Commodification Camps and the Tin Principles

Nomad Traveler really nailed it with this well-thought out comment about how the Commodification Camps are basically the complete opposite of everything Burners stand for. Note that he’s dropped the word “radical” from the list. Radical intrusion is to be avoided…wristbands, private bars and VIP entrances take care of that.


How these Commodification Camps score on the Tin Principles™:

1. Participation. Sure, the campers can participate if they choose and make the extra effort, but it is harder when you are sequestered and differentiated, pure and simple. These commodified campers are set up in a tourist role they would have to break out of.

2. Decommodification. Well, they are doing just the opposite, treating the NV burn like pork bellies to be bought, normalized, standardized, and sold.

3. Inclusion. Again, the opposite: their camps *Exclude* outsiders.

4. Self-Expression. Can’t do that if you fly in and have everything prepared for you as a standard commodity. If you were really motivated, you could do it, but it would be a challenge given the tourist role set up.

5. Self-Reliance. Again, the opposite: they completely rely only on their money to buy others to rely on.

6. Giving. Nothing of themselves. Maybe manufactured commodity trinkets included in their commodified playa package.

7. Communal Effort. Again, the opposite. These people could be in a coma and still come if they had the cash. The only communal effort is what others have bought together with their money.

8. Civic Responsibility. Given their trampling on the Tin Principles™, they are only responsible through buying what they get. Excluding or treating ousiders as second-class people is wrong; in our theme camp they are always treated as valued guests.

9. Leave No Trace. Only by paying others to clean up after them.

10. Immediacy. Again, zero. They have everything pre-planned.

This is why both the BOrg and their Tin Principles™are a farce – a facade to let the loyal have their rationalizations to support their denial of the facts.