Langdon” was a rip-off of her real life research.

About 2 minutes of the video is missing. They skipped ahead through it for some reason in the RX video. Maybe Tracy wanted to keep the Plus Ultra details as subscriber-only information. If someone finds it please let me know. I’ve asked on the RX Discord and Twitter if anyone has a copy of Tracy’s original “The Passion of Isaac Kappy video”. Here they were playing the prerecorded video on a later show with Tracy there live discussing it with SB & Jem. The missing footage is from 6:16 to 8:58, from right when they are discussing Trump’s connection to Plus Ultra.

Pure speculation: Was Kappy part of a secret society backing Trump? Were there life and death oaths involved? Was Steve Bannon in that same society – and did Kappy betray Bannon by outing his links to Jeffrey Epstein in his “brackets and jackets” video?

Was there a Biblical component to Isaac Kappy’s demise? Was “Doubting Thomas” the real target, with Kappy just a sacrificial pawn in a bigger game of 5th-Dimensional chess?

Crazy Days and Nights were named by Isaac Kappy on his “Mossad Media Matrix” map. One of their members, “Himmmm”, also recently died. One of their blind items about Isaac Kappy referred to him as “dancing boy”. On the day his death was announced, Macauley Culkin tweeted about “dance like a chicken” day. Robot Chicken is the name of Seth Green’s show on Adult Swim, part of the Warner media group. Seth’s comment to Isaac “we need to talk about chicken” was apparently the trigger for Kappy to become a whistleblower about Hollywood pedophilia.

Thanks to SB & Jim at RX Only Pictureshow for letting me use these clips. Their full show is abelow, I recommend watching it in its entirety, they have some great callers. Please support their channel with a subscription, it’s extremely high quality intellectual discussion (plus memes).

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