Burners in Space!

Congratulations to Burner Shervin from Camp Kundavi, who is clearly on a roll right now. Last year he attended his first Burn and got a $15m deal in the totally rad TechCrunch Disrupt winner Shaker, thanks to Burner Bear. Now, he gets to really burn some ignition thrusters and go into space with Ashton Kutcher.

They are going up as passenger numbers 499 and 500 on Virgin Galactic, and Shervin even managed to get a shout-out about it today on Richard Branson’s blog.

I find it ironic that on a day when Burning Man comes out with a blog post seemingly bemoaning great progress on the Playa like Ashram Galactica, we also get a story heralding enthusiasm for the great progress of humanity starring Ashton Galactica and a Burner from our camp last year.

This showreel is pretty damn inspiring and suggests that Space could be the new Burning Man, in terms of bucket list experiences for high rollers. Book now for only $200,000.

Although, I have to say, as much fun as losing my space Virginity would probably be, this looks WAY BETTER and way more environmentally friendly, and you could even do it at Burning Man. Perhaps the latest creative solution to the ticket crisis?

By the way, Burning Man tickets are now up to $1500 on Stubhub. The scalpers seem to be pushing them up a steady $100 per week.