All I Want For Christmas Is A Shout-Out

A guest post from reader Nicole Sparklecorn:


Considering I deal with the broken and the fucked up at the Burn, I have a good idea of what goes on. Yes, I help treat you when you need it. (Full disclosure- I am a medical supervisor and volunteer coordinator who is paid to go to Burning Man, who is paid to be on my A-game should you get hurt, so yes, the Bmorg signs my paycheck, but honestly- I don’t *need* to be paid and it’s what I do in real life, and I donated my time prior to being hired). Also, full disclosure, none of my opinions expressed here reflect the BMOrg in any way shape or form- and NO, they did not ask me to say that, I’ve just been around enough to know to state that.

In any case, be real, folks. It’s all anyone wants. Danger Ranger has always been a positive influence- and that’s my experience. Your mileage may vary. I trust his input. I’m sad his facebook page is gone.

Now, can we talk about a Burner in need? There’s a rad girl, her name is Kaisa, and she camped with BMIR– and she’s sick. I’ve asked The People of Burning Man to help me send a book to her (i’ll pay for it, no problem), but all she wants is cards from Burners.
Kasia at Burning Man

Here’s where we need your help. Kaisa is back in the hospital and has to be there through the holidays and all of January. It would be amazingly awesome if you could send her a card, some cool Burning Man swag, just a little note to let her know her playa family is thinking of her. Here is the address.

Afd kindergeneeskunde
T.a.v. Kaisa van de Stadt
Kamer 9c14
Postbus 7057
1007 MB Amsterdam.
The Netherlands

If anyone wants to send her a card and/or some schwag, awesome.



If you do send her a card, please comment here and let us know. C’mon Burners, let’s do some good for the Holidays!


[Update 12/6/14 10:08am]

Bobzilla has added some background detail to this story:

Thank you for posting this. Kaisa and her family traveled from Amsterdam to attend the burn this year. This was their first time in BRC. They had wanted to come for some time but Kaisa is ill and was not healthy enough to travel. This year her doctors said she could make the trip. They sat on Gate Road for 24 hrs on Monday trapped in the rain but they made it in and had an amazing time. We met them a few days later when my wife Nicolette wife who is Dutch and also from Amsterdam spotted an Amsterdam city flag in their camp at Kidsville. They became part of the BMIR family.

Kaisa is back in the hospital and has to be there through the holidays and all January (Dec 2014 – Jan 2015). This little girl loved the playa and so did her parents. I’m in regular contact with her parents so I’ll let you know how she is doing. Thanks for sending some Burner love her way